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  1. Zachary Scott


  2. michaeld2799md

    They added the VIP lounge feature so that when the van breaks down, you have a luxurious place to wait for your tow truck😂

  3. Mark Plott

    DRUG DeMuro - the VW iD4 is Thousands of Lbs overweight , see Sandy Munro.

  4. mickaeld1981

    Not everywhere. In uk was always sedona.

  5. kingkobra

    Huge it's just an F250

  6. Kory S

    Growing up in an 88 Astro van seems like cruel torture comparatively. Kids these days have no idea.

  7. Jordan Drever

    Why does this van remind me of a Ford Flex so much

  8. Jose Santos

    Hi Doug, very nice review on this vehicle and for me one of the best I've seen from you. The details of the promenor were amazingly very well explained.. well done.. big hug from Lisbon..

  9. LS_scape

    But can it haul?

  10. ryangeorge33

    Spotted: San Diego Temple at 21:36.

  11. Reid Hardy

    So you’re telling me that’s not an explorer?

  12. Mark Plott

    DRUG DeMuro - the VW iD4 is just a COMPLIANCE Clown Car , just look at the SANDY MUNRO Review of the iD4, its JUNK.

  13. AnonymousMusic 2625

    I've always made fun of the Ford Ranger, but damn this has to be the fakest truck I've seen. ide buy one just for the engine tho.

  14. Surfer Dude

    Worst cars I've ever been in: AMC Pacer, Ford Fairmont and Hundai Pony.

  15. CSavage

    At least you'll have something to watch while you wait for the tow truck

  16. Mr. Grumpy Grumpy

    It was a lot of car.

  17. Jason M.

    “K, backwards N” got me 😂😂😂

  18. 4WD ADDICT


  19. Ultraseb

    when the 5:21 is sus 😳😳😳

  20. Travis Gould

    Carnival should’ve started with a “K”. Kia Karnival

  21. skiorsnowboard

    LOL Doug you think anyone puts their infant in the third row seat and has to worry about sun exposure??

  22. Andrew Thiago

    This cars new styling and new technology doesn't matter to me. All i want is: ''The sounds of nature!''

  23. A B

    It should have been a 2 door/2 seater. That's such a horrible car. It's another dumb design, like many other cars that try to be smart.

  24. Josh Saunders

    I feel like this truck would do better on todays market! They could sell a lot of these

  25. Nick Jackson

    Always dodge a dodge. Like the shirt.

  26. Matt Guidice

    Who else noticed that another McLaren was released during this video 😂 720s GT3x.... what a fail on their part

  27. michaelange727

    I love this car it was the only car I ever used on Drive Club when I was able to.

  28. AâŠîm Sakharkar

    And Sienna is e-AWD good for winter ❄️ up here in canada

  29. alex bjork

    I can’t believe I just watched a minivan review. Doug definitely knows how to pull you in. 😂😂😂

  30. michael lyden

    I been saying that for a while now

  31. Albert Simpson

    Leave the black wheels trend alone, black wheels look so good on so many vehicles

  32. Ryan B.

    Except for Kia reliability, which is spotty at best. Go for the Toyota or Honda.

  33. Bobby Plays iFerg

    Doug said Honda Odyssey much more than Kia Carnival

  34. priqq **

    Alot of these vip rear seat features come from the executive van market of Asia. Places like China have made a big market of chauffeured luxury vans for businessmen and the wealthy. That is why the function to move the front passenger seat is so accessible to rear passengers, while not ideal for the predominant use for western culture which is to haul kids around.

  35. Zonkar O

    This would be 100k if it had a euro badge

  36. MrMiamiswaggz305

    Thank God no one can tell them apart LOLOL 🤣 Better make an SUV McLaren

  37. Samson B

    My 2014 Toyota Sienna Limited van has captains chairs that lay flat and have foot rest. Along with the double sun roof and has double the room.

  38. Paul A

    No one will be able to see the rear turn signals on this van. If you have a car in front of you then this van and this van is turning you won’t be able to see the bumper. I’m surprised this is allowed. Ford did it in the Escape and changed it because it was ugly. Please put them back in the tail light housing where they belong.

  39. XAgent

    When do we get a Grand Caravan Hellcat? Probably never but we can dream

  40. Techno Xtreme

    The "calm sea" nature sound? ...sounds more like the echo of toilets flushing in a public restroom. Thankfully, they don't add the scent too.

  41. Oscar Baez Soria

    My God that "KIA" emblem is horrible....it looks like something you would gat at the old JCWithney catalog or over the tacky section of cheap "accessories" at AutoZone.

  42. Daniel Taylor

    The weirdoest Lamborghini's are the Tractors they make. Dough please can you do a review on a Lamborghini Tractor? I think it would be great if you did

  43. skiorsnowboard

    "Worth pointing out" lol it's certainly not but I enjoy it anyway Daddy Doug

  44. DP B

    Wait this idiot likes all those gadgets in a Rolls butt not in a Kia what a dumb ass!

  45. Segah Altındağ

    I love this inside and outside colour 😍 This car is so amazing and different

  46. Suburban Jo

    In 10 years we'll see vandweller IThomesrs living in these utilizing the Premium Relaxation Position for sleeping.

  47. Thomas M

    Idk why but 6:27 - 6:39 is my favorite part of the video lol. "It's for storage..you can put stuff in it"😂

  48. Oversteer _

    I love this thing. A bit too pricey tho but oh boy

  49. André Snider

    We had the Sedona name on the Canadian market

  50. 24K

    I know someone who just bought one today lol

  51. XMM1 Edrick Joseph

    damn kia carnival looks like a frickin suv, my neighbor had the 2003 model and it still looks like a minivan lmao

  52. MR

    Man that thing is ugly

  53. Edward Sessum

    As a year later I come across this video again. It suggested it due to CNC motors and its legal issues.

  54. nphilly420

    ehhhhhhhh lol

  55. ScooterFett

    I LOVE how he says "K - BACKWARDS N"

  56. Stewie Griffin

    In Russia , KIA's new logo will be read as KI xD

  57. Andy101

    Please stop telling us about sounds of nature 😫🙏

  58. Franco Petre

    The V6 is gonna last more though

  59. The Intruder

    Hyundai made marvels with that Kia!

  60. Andrew Thiago

    The only thing that would make me concearn if i was righ enought to buy one of these, was the ''rolls bars'' that doesn't exists. I know they created this car for who knows how to drive a powerfull car, not to your 16 years old son who thinks he's a driver. At least, it could have come with minimum safety acessories.

  61. Khalil Ali

    Why you ignored the exterior look? It’s more of SUV look than a minivan.

  62. Zach Brodrueck

    The BMW i3 has thin tires because people take it to the drag strip to beat Demons

  63. Andrew Saad

    BMW people see a V8 M3 the same way Mustang people see a V6 Mustang.

  64. Hashim Elfatih

    Like for no reason..

  65. Nate 1987

    L A N S E E A H

  66. fern Haloo

    Mexicans can cram 26 into an Excursion.

  67. adam bush

    You should have found a parking deck to film in

  68. Frank B

    harsh review on all these retro rides. The interior is the ground work for what modern vehicles use. for the year this a head of its time.

  69. Pac Racing Club

    This minivan fucks.

  70. Jay Bee

    I still want the lexus lfa over the cerrara

  71. Blake Thomas

    The rear turning lights are too low! Not an afterthought it's irresponsible design! I was NEXT to a Kia the other day and they had the rear turning lights located low and he decided to make a last minute left hand turn and I could not see him turn his blinkers on.

  72. Mr. Llama

    A year and a half later I want to buy an F650 Chassis-Cab and put in the new 475hp 1050lb-ft Powerstroke to smoke the dually rear tires

  73. H. H.J.

    Doug, why was this not posted on more doug?

  74. Skylar Hawkins

    The ultimate UberXL 🤘🤘

  75. Hashim Elfatih

    Like for no reason

  76. MrJordanwain

    It was also called the Sedona here in the uk 🇬🇧 unfortunately it was discontinued years ago.

  77. Zonkar O

    10:18 thiq

  78. NarBad

    Now everyone’s trying to sell them with over 300k mileage and beat to shit for 10k :)

  79. Eric R

    i hope i will never come to the point where i get angry when my favorite minivan doesnt offer power operated third row sunshades.....I'd rather kill myself.

  80. Alexander G Russo

    I wonder if Asics knows that Doug is a valued customer.