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  1. Dana W

    I suspect that’s a real joy to get parts for in the the American Midwest.

  2. Josh Viz

    I have been eyeing this car all day and my favorite reviewer just happens to have a new video on It???

  3. Tabor Evans

    Dougs the kind of guy to take up three reserved parking spots.

  4. Gfoe

    600 hp out of 3 cylinders, fuck

  5. Jan Dvorak

    Volga or as we say Volha was a workhorse taxi goto car in Prague in sixties seventies up to eighties. Always comfortable for passengers hence not to much room for the driver. It was used also by the government.

  6. Finbarr Beharry

    OMG I love this car wow! How much is it ????

  7. Dimetri Drossos

    The drive train must be unbelievably complex to have a gas engine, a full transmission, an electric motor, with a battery and a fuel tank. I cant believe they were able to fit all of it into that car

  8. Джон Партлов

    I think the green stitching on the wheel is meant to correspond to the not present green alpina stripe that would be across the car it seems most the past b7s usually had green alpina script stripes down them

  9. Ro

    The paddles behind the wheel are for the charging speed not for the gears ⚙️

  10. sean

    Great car, but a RAV 4 for 40 grand? Yeah, not happening.

  11. G C


  12. keytothegate K

    It is not 60K. With only a few options it is 70K and then 20K in dealer mark up and another 10K for TTL and you have to count 100K cash or tell your banker you need a car loan for 100K. Also the engine compartment is taking on water during rain.

  13. Knight-Captain AquilaDB

    Just IMAGINE the looks he got while driving it on normal roads

  14. Mbipycckue

    It has lots of room in the door to hide drugs and guns 😂

  15. GTI GRL

    Isn't this the Porsche they call the" widow maker"?

  16. BoxingPride

    Why are you screaming so loud and shaking with weird faces at least be more professional you not in a gay parade

  17. josh brock

    why cant we just let the italians design all the cars but leave all the actual design to the germans and the japanese. id love an alfa romeo giulia with bmw suspension and a japanese straight 6

  18. Vtinno Mrtnez

    Id prefer the i8 BMW!

  19. Blake Robert

    I love all the crumbs on the console! Guess Doug was eating cookies before the review?

  20. Med Ba

    I'm still take the mazda cx5

  21. Fred Flintstone

    Carla, don't start. I walked by your house just a few minutes ago and did not even say a swear word. This place is going to get into shape, and you were one of the only neighbors that passed inspection.

  22. Roberto Campos

    I live in Minnesota and it's not sold here yet. So I contacted a dealer in California that had a few in stock because I was curious about the price. They quoted me an XSE Prime at $59,000 plus fees. The shortage is really driving markups. You could get a Model Y for that price.

  23. NickMilan

    It’s so ugly inside and out though

  24. Saxambir Singh

    I own a 5th Gen Rav4 from 2019. Best car in the segment and am really satisfied with it.

  25. David Du


  26. Tom Holskey

    Congrats Chevy, you ruined the Vette to make a knock off Lambo. Be proud! Lmao

  27. keytothegate K

    Rav4 is bought by families who seek Toyota quality, want a new car but can't afford anything really expensive. Well fine, but at the cashier they are told that will be 43K with couple of options and then plus TTL and... voila almost 50K -for THAT

  28. Jan Dvorak

    These Citroen cars were used by movie industry in Czechoslovakia to shoot riding scenes thanks to its greatest hydro pneumatic suspension that these cars have. Cameraman love them. Nowadays cinematographer have gyroscopes that minimizes any shaking.

  29. Vickash Ramlall

    Could you do a review on the 2020 Acura RDX

  30. 908.fatboyyy


  31. ant n

    u can buy this n have left over instead of mercedes gwagen

  32. Shotis Otis

    The paddle shifters are for the brake recharge...

  33. Henry Pan

    I’m waiting v6+hybrid!

  34. Shotis Otis

    NGL the RAV4 Prime is a huge step in the right direction. Perfect for someone in the countryside such as myself. Gasoline + powerful electrics for great fuel economy and performance, but no compromises on range.

  35. Julio Huang

    Buy it before is gone their is no 2022 rav4 prime

  36. rod750

    Second fastest Toyota in the USA....! The rest of the world says hello!

  37. Phil Bauer

    "Open the Tesla door HAL." "I'm sorry Doug, I can't do that."

  38. Tec Blade

    All comments be like "Wheres jawed?"

  39. Manuel Castro

    Ugh Ford...the most pedestrian carmaker to ever exist.

  40. Kenny Thomas

    They need to stop with the girly styling on these new ev’s. No man will be caught dead behind the wheel of this car.

  41. BloomingOnion

    I actually liked the previous generation T-Bird when it first came out. Ford may have lost the plot toward of the end of the production run but it was better than a lot of GM crap from the same era. After a gap of a few years, this ‘retro’ Thunderbird looked like the designers were trying too hard with the styling and that is always uncool. Hard pass for me.

  42. Joshua C

    I can gold plate a turd, but at the end of the day it's still a P.O.S.

  43. mike Waite

    I think it's time to move on or make my own channel. These videos are getting absolutely boring come on he doesn't even read any interesting quark from the owner's manual especially with his much literary information that the Toyota one provides. And the most interesting quirk in the trunk area a standard trunk light which every single car for the most part has. Time for you to re-evaluate what you actually are doing on here.

  44. Julio Huang

    But sadly their now rav4 prime 2022:( is a Toyota thing

  45. powerboatguy

    looks like $4k kit car.

  46. Glenn Velasco

    Bro how does his wife let him leave his house everyday dressed the way he does

  47. paul sutton

    There comes a point when increasing the spend can buy only vulgarity.

  48. anokajdm

    u spektin a F1 car or what sheesh

  49. Mike

    @17:58 $90k for an SUV gets 2 sun visors 😎 Just like a 2005 Astro van ☠️

  50. Refeeance

    Does this car have an N2O setup? N2O tanks and system I mean

  51. Review de Peso

    e nopt is spanish, is portuguese... im brazilian and that is why i know it.

  52. 99codemister

    9:35 C'mon Doug! That's mirrored! This way when you start tail-gaiting someone they can see Ford's 100 in the rearview!

  53. Nosie Tankz

    When i make my first million i would cop one of these lol

  54. Thiago Albino Santos

    Doug... u missed a big one in the 1st quirk, because probably this a/c system has a setting that if it senses that the outside temperature is lower than the inside, it heats the car for you.

  55. JUST ME

    Why do all these cars have like 8 gauges showing how economically you're driving? I think the average user will just....drive how they gonna drive. 'oh you could be driving 15% more efficiently rn' ok chief....what am i gonna do about that

    1. JUST ME

      also I love this car. 86s and BRZs and 350Zs everywhere are about to be gapped by a rav4

  56. Joe Wilder

    I believe the paddle shifters actually increase or decrease the regenerative braking.

  57. EBK_FiXXDY

    The steering wheel is hideous 🤮

  58. Andrei Timchenko

    I wonder if they're gonna do this to 4Runner. Its sales would probably go through the roof then.

  59. Mercury Milan Guy 06

    I don’t watch your videos anymore

  60. 99codemister

    18:43 Um, far more likely that they changed suppliers. Or maybe they needed to change units because the energy demand was too high for our current power-hungry wizz-bangs and do-dads.

  61. Brian Bueno


  62. 3Dfy My World

    Turn on the A/C... why don't you just open the door for 60 seconds?...

  63. Michael Hatcher

    Doug trying to give us a seizure with those flashing sunbeams

  64. Kreshnik Veliaj

    The dash is ugly borrowed from kia everything else is fine

  65. garrett smith

    car design got me feelin like we movin backward

  66. THEFIRE360

    and the red paint adds another 50hp

  67. Peter

    Funny that it has paddle shifters

  68. Broseph H

    The truck was obviously designed to replicate the experience of the Dodge Viper GTS. Which was not a luxury car, had a very basic interior with cheap hard plastic. It was designed with only performance in mind, and in that regard does a great job of putting the Viper experience in a truck. The minimalism of the interior is charming in that regard. It’s not a Ferrari, or a Lamborghini and it’s not trying to be. The first generation Viper is one of my favorite cars of all time because of the minimalist design and sole focus on performance.

  69. joey flood

    This is the first video where I expected Doug to get pulled over😂

  70. Adis 8066

    slow down on talking so you won't lose your voice ,, !!

  71. Anthony Espino

    If your lucky enough to own one of these cars you are definitely not hanging up your dry cleaning lol If anything you might hang up your mink For The Secret society party your heading to🤣😂😉

  72. Warren

    Now that’s what you call a sleeper

  73. Israel N

    park your car, use screen. move on.

  74. Forest Turtle3601

    I wonder what Henry Ford or Ferdinand Porsche would have thought about this

  75. Pablo Piccaso

    I'd like to see the hatch close by itself.

  76. physics77guy

    its very weird... mitsubishi outlander phev has setting for both ac and heat and also to configure charge cycle.... why toyota why??

  77. Charter Mobile

    I love you, but worst review ever

  78. YasumotoUS

    Hope that Mr. Lee's garage location is already public knowledge. And "this is a very serious rear end." Would you also call that firm or strict?

  79. Tyler Diesso

    Does that have 4 wheel drive ? I will get one but must sell the Fn'-350 first . That's cool

  80. Seymour Dix

    Damn man, are you involved in this CNC Motors scandal?? Lol