The Polestar 2 Is a Tesla-Rivaling Electric Luxury Sport Sedan

Doug DeMuro

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    Polestar 2 review!!! The Polestar 2 is a new electric luxury sport sedan, designed to rival the Tesla Model 3 and others. Today I'm reviewing the Polestar 2 and I'm going to show you all the quirks and features of the newest EV luxury sedan on the market. I'll also drive the Polestar 2 and review the driving experience.
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    1. Adam Palmiter

      Loveeee the style.

    2. Nate Cortez

      Polestar will need more visibility as a brand. I imagine cars aren't the first thing most people think of when they hear the name "Polestar."

    3. Brooklyn Brand

      That screen ain’t cutting it anymore

    4. zzzzUS

      That piano black looks gross! Mind it, I have that garbage in my KIA as well and wish I wouldn't.

    5. Charlie Calderwood

      I think you're paying an extra 5 grand to have a car that won't fall apart. Either out of patriotism or fear of Tesla stans, Doug doesn't seem to mention Tesla's awful quality record.

    6. Dailydriver

      Just can’t get into these things. A v90 or v60 polestar with the five cylinder is my style

    7. Philipp Matthias Türk

      He was really happy to see that hexagon tho

    8. Hoova Groova

      Tesla is better

    9. diesel 10 rules

      10 years from now Doug will say car's and bids is still New

    10. Conscious Robot

      Goofy looking design

    11. Ismael Santos

      The deafening octopus consequently step because dock outstandingly observe till a annoyed family. certain, equal hub

    12. Splak _

      "mostly sedan, some SUV" ..... so a crossover?

    13. untamedkb


    14. Jeremy Pollard

      haha. nice.

    15. Lorde

      Polestar sounds like a documentary about strippers in the inner city.

    16. Sean Thomas Stewart

      Doug: This is a direct rival to the Tesla Model 3. Doug, immediately after: it starts around $60,000.

    17. Minecraft Mike

      The bezels on that screen are giant.

    18. Ed L

      So ugly

    19. RL Days

      The polestar at the motorshow was sexy. This is ugly AF

    20. Kahê Sathler

      I would call this car a Crossover, not a sedan.

    21. CatDaddy

      8:16 nice

    22. Michael P

      8:16 .... Nice....

    23. SamWyzeGG

      Hasn't polestar been around for a while on like the special edition volvos that are super fast?

    24. Peter Silie

      Never seen such a beautiful shaped car for many years. It shows strength, but also elegance. Really like it.

    25. Dr Giant

      So happy a car has been produced that lets me put my key in my shoe without feeling like a freak.

    26. Alvaro Revuelta

      No it does not

    27. Big knoc Chi town

      No start or stop I think I would like to have control of that

    28. Ganesh Nayak

      Everyone is a gangsta till you compare specs to model 3

    29. Brandon Reed

      Yay an electric car without overly futuristic electrified infotainment

    30. fasola

      Division in trunk is not new idea. I had this in my 2010 Volvo XC90.

    31. Ronald Thompson

      Surely I'm not the only one who thinks it's ugly, right? Also, at $20k more for a base Taycan.... Who would buy this? It's still a $60k ugly car whereas the Taycan is an incredible piece of engineering.

    32. Ahmed Mo

      ⁿᵒ ᵇᵒᵈʸ.... ᵗʰᵉ ᶜᵃʳ'ˢ ᵇᵃᵗᵗᵉʳʸ: 69%


      It's gorgeous. It gets a seven. How stupid is this?? 7 is more like a strong 'okay' than gorgeous.


      this comparison with tesla... It's a premium car, this polestar, isn't it?

    35. BoyOnCrack

      Maybe read a bit about polestars new project? Polestar 0 with zero pollution that is going to be completed 2030 possibly

    36. Y did i shit myself

      The polestar has way more class, the tesla looks boringly ugly

    37. gcmarcal

      If I had the money I would pay the 5k extra just to avoid being a Tesla Fanboy!

      1. charlie

        @Island Vanlife lol why? I’m not saying they are good or bad I’m just curious

    38. Ryne Davis

      God these newer Volvos are slick. I want one.

    39. werta5000

      waiting for the Polestar Pulsar

    40. Kavi4

      The Volvo is 5000usd of a better interior, it's fit and finish is better, and you know the safety is still priority.

    41. Lando1876

      Thank god polestar didn't put out a crossover first

    42. Tore Hansen

      JJ Abrams approves the flares.

    43. Tore Hansen

      The whole entertainment IS Google.

    44. BILL WYNNE


    45. Riygel

      Doug, your enthusiasm is unmatched.

    46. fifilafiloche

      At least, with this one, you can go off road.

    47. Sam Dunham

      I'm guessing that Doug is an iPhone user. Because that "Assistant thing" is clearly Google Assistant and that infotainment system, if not straight up Android, is clearly based on Android. :)

    48. PDB Long

      Made in China.

    49. Ayushmaan Chauhan


    50. Gino Asci

      where is the spare tire?

    51. Gino Asci

      you didn’t let us hear the exhaust note.

    52. robertastk

      Looks better than tesla. Panel gaps are better than tesla. Quality is better than tesla. You know that it will be safer than tesla. It's more car than tesla.

    53. Blair Jeworski

      This is a good competitor to the Tesla. But I’m not a fan of short range. 350-400 is good. 600 is insane. All about range on electrics. And I hope it’ll get better.

    54. Shinchan Cartoon

      EVERY one buying electric car for saving the world and bill gates want to save the world by giving vaccines and our government want to save the world by promoting lgbt only legends will understand

    55. Jason's Phone's Reviews


    56. Taj Misquitta

      In many ways, I think the 2018 S60 Polestar is a way better car. Most people just think it's just a regular S60 and it only makes them inquisitive when you put your foot down. Also, I consistently get around 375 miles (605km) of range on 17.2gal (65L) of gas (might be better if you have one without a carbon splitter in the front and the extended ducktail spoiler), and I once clocked it at 0-62 in 4.5s on Michelin Pilot Sport 4S. The rear seats also fold down and I'm 6'2" and I have plenty of legroom in the back. Lastly, nothing beats the whine of a supercharger coupled with the gusts of a turbo. See? It's a way better car. Who knows what the designers at Volvo were even thinking.

    57. Ben Keating

      Clearly doug is an iphone guy. Didn't even notice the Google play store connection.

    58. T McAdoo

      Polestar makes me think stripper

    59. Julio Enriello

      Is ridiculous compare a 233 mile range with a Tesla

    60. Dan Rose

      Seatbelts are terrible

    61. Vilius Benetis

      Why do they call it sedan? It looks nothing like a sedan

    62. Luis Javier

      69% battery charge lol

    63. Woody Wood

      For 60k, I need my center console to look better then an after tho.

    64. Wirecheesefriski ki

      why no wagon version

    65. EnNombreDeLaCiencia !

      I really wish every brand use their logo instead of sticking up letters. Do you sea any “Apple” outside an Apple device? That brings curiosity and make the design speaks for it self. Love it.

      1. Andis Roze

        I have a p30pro and I even dont know what huawei logo looks like :D

      2. dull days

        @living meme exe nope not my IPhone 12 just an apple logo

      3. AZM

        @EnNombreDeLaCiencia ! do you know english "do you can't read" doesn't make sense 🤣😂

      4. EnNombreDeLaCiencia !

        @Zack Smith that’s not the point of my comment. Do you can’t read? Or at least analyze and interpret what I wrote?

      5. living meme exe

        Tbf every apple device says “designed by apple”

    66. Салтовский Учёный

      Awesome car

    67. Mert M

      Another tablet on wheels to avoid spending money on actual buttons 🙄

    68. Scisca

      Volvo went into the trouble of creating a new brand only to make it look like every other Volvo...

    69. Olekk ‘

      Doug the type of guy to call his first child a «entry-level»

    70. Vinnie J

      Polestars look awesome on the road. Tesla is getting boring.

    71. Alex Gomez

      It’s to bad they only make these in China. I’d really rather not support the Chinese government.

    72. Zach2636

      i’m just glad they didn’t make it a SUV like every other company keeps doing

    73. savedfaves

      Glovebox with a handle to open it. Tesla, take note. Don't the gold seatbelts indicate this is the sportier model with the firmer adjustable suspension and the larger wheels. The model below this one is £5K cheaper and supposed to be softer on the road and nicer to drive as a result. I'd go for the regular model.

    74. savedfaves

      I love the minimalism of their branding, their logo, that it's body coloured to match the colour of car you get and that there are no words written on the car. My kind of branding. While it would in theory make make the brand name spread more slowly it makes me want to buy the car more.

    75. J_ White

      Oh, thank god there is some piano black in there. Everyone loves piano black.

    76. GoggisPloggisProductions

      English-speakers!! Is it strange to say "All is good"? As a Swedish myself it doesn't sound that weird because we say the equivalent of that in Swedish: "Allt är bra"

    77. Gerard Shadiow

      I like it.

    78. Ou Oscar

      Looks ugly, sw sucks, sticking with the Tesla

    79. Marcel Handsome

      For me the best-looking EV saloon on the market also the most interesting.

    80. Julyoon

      8:15 That 69% was definitely intentonal :D

    81. Mark Remi

      I would most definitely adjust those side view mirrors for aerodynamic reasons and sideswipe everyone in my blind spot.

    82. DK

      The acceleration difference wouldn't bother me at all since it looks like the Volvo still flies and I could live with the $5k price difference if the Polestar has better tech, looks better and has a better build quality. The range difference is the one thing that would keep me from buying it. Hopefully that improves on Polestar's end.

    83. bugalaman

      Cars which cost more than $20,000 that don't have 4 front seat cup holders and ventilated seats shouldn't exist. These are very basic features that should be standard in all new vehicles. Oh, and wheels larger than 16" shouldn't exist. Worrying about busting a tire shouldn't be a thing.

    84. rsmeanie

      Don't forget the Tesla Supercharger infrastructure you have access to with the Model 3. Huge differentiator compared to regular EV's.

    85. igoldin74

      Doug's talking nonsense about knobs and handles, as usually. Nothing technical, nothing in detail.

    86. Lennyg845

      2022 Scion TC

    87. Lennyg845

      Polestars attempt to be subtle will lead to everyone that can afford it calling it a Tesla.

    88. Claudiu D. P.

      Gorgeous? I know this is subjective, but it's boring on the outside, and on the inside. Volvo can do and does better. It's like they want this to fail.

      1. Marcel Handsome

        Still better looking and more exciting than the model 3 Tesla.

    89. Andrzej Rafał Smuga

      Isn't it called a "liftback"?

    90. OdavidS

      Nah, this is a loser mentality. The only way to beat tesla is to be ahead of the curve. ex. Affordable EV sports car like a C8. ex2. EV offroader/truck. Tesla already perfected the EV SUV/sedan sector.

    91. bojkoooooo

      hey Doug, why don't you just get a Tesla and get over it?

    92. Jo LC

      Overpriced, next...

    93. blacknester

      Base tesla is 80k in Europe. You forget you implemented import tax so now you have to pay premium.

    94. TinyRodent

      on the topic of not having the brand name. I saw one in the UK last week and thought, "that's cool, no idea what that badge is though"

    95. jelaninoel

      Yeah the model 3 is cheaper and better but its also not as cool looking. Model 3 looks very feminine and slow

    96. A. Schulz Albrecht

      that's just a normal car that is electric.... it proves again that Tesla is just A REVOLUTION

    97. Luckysquirrel1256

      Wouldn't comparing it to the Model S be more appropriate? They are both Sedans and are much closer is price. Also similar in trunk size and gauge cluster, heck Model S before 2021 even used the vertical infotainment.

    98. Frank

      Doug, I respect you. But honestly, you should stop praising Tesla so much. What they did tech wise is amazing, I agree. They really changed the electric car market, and that is something to admire. However, their quality control is lacking to the point where it’s dangerous. VW has passed Tesla in multiple continents as the number 1 selling electric car brand. In multiple countries there’s class-actions against Tesla for lacking quality control (turning into dangerous neglect). They have recently had to admit that their self-driving tech is not nearly as good as they claimed, and the stock price is going down, while VW’s is going up. And this is predicted to continue unless Tesla really changes their business practices in the next few years (not my opinions - analysis from journalists and economists). I think polestar has enough arguments there to sell their cars, even with less range and performance and a higher price. Like I said, I think Tesla did great things, but they have to continue with more “boring” car-manufacture stuff to keep succeeding. They definitely deserve praise, but not to the extent you gave it to them.

    99. Stan

      This looks like Dodge Caliber with a Zune infotainment system.

    100. Reptile Disfunction

      The whole not putting their name on the car thing is kinda genius to me, the first time I saw one I was scratching my head for a good minute and that made me go and learn more about the brand