The Original 1992 Dodge Viper Was a Ridiculously Basic, Dangerous Sports Car

Doug DeMuro

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    The original Dodge Viper is a special car -- and today I'm reviewing the 1992 Viper. First I'll take you on a tour of this special Viper and show you all the quirks and features of one of the original Dodge Viper models built; then I'll get the Viper on the road and drive it -- and I'll let you know what it's like behind the wheel of Dodge's modern muscle car, the 1992 Viper RT/10.
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    1. Tony Sams

      Great lookin car! 🤘

    2. Fresh Urb

      What was the retail $ of this garbage ?

    3. Adrian Durn

      How to make one the most exciting cars ever made, boring.

    4. MrExicutioner

      One badass go fast viper. No comforts/features its how a real sports car should be made without all the extra bs. Would love to own this car.

    5. Lance Brasseaux

      RIP Viper.. 😥

    6. Randy Brewman

      Hey did anybody catch that this is a back to basics sports car?

    7. palmbeachcitizen

      Damn. Two commercials in the first 6 minutes. No thanks. The early Vipers were a P.O.S. anyway.

    8. Malachi Engle

      0:20 and that’s why I know a guy that died around a light pole in one

    9. farrkenbeauty

      Thats how GenX drove, no bells and whistles. If you wanted safety you bought a Volvo and if you wanted fairy features like electric windows etc buy a Mercedes. Now people buy cars that have electronics that remove the fun and come with a Energy Rating stickers.

    10. kevin mahan

      Thanks Doug you told all the 92 viper is less secure now!!!

    11. Pete 913

      Dodge, synonymous with Avoid.

    12. 21deangelo

      They knew once u wrecked that it was no need for air bags bc u were automatically dead

    13. olternaut

      Please review the brand new Viper when it comes out.

    14. Norman

      Serious question here: I get that this was designed as a performance car. But why did dodge opt for a front mounted engine rather than a mid mounted engine, which distributes weight over the 4 wheels better?

    15. Davie Dood

      I owned one... Cost me 130,000 credits. Running laps for 13 hours and pressing pause bc I had no save card.. Need for speed. 90s

    16. Go away I have comments to make

      I never liked the factory rims, but it has a pretty impressive aesthetic for the time, still looking alright. Reminds me of an original TVR Cerberus or Griffith.

    17. IPA SOLÉ

      Government: how dangerous gonna be this car? Dodge: hold my verga..

    18. Kreutz

      This car is one of the sexiest cars ever designed.

    19. kano morojele

      Lol..😅 The car Actually looks like a Snake🐸🐍

    20. Gloopyleopard

      The viper is your deathwish

    21. MassiveTrackHunter

      One drive in a Miata, and suddenly the Viper interior is Cadillac-level by comparison. XD

    22. MassiveTrackHunter

      This was Dodge flexing, Schwarzenegger style, on all other automakers. It worked. A total masterpiece that wrecked all the rest for a little while.

    23. zabnat

      Not sure if he is really clueless about those features or if he just presents that way. And missed a great story how they decided to put heatshields on the exhaust. Lead engineer said "there was no way those pipes could set clothing on fire" until they were hammering it on a test track and lead engineer set his pants on fire while exiting the car.

    24. nperry106

      The Viper is the automotive equivalent of pornography. You know it when you see it.

    25. Last Scoop

      Nah it was slow as fuck as any murican muscle sports car in the 90s were

    26. Steven 2gen

      I'm just shocked that The Peterson actually allowed him to drive it😂😂

    27. GrooveSan

      0:01 don't lie, it's a gta3 banshee

    28. NO WAY

      I really like the GEN2 Viper... looking at the GEN1 ... i was surprised how shitty it looks from all sides. And even if something doesnt matter in the first place doesnt mean you can cheap out on anything. The cobra used wood and aluminum for interior.. which looks pleasing but plastic with open screws..... no way. no matter the performance, there are better cars out there with more performance, including features and reasonable priced. (just wait a year and buy a used one and pay half the original price).

    29. John Dough

      I'm willing to bet they said "let's see how cheap and absent minded we can be before they won't buy it."

    30. Scott Xerri

      Simpler times

    31. Jd Dm

      IThomes literally forced me to watch a 3 minute ad right after a 1 minute ad. No skip option either....

    32. Douglas Parker

      I was lucky enough to drive one of these around a track. Two things: First: Doug missed a quirk. Because of the exhaust system runs down the side of the car, the pedals are shifted way to the right instead of being in the center and were very cramped together. As someone whose daily driver was a manual transmission, I found the pedal location disconcerting, boarding on uncomfortable. Second: Not only was the door sill ridiculously hot, it was also very wide. With the low seating position it was an effort to get in and out without touching the door sill. Loved the car until I drove it.

    33. Boze De Wolf

      Thhisss is a nineteeeennintytwoooo doooodge vviperrr ... Over-pronunciation is really your thing, right?

    34. Rob Figulski

      Looks like Ace and Gary's car... lol

    35. Dan Nispel

      It's worth noting that that ignition lock feature is shared with a Jeep Cherokee for 1992. Actually looks to be exactly the same as the one in the XJ, especially with the word "LOCK" on the plastic.

    36. sydras

      I get that they were trying to build a back to basics car. But, plastic can never give you that special feeling of a 60's car with a shiny metal dash. Poor plastic just feels cheap and ages horribly. Cheap plastic dashboards in cars were a thing in the 90s and it wasn't until years later that quality started improving. That said, it feels like Dodge went out of their way in selecting the crappiest quality plastic available and seriously endangered their customers by skipping on a proper roll bar. The weirdly positioned seat belts and exhausts didn't help either.

    37. raz gaz

      My boss bought a wrecked running viper. We took weight saving to the extreme and had nothing but the engine and unibody. It was scary and ya had to where goggles

    38. Google User

      This guy just doesn't understand cars. Especially sports cars. Need an example?He says the car has no air conditioning.... duhhhh ya let's put air conditioning in a car that has an open cockpit that doesn't even have side windows. I'm betting if this guy bought one of these he would install air in his lol. I could go on and on about this clown but then I'd be a clown myself by wasting any more time on this guy or his video.

    39. Google User

      There is nothing unsafe about cars without electronic (safety features). I am more terrified of someone who is terrified of a car with no electronic safety features.

    40. rory bellamy

      Viper Hood and fenders !

    41. Enemy Of Reality

      Whats this @ 1:44 ? Looks like an Audi but what happened to the rear?

    42. David Yodheyvavhey

      If you have a lot of enemies you do not want this car

    43. Jason Clark

      Well... safety and security add weight. Who needs that kind of stuff?

    44. Greg Benwell

      "this car has no electronic aids or nannies or safety measures to keep you from killing yourself!" This is the dumbest view I have ever heard! To begin with when you OWN a car and DRIVE a car the whole point is that you are SUPPOSED TO PAY ATTENTION TO THE ROAD and that includes how the car is handling it!! As a driver THAT IS your function!! But today everybody acts like little children thinking the point of a car is to "sit in it and have it magically take you to the places you want to go"!! Sorry but if you want THAT experience ride the bus, take a taxi or hire yourself a personal driver that you PAY to take you places!!! Cars in the 1930s up until the late 1950s (in many cases) didn't even have seat belts, padded dash boards even in the 1960s were a "styling feature" and not actually a "safety feature" that "did anything"!! And back in the 1970s many of us who are now in our late 40s to mid 60s recall the only safety device in the car was "our dads arm" slamming you against the seat when something got "hairy" just because seat belt laws in the 1970s were more of a "suggestion" than a law! And you have to remember cars back in the 1950s until mid 1970s had two things cars today DO NOT HAVE, first cars in the past were made out of this material they don't make cars out of anymore known as STEEL!! And secondly cars of the past had something else cars today lack as well, which is HORSEPOWER!! Even an inline 6 cylinder in most cars back in the past produced more horsepower than cars do today! And having all those "electronic gadgets" is more of a distraction at times than an "aid"!!! That what mirrors and seat belts are for were to "keep you safe"!! George Carlin once said "Learn how to drive and ANY CAR is a SAFE CAR!" but today people want to spend more time watching cat videos on Facebook than they do paying attention to the road around them! And they would rather be yapping on the phone then trying to just get from Point A to Point B safely!! My point is get rid of all the distractions and make a car into an actual "driving machine" isn't a bad thing, because as I already said "the point of driving a car, is to DRIVE THE CAR, not post selfies on Instagram while cause a 12 car pile up!"

    45. DMS REPAIR

      Only car looks better than any cars now days, styling is just sexy, car made for real man, not like Ferrari or Lambo hit the gas pedal and hold on to the steering wheel, this car demands respect when you hit the gas pedal, if you dont respect the Viper you will die, you can not just floor it and hold on to the steering wheel, like i said this car is for real man and takes a skilled driver to drive, over all my score is 10 out of 10 to separate the boys from man.

    46. C.S.R

      My dream car as a kid!

    47. Philip Larsen

      What had nothing ? It had all what he shoud need to have.. STRONG engine and good looking ... this what other are fools and think they are best drivers and keep PEDAL TO THE METAL in the curves that's their problem. Are those on races before had ASC ESR ASR ..ets and that shit? fu.c that cars.... Same as now days they speak for bmw m5 e34 that it is killet for noobs... of course it is killer when noobs don't know how to drive a cars or think they are the smartest persons. F**K ASC

    48. Slw Snowman40

      That car has the most advanced security device invented - a manual transmission.

    49. Bandit Darville

      The only American model car that is in my 1:18 car display. IMO the cool factor should be a point or two higher..

    50. T W

      I was around 8 years old or so when this thing came out, and I thought it was the coolest thing I'd ever seen. Still looks mean. Love it.

      1. Terra Nova

        Same here.. 8 year old me wanted this car so badly.. I had car models and then when I got older and had my own computer it was my background.. now I still think it looks awesome but I would never even consider buying this thing..

    51. philip dias

      Caravan interior. Plastic water pump,etc....awful

    52. Brandon Williams

      This car doesn't have windows? What's the glass thing between the hood and the seats?

    53. John Granato

      too much talking, too theatrical, too many faces, etc.

    54. Steven Benezue

      I always thought it funny that the very first Viper that I saw in 1992 or 93, was in downtown London UK. It was red just like this one.

    55. maxthereof

      Had a '93 for 3 years

    56. Sean Kelley

      This guy is just too much.

    57. Manila Martin

      reminds me how basic my 240 Z was. I miss affordable cars. My f150 was $60k and there are even fancier trucks than that.

    58. Stiffneck

      The first two "1992" Vipers sold in St. Louis, Missouri auctioned for $150,000.oo a piece. Never cheap or low cost when compared to a Corvette. Later in 1997 a non "RT" model could be had for around $66,000.oo. The car rolled off the assemble line at a time when Lee Iacocca was steering Chrysler into bankruptcy for a second time. There wasn't much to work with at the company, so it had to be "reasonably" cost effective. Back then we where desperate for something other than another FWD 4 banger. A car is no more "dangerous" then how YOU drive it, same is true for a motorcycle.

    59. Arjeguz Rodriguez

      🤣Doug, you have “swept the floor” with the Viper, an engine, four tires and two seat , nothing else 😂😂😂

    60. smookin dat parm

      What's pure about a car without a roof? lmao

    61. mur B

      the viper had stability control, they were commonly referred to as "dividers" or "curbs"

    62. The Real SyXx Team Syxx Productions

      If you wanna drive this car. Don't skip leg day. 🤣🤣

    63. Kenneth Mc

      I was 3 when those tires were made, and doug is over here driving on them. My hero.

    64. Gun Sam _Revolver Aficionado_

      A lot of it makes sense. Like, this car was not designed for transport, going to the store etc, it was made for cruising. No locks needed when you're always in it, and the basic radio made sense as it's the early '90's....yeah, that's coming out and a Pioneer is going in, by literally every owner lol.

    65. Matthew MT

      Blue one with two white stripes is nicer in my opinion. That was the car of my childhood. When I was 1998.. that car was absolutely amazing :) American dream ;)

    66. Benjamin Hughes

      Viper: That's RIGHT... Ice... man... I *am* DANGEROUS.

    67. BlastCityOwner

      I love how you still wear q white shirt under a shirt like its 1994..

    68. alex orlowski

      Can You please wear long trousers once in while ?

    69. DowskiVision MagicalOracle

      "Exposed screws which look terrible and the crappiest cheapest plastic you could find" a.k.a Top-of-the-Line Dodge Trim

    70. Actually

      10:22 Those aren't screws on the dashboard, those are buttons for the optional dash mat. No, the screws for THAT dash are much more difficult to access. The book time doesn't call for enough labor hours to manhandle the dash out of this thing, and even though it doesn't have real HVAC, it does have a really shoddy heater core from the minivan parts bin that requires complete dash removal to access.

    71. Elbod Elbod

      An Icon...

    72. lucasterable

      In NFS too it was very hard to control

    73. Dave Taschuk

      The screws on the dash look like snaps.

    74. baudgaud

      I sat through about 10 minutes before deciding to comment. That happened during the rant about "no airbags in a 1991 vehicle." In 1991, airbags were not standard. Backing up a bit, almost no vehicles of the time period had "center console" storage either. Both were considered luxury items. On the airbag front, it was a lot more common for airbags to punch you in the face, knock you out, break your nose, and then smother/suffocate you in the event of deployment. They've changed a lot over the years. On top of that, there was no such thing as "passenger side airbags" for another 5-10 years, so even if you wanted to pay extra for that dubious safety feature in 1991 you'd only get it in the steering wheel... yet here's this millenial who evidently knows less than nothing about cars (and is even too lazy to Google stuff before bleating about it) giving negative marks to a 91 model for "deliberately leaving out" the passenger side airbag. I also find it funny that this guy is saying there's no AC while the camera shows a temperature control which clearly has a "blue" region indicating AC cooling. It's always possible that AC was an option but that misleading dial was standard, but I find that highly doubtful. I imagine the next video will revolve around rants about how "ridiculously basic and dangerous" Hyatt hotels are for providing outdoor balconies above the 15th floor, while deliberately leaving out parachutes or even tinfoil-lined beanie hats! EDIT: I said "no such thing" as passenger side airbags. They weren't imaginary in 1991, they just weren't available even as an option, in most vehicles, until they were required by law.

    75. Ben Crosbie

      May be the most dangerous but its the most underrated car

    76. Joseph Azzato

      I remember the commercials as a kid, when it first came out it was advertised as the budget sports car!!! that was introduction, 20-30k after they sold so quickly they tried to wipe that and sold it as this proud I don't want every one to be able to afford it.

    77. scott e

      Car is rare but I'm sure there are still alot of engines laying around in people's stashes hidden away lol who in there right mind would scrape the engine after a wreck imo

    78. DowskiVision MagicalOracle

      Anybody else get wood in the first 30 seconds of this video?

    79. Kowboy USA

      Never so alive as close to death.

    80. Thomas Stillman

      It would be nice to be able to actually see it rolling in the road?

    81. Joel Gattaca

      you didnt even take it on an on ramp to a free way :(

    82. Ray Busa

      I had one was a pos.

    83. James

      It looks like an awesomely fun car to drive. Unless it rains. Or you have to park it and do something. But driving down the Pacific Coast Highway on a nice day, can't be beat!

    84. Pat S

      The Viper is a Caravan Type R

    85. Dom Hawtin

      Just realised….Doug’s pronunciation of anything with TH or L and his tongue goes way outside his mouth.

    86. Quake Guy

      Pointless car

    87. Sly

      lol what a hunk of shit

    88. bearchow

      A lot of things this guy doesn't get.

    89. Gregory S

      People were paying $150.000 first year

    90. Kooners 69

      Seen a few on the road, two in Fresno, and one in my hometown.

    91. EZG

      The Viper - Because 2 miles to the gallon is alright with me!

    92. Eric Esposito

      A big motor, 2WD and a steering wheel. Tis all they drove since the 60's. I'd rather have the viper than any damn sport BWM with all these computerized systems that keep the car on the road for Twits that think they know how to drive. Give me the Viper and the feeling in my heart any day.

    93. D B

      Safety? No. We die like men.

    94. Guilherme Bianeck

      Hey Doug, you should test a Gurgel

    95. Jacob Thompson

      You would think for how pristine the car is that they would clean the accessory windows. Lol

    96. Vatrogasac Do Koske

      V10 , 8L engine , 400+ horse power in 1992...why would you need any kind of safety with that much power xD.... Plus you get 1st degree burn when you get out of the car. as a gift for riding the car...Magnificent

    97. Sam Adamms

      I was in a showroom in 1992 and was looking at a Viper, Salesman began his spiel about how great the car was and I just started to laugh. Told him I didn’t want a car with a/c, but no windows. He looked into the car, and told me never noticed.

    98. Darren Tylor

      A lock on that glovebox, an alarm with radar sensor, door locks, a hood lock and a starter kill would be great!!!

    99. oskr G

      My 92 dodge shadow had more features than those viper