The Mercedes CLS63 AMG Shooting Brake Is the Coolest Unknown Wagon

Doug DeMuro

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    The Mercedes-Benz CLS63 AMG Shooting Brake is a special high-performance wagon -- and today I'm reviewing it. First I'll show you all the quirks and features of the CLS63 Shooting Brake, and then I'm driving the CLS63 to review the driving experience of this special AMG Wagon.
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    1. xxGalaxySkyxx

      ive sen this in sweden stockholm where i live it was drag racing at a red light with a lambo gallardo and it demolished it i think it was a 2012 model for the lambo

    2. Kh Plays

      Doug: no one knows about the hidden storage area on the driver and passenger side me: now we all know cuz we watched the video

    3. Roger Skagerström

      Imagine a car in this class that is NOT surprising to Doug. A normal family car that just have a bigger enigne. But since it has the bigger engine they have removed stuff like folding rear seats, AC, rear chargeports etc. And they filled the trunk up with styrofoam. Meanwhile all supercars with hard carbon seats that sit 1" of the floor has electric seats. Casue that's something that should be in an expensive car - no matter if it fits or not :P

    4. Roger Skagerström

      I somehow get along with the same generation sedan, but the wagons.. Both the CLA and CLS wagons looks like dogs that shat themselfs and drag their behinds in the ground.

    5. costa _

      I have seen this car in person and the back is just ugly🤮

    6. martin martin

      I would have liked you to try to fit the most toilet rolls into it . Not to know its cargo capacity, but to know yours ...

    7. martin martin

      I'm disapointed : it's not available with fake wood panels on the sides . Maybe mac-tac rolls would do the trick .

    8. Michael Sund

      We get it Doug, it's rare and special!

    9. Nana Antwi

      Wen are we gonna get an overall outside view of the car when driving

    10. Jocalopse

      Four doors, not a shooting brake.....

    11. Leon Maliniak

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    12. Dominik Gładkowski

      The rs mode got canseld after audi found out about it lol 🤣

    13. James Tudsbury

      Speaking only to Americans on the world's biggest international video website: "you've never heard of".

    14. Gabriel L.

      I have seen so many "C300 AMG" cars that I do a double-take when I see a real one.

    15. Travis Hartley


    16. Denard Otsula

      Great Car, they should develop a version with a V12 Biturbo Engine

    17. Tomas Puodziukynas

      I have just realized I have fetish for AMG station wagons.

    18. ryuman757

      Something the world has always needed. A sick looking Mercedes where it looks like the rims are already curb-rashed for you if you live around the city 👍👍🤣

    19. Al Wall

      I never heard of it but I love sport wagons I want that

    20. Stigs stupid cousin

      knowing the children mostly almost late for school because eat too slow, we need more horsepower for station wagon

    21. slimeonnabigmac

      i really really wish Mercedes would give the 2020 CLS at least an AMG 63 bc the old CLS 63 was an absolute beast😩

    22. spacex Tesla Roadster gaming

      Mercedes-Benz CLS63 AMG Shooting Brake

    23. Darkside 91

      3:40 ... The license plate seems to be #StraightEdge .

    24. Darkside 91

      0:05 ... twenty - fifteen

    25. Omari876

      This & cla shooting brakes are pretty popular in Japan

    26. Telequacker-ガチョウ

      "The real party trick here is that back end..." Twerk, twerk, twerk, twerk, twerk, twerk. 🦆

    27. dougalachi

      Far from an unknown car, at least in Europe

    28. Adolf Hitler

      I like the coupe more

    29. Domenic Leser

      This generation of Mercedes started their decline for me. I always imagine a decision beeing made in some corpo meeting where the head of marketing asks his team "How do we make our cars more popular with young people?" and a dude in the back yells "Let's make it uncomfortable for tall and fat people to be less interesting for our current customers" and the boss is like "great idea, I hate my fat neighbour driving our cars anyway"

    30. NosleepRecords

      I dont know about every country in E U but here in Bulgaria we have a lot of this models

    31. Niko Zollner

      still not a shooting brake

    32. Bertrand Guerra

      SW > SUV

    33. Chima Opara

      Watch out, he’s gonna buy this

    34. MI Car Guy

      The owner of this is clearly a fan of snacking in the driver’s seat. So many crumbs...

    35. Mira Barsham

      Were all thinking it... 14:40 thats a great place to stash ur weed

      1. Henrique Aguiar

        Not at all, seems like the owner already is storing coke in there.

    36. Töb

      Sorry Doug, I had heard of it. Not all of us live in the US...

    37. sh ch

      I hate that rear end look. It just does not match the front at all. From the middle to the end it looks like someone did not know how to make it look good and just sloped it downward.

    38. john balantes

      Amber seems safer tho

    39. René Soma

      Amazingly poor taste. I mean, custom license plates are ok (until they become insulting or straight up gross). Especially the asymmetrical design and placement of the _"FBF"_ emblem.

    40. Vincent Durandeau

      This car is not rare in Europe

    41. Blake Swainson

      Not reeeeally a shooting brake, shooting brakes were known for being 2 door elongated hatchbacks with the sloping roof at the back which this has. Its just got 2 too many doors lol, so pretty much just a station wagon. Not hating on anything/anyone, I love wagons and shooting brakes, but this is not one.

    42. Lorenzo Moore

      As Bill from auto Europa would say to put your 9 MM gun into.

    43. smallfaucet

      What an ugly fawking ride LOL! They didn't like them in Europe now they're trying to get them out of there haha!

    44. Emanuil Valkov

      Styling 7/10... that was dumb. I have dedicated a page to this car on instagram @cls.shootingbrake, come for endless CLS SB beauties.

    45. M L

      First n second gen of the CLS are the best versions. They ruined it with the 3rd gen.

    46. Travy Heart


    47. Cj Johnson


    48. Leo&Bella Kodra

      No one talks how this dude registered this car in US??? Anyone have any clue 👀 🙂 thanx

    49. T.Green007

      Nice car! I’m looking to purchasing one now! #Rare

    50. D C

      Doug, the only guy that thinks a wagon is good looking, unique and special

    51. Claire Kennedy

      Wish this was in USA, looks sick!

    52. Mikesxrs300

      so how is it in the US?

    53. CHOZEN 1

      Maybe the RS stands for something other than a gear option 🤷‍♂️

    54. Leon 's Account

      'modern enthusiast cars' *1990 Honda Accord*

    55. sawdust junkie

      Wow i didn't know chysler still made the dodge magnums 😀

    56. Dorthiven

      You forgot to mention some additional differences to the E-class: - The seats were available in Designo line leather that looked really nice in my opinion ( - The dashboard was fitted with this nice leather lining (most prominently seen above the glove box), which was a generation ahead at the time and later introduced to a lot of other Mercedes models - The new Multi-Beam LED (which is awesome!) was first available in the CLS and not an option for the E-Class until the current generation I always wanted a Shooting Brake but could not for the life of me find one with the options I viewed as needed - because these cars are so darn uncommon even here in Germany. In the end I settled for a more reasonable 2014 E-class sedan and I like it - but I get a little shot of envy every time I meet a Shooting Brake on the road :/ Edit: Styling 7?? You got to be kidding me - this is the most beautiful sedan out there and cannot have the same score as the E-Class. Also the quality rating should be higher then E-Class as the interior was more towards S-Class level at the time.

    57. Joe Luciano

      I feel like this car is Doug's spirit animal

    58. J.D. Rios

      That thing looks like some cocaine pimp's yacht.

    59. Jt Se

      Have one just like this to sell, just with 580 bhp original from amg (63s)

    60. David Plunkett

      Is it normal for someone Doug's age to continue growing in height? concerned

    61. Bigtim850

      If the wife wanted a station wagon... this is the only one we’re getting 😂😂

    62. azsuter

      drink overtime he says "shooting brake"...gaaayyy

    63. Yung Wipa snapa

      They sold them in australia and I see them rather often, they are really nice

    64. martin prisc

      I would like to request that Doug reviews a Ford Taurus SHO. Doesn't matter which generation, although I prefer 6th gen personally.

    65. Jim H

      So how he import one to us??

    66. Eliot

      Nah... still ugly. E63 wagon all day The real question is how did this guy get this car in the USA and titled in California of all states

    67. Todd Haynes

      "Shooting Brake" doesn't mean "Wagon". its a long downward sloping rear roofline. The Hyundai Veloster is a shooting brake.

    68. Jared Champagne

      Why the hell are the bezels on that screen like 6 inches wide on each side? Couldn’t they just make it look more clean by getting rid of those? Looks tacky for a Benz

    69. Mino Assal's not a shooting brake, this is illegal!

    70. Patrik Sonestad

      Oh Doug, you missed the "auxiliary cargo cover" that's removable from the tailgate. The slopey line makes the tailgate too far back so the cargo cover can't reach all the way back to the tailgate so they had to stick an auxiliary cargo cover to the tailgate, and it's removable :)

    71. Gary_ Shah21

      Summarising the comment sections : 50% of comments : Confused Germans as they have a load of these cars 20% About the guy ruining his car and Ghettofying it in my opinion it’s his car and he can do what he wants 10% This car will be dougs 5% How did he import it He mUsT oF DoNE iT iLlEgAlLY The other 5% replying to people’s comments and the last 5% people like me just wanting to read the controversy of the Middle Eastern guy at the start tbh to me it doesn’t matter where the guy is from I just like cars and the last 5% mentioning weird quirks like cherrywood flooring in the boot credit to apeWatchingTv

    72. PJ Young

      Can you buy one from Europe and own it in the states?

    73. James Haas

      Shooting Brake = a coupe made into a wagon (Volvo 1800ES for instance). MB calls this 4-door a “shooting brake” because they call the CLS class a 4 door coupe. It’s really not a traditional SB but MB has odd nomenclature. The AMG version of the CLS shooting brake is the coolest car ever and I’m happy to see one in the states. How did he get it over here?

    74. R.J & Co

      RS Mode (RACE START) is available once oil and water temp are at the right temp. And your stopped and have your foot on the brake

    75. uros rozman

      Not really that crazy rare here in Europe...

    76. D M

      As a pluri-Mercedes owner myself, I wonder if that carbon fiber is the real deal. I suspect not, like the fake exhaust tips on low-spec E-class sedans.

    77. bobby-nos

      yeah.. right, alfa romeo 156 design.

    78. bridego

      Not so rare in Switzerland. Bravo Doug.

    79. Philip Minns

      How old does a new online enthusiast car auction website need to be before it becomes just an online enthusiast car auction website? ;)

    80. Karsten Meinders

      Doug is confounding "rare" and "limited", IMHO.

    81. DJ josh

      this is weird because the e63 is faster in shooting brake form but the cls is faster in sedan form.... I really wonder why ?

    82. DJ josh

      I rather the e for some reason

    83. Illunworth

      Why does Europe get all the cool cars and the United States is stuck with fat SUVs

      1. Jhymon Moodie


    84. jules dourmap

      He clearly doesn't know about the extremely unknown first gen Lexus IS300 Sportcross, now that is a cool wagon

    85. Roberto Martínez

      I’ve seen a couple of those here in Mexico 😅

    86. Erik G

      Take the family to the track with this thing.

    87. roger buss III

      I'd still watch a cls or cl63 vid..always loved them.

    88. Master Oogway

      So how is this car here if it weren't sold here?, ain't there a 20 yr import restriction rule?

      1. Farshad Kabiri

        Exactly my thought

    89. Silverboy005

      This is so dam cool!

    90. Siniša Jakus

      odvratan mi je ovaj tip

    91. Seymour Dix

      Shoulda detailed it before you did the video. Jfc.

    92. Your Fan

      Wow thats intense

    93. Andrey Tishechkin

      Domestic model ranges(especially of German manufacturers) make me so jellous!! Audi RS4 avant, MB CLA shooting brake, VW Arteon shooting brake, Audi S4 and S6 Avant, the BMW 3rd and 5th series wagons, BMW 6-series GT, Alpina B3, B4, B5- there is no good reason they are not sold here!!! America never gets the cool cars...

    94. Tama Pai

      Hi everyone in the group 😁 Don't you know what the man cut it from? I wanted to get a video somewhere... But no one knows yet😄 Ps: I would ask to share posts in other groups 😇

    95. mohammed abdulrahman

      يعطيك خيرها ويكفيك شرهاا F.B.F

    96. Vernon Vassallo

      sound clip at 16:52

    97. 3thanG0Tkeys

      This shootingbrake is something else🔥❤️

    98. Man415

      I thought Doug likes boxy station wagon design and not those with curve designs ?🧐

    99. Håvard Støle

      Looks like the shape of an early computer mouse..🤪

    100. crypto airck

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