The Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Roadster Is the Forgotten Mercedes Supercar

Doug DeMuro

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    The Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Roadster is a special high-performance supercar -- but it's the "forgotten" supercar of the Mercedes-Benz world. Today I'm reviewing the SLS and I'm going to show you all the quirks and features of the SLS Roadster. Then I'm going to get it out on the road and drive the SLS Roadster.
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    1. Erik

      Doug DeMuro: "I actually think this looks better than the regular SLS." Also Doug DeMuro: "SLS Roadster gets a 7 for styling, regular SLS gets an 8."

    2. Birki gts

      God this car is beautiful.

    3. 3xoticG4m3r

      How can the sls have better handling than this? They are practically the same car

    4. William Handy

      Heater to blow on your neck so you can keep your hood down in the cold weather Translate: allows you to be a complete douchebag in all elements

    5. Travis Hartley


    6. Antonis Petrou

      I love the sound. And yes.... every engine produces its own music...

    7. Aleksandar Aleksic

      In Europe SLS was considered too flashy, too much showing off, you can see Clarksons review and what I'm talking about. We know our cars and Mercedes especially, so no one here would mistake it for other Mercedes, at least no one interested in cars. But that kind of people buys supercars. For me, it is one of the most beautiful modern cars and true Merc.

    8. Florian Walter

      If you want to join more sound experience of the GT Roadster: (some Hotlaps at Hockenheimring coming soon....)

    9. 🌙

      fun fact; amg stands for "aufecht, melcher, and großaspach." they are the names of three of the most significant engineers in mercedes' history.

    10. Sky Blue

      The keyfob has a battery, therefore car can start with key in the pocket. When battery dies in the keyfob, car could be started with the transponder key inserted into keyhole. Keyfob also has regular mechanical key hidden in it.

    11. DoubleDeckerAnton

      The 'gullwing doors' make it look very special.

    12. gyrosphinx

      The SLS is probably one of the most gorgeous cars ever made. It looks so damn good.

    13. costa _

      The SlS is one of the best looking Mercedes cars

    14. rayane maachou

      Doug has the perfect videos to eat to

    15. Nachiketa Roy Soni

      just now i saw it's ad for driving upside down in a tunnel!

    16. Zachariah Connor

      NO ONE, and I mean no one, distorts their mic during the driving part like DADDY DOUG

    17. Blue Whale Boy 2002

      I can feel the engine just by hearing the sounds.

    18. Isak s

      fun fact, the convertible cost roughly the same as the coupé in sweden where i live. right now is the cheapest sls a coupé closely followed by a convertible which is just a tad cheaper than another coupé and yes, you are right. top down gives you more sound, but the sound is plenty enough in the coupé with the added benifit that it is nicer on longer drives. and for the people who wonder, i'm no fan of a convertible, it is because they weigh more, are less stiff, have more wind noise when the top is up and I personally think they don't look as good with the top down as a coupé does. but that is just me so if you love your convertible is that awesome! all that matters is that you love your own car

    19. Clayton Mathis

      I like it when Doug describes cars and bids as an "online" "website"

    20. Andrej Destradi

      ufff very nice car Doug end big ciao fratello bye bye

    21. Dan J

      The key for this car is ridiculous! My 2010 C250 comes with the same key 🙄

    22. Alexander Watson

      You buy a Sprinter Van! You get that key 😂

    23. BaTtl3fR3aKk2o

      $NOK to the moon 💎🙌🚀🚀🚀🌝

    24. Assassin Force

      Doug the type of guy to moan repeatedly while driving

      1. Car Reviews by M A 7

    25. Stefanos Iliadis

      10:01 Tesla Model X in the background Edit:At least the model X has doors that open upwards 😂😂

    26. Punarbasu Dash

      The moment when Doug said, "Cars going forward aren't going to sound this good" it just hit deep.

    27. Kevs2good

      Shift light comes standard on $25k civic Si 😎

    28. Rowdy Hinds


    29. BH London

      I always thought the steering wheel looked really out of place on this car - like they took it from a B Class or something

      1. Stefan 267

        True. mine from my A Class looks sportier. But thats from 2016 to be fair.

    30. BrenGamer

      lllllong front end

    31. bidzej86

      I live near Stuttgart and there is such an SLS AMG nearby. It's parked outside all year, because its garage is used as a storage full of useless stuff #justgermanthings 🇩🇪

    32. FunYoKaBunYo

      Just look like an expensive cross fire to me just my opinion. Remember Chrysler n Mercedes was once partners....dont hate the truth.

    33. Illunworth

      One of the only cars that might be better as a convertible

    34. PainAndMurphy

      Would probably have painted this one in some dark color (black?) while leaving some line\s all across the center or something in the original red

    35. vreauLED Online


    36. 파란만장

      Yo who says its is forgotten The mercedes benz sls amg is the living legend

    37. The Aleman

      "A Mercedes that steers" Bertha Benz is frowning upon you, Doug.

    38. Josh Mills

      Oh god nowi have to put up with cars and bids adds as well. Bad move doug.

    39. HittingTax26

      Glorified viper.

    40. Robert Smith

      While the gullwing doors are pretty cool, if you lived in California the convertible would probably be the best choice.

    41. John's Projects


    42. big dicc company Breadmaker

      Never seen this car before!

    43. Brent Cizek

      My friend just purchased this vehicle and I'm so excited to sit in a vehicle Doug has reviewed lol.

    44. Nightbane

      Those N/A Downshifts will grow you a beard. You see that part where doug grabbed his face on those down shifts? He could feel a viking sized beard coming in.

    45. YouTuber Analyst

      Man I really miss old cars. All these new cars with their crap screens and turbo crap engines

    46. Trainy

      That visor with holes is rather bizarre

    47. Illunworth

      Petition to make a Cars & Bids museum

    48. Hermann Froh

      This is one of the best engines of all times. No turbo non-sense. There was just one reason these kind of naturally aspirated engines with high rpm capability were not build anymore: Fuel consumption and emission ratings (more non-sense).

    49. Ben Rothschild

      When Clarkson reviewed the coupe version of this car he said the convertible would be better bc the doors were an inconvenience.

    50. DAKY Music


    51. Дима Чибизов

      Mercedes decided to make such huge hood just to put the engine inside the wheelbase for better handling on track

    52. Ray Rivera

      Definitely I’m a fan

    53. chris p

      So the “Bluetooth telephony” was not limited to the Metris.

    54. Cedric 1210

      What do you mean by "Forgotten"??? It's still one of the most legendary Mercedes and lots of people loved it

    55. ShuckingNerds

      doug demero giving Doug scores is like an English teacher. They talk about how good it is and at the end they shit on u

      1. Robert Smith

        Yes, that annoys me. He also compares 80’s cars acceleration to today so if it doesn’t go 0-60 in 2.9 seconds it gets a bad score. I think he gave the Mk 4 Supra twin turbo like a 4 or 5 out of 10

    56. 981porsche

      @Doug DeMuro 13:30, The “looong front end” isn’t just for looks; it’s so they could put the engine behind the front axle, thus making it a mid-engine car. And the engine is not near the middle for “weight distribution” (although it would make that a little easier); it is there because it gives the car a lower polar moment of inertia-a physics thing that means things turn easier when the weight is closer to the middle.

    57. Antony Spar

      cite ( "...before my current format." - well, the time before "your current format" sported some cool pastimes (offroading, overlanding the Aston Martin, dumping the PT Cruiser, ...), which caused me to subscribe. I miss those aspects, although I suppose (and would fully understand), that you are putting your coins on maximum viewer reach with regular standardized reviews instead of those great episodes. I'd rather see another offroading or Humvee episode, than the absolutely most-expensive Bugatti (which I also like!). It just seems that "my current format" is narrowed down to very streamlined car reviews. Maybe there is an option on your second channel?

    58. Adryan Stamylas


    59. Артем Прохоров-Лукин

      This car is basically German Dodge Viper))

    60. thex2thaz

      Doug, the holes in the sun visors are so that you can see the light when you come to a stop. So you don’t have to keep ducking down to see when it turns green

    61. Cactus Rider

      Very cool car too bad it's driven so little as to increase the likelihood of high maintenance. If it finds an actual driver vs museum curator haha.

    62. D3aTHMaGNeTiC

      This SLS' s value just increased for 250k after Doug's review...

    63. MisterBrown

      The market seems to prefer the doors. No shit? It fucking GULLWING DOOOOOOORS!!!!

    64. spacex Tesla Roadster gaming

      Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Roadster

    65. Pedrosa Resarces

      In their defense it’s a 6.2 1/2

    66. Matthew Doye

      The most beautiful of any Mercedes in the last forty years.

    67. Erik Hansen

      please do a e36 m3 one day!!!

    68. speterbilt

      Buy a car to let it sit. 🤣🤣🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

    69. 22gepard

      change the name to carbid


      Hi doug make a video on ferrari sf90 stradale

    71. Milos Subotic

      @Doug Is it possible that a small "pocket" in the trunk is actually for the wind deflector?

    72. Dain

      doug in 2022: THISSS, is an Oppressor MKII. and it is the most futuristic motorcycle in existence.

    73. Carme Rafa

      2:28 and for more of my thoughts... You've changed Doug, you've changed.

    74. Abdullah m

      I Play your video and all your videos just to hear “thhhiiisss”. 😂

    75. Soham Vernekar

      Please review the electric version sir

    76. Brennan

      Doug: "nothing weird or interesting about the infotainment system" The infotainment system: 10:32 "Ready for Bluetooth Telephony"

    77. Drone Services, LLC

      Bet that storage bag in the trunk is for the wind screen when removed.

    78. Charles Grenada

      In certain areas of the globe this man would be referred to as a "gimp". Child's brain and dress sence, completely unaware of itself. If u disagree watch him review someone's Tesla and lick the screen, as if it's ok to do that to someone's car. The shorts and always wearing 2 t shirts god damn I must stop hating but this guy is horrible in every way if he didn't have money he would be in jail for doing something horrible to someone coz he couldn't have his own way fax

    79. sisir360 || TheLoneGun101

      I remember when the SLS AMG had first come out, I was in middle school. Always thought the coupe looked absolutely incredible. Never thought the exhaust note was this good. It’s heavenly! 😍

    80. MrDobbyBazzler

      Doug, the long pocket on the bulkhead in the trunk is for storing the glass wind break when it’s not in use 👍🏻

    81. NocturnalPlur S

      Not forgotten. Just so ugly people don't want it

    82. Plxton

      Thiiiis, is not a forgotten car! The SLS is the definitive AMG Coupe, the last of the Golden Years of AMG. The soundtrack of the engine is the highlight of AMG-Mercedes partnership before the emissions really killed cars. The design is subtle and brilliant, and it doesn't have badges everywhere. Why? Because everyone knows what it is and loves it, but we love the coupe even more.

    83. Gabesafish

      The “storage bag” in the trunk, looks to be intended for The removable wind deflector.

    84. Gabesafish

      Regarding the perforated sun visors, I wonder if that was intended to help them resist the effects of buffeting with the top down? Perhaps they wouldn’t otherwise stay In the open position above certain speeds?

    85. Your Local Wallstreet

      Remember when CNC MOTORS had the Coupe.

    86. Thomas Cruz

      doug built different fr

    87. joneslaakso

      That clove box thing was not So crazy.

    88. Jon Ferei

      Wear a mask

    89. John Trussell

      Imagine paying $170k for this's worth $40k at best

    90. AversaS

      That's an expensive Crossfire...

    91. Patrick76496

      SLR & SLS > AMG GT

    92. Remi - Dutchman - Put

      Talking about the sound of this car , it comes with the B&O sound system 😍👍

    93. Dr. Ray

      Dude the black glove box latch is not that odd, at all, its called two-tone, look at the black stitching and the black accents in the door. U are REACHIN lmao

    94. Shutbyotch

      *Doug:* "Frankly, I think it's weird to call a car a 6.3 when you know it has a 6.2" *Ford's 4.9 aka the "5.0" shudders*

    95. Drew Marshall

      The knowing half-brother frustratingly rain because computer conspicuously slap apud a aback lily. average, smooth bun

    96. Ramon Vazquez

      The holes in the sun visor are so that you can see traffic lights with the sun visor down. Since the windshield is low you cannot see under the visors to check the light.

    97. Ya Ho

      It is not a special car because it has no gullwing door dude

    98. Classic Car Custodians

      The glovebox latch is black because that's the part you touch the most and gets dirtier quicker. Black doesn't show dirt as quickly as beige does.

    99. ConversationWay

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    100. petewoodroffemusic

      "This is a light switch. Switch it to the on position and you'll notice the lights come on. To switch them off simple push the switch again to the off position... very cool feature"