The 2008 Audi S6 Was a Lamborghini V10-Powered Sport Sedan

Doug DeMuro

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    The 2008 Audi S6 was a sport sedan with a Lamborghini V10 engine. Today I'm reviewing the S6 and I'm going to show you all the quirks and features of a fantastic sport sedan. I'm also going to drive the S6 V10 and show you what it's like behind the wheel of a Lambo V10-powered high-performance Audi S6 sport sedan.
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    1. habaloneh

      other quirk you missed ... LED fog lamps are 5 on each side - unique to the S6 - to signify the V10 status

    2. Francis Cope

      9:02 tailgating mode, because it’s an audi!


      Doug is a clown! The valet key was different than the main key that when given to valet they can’t access the trunk or glove when valet button engaged! He gets impulsive with quick assumptions before researching this has inclined more and more and more. I watched him the first 3 years but just became sick of him and he began to annoy me . I actually had this s6 in 2006 so I’m speaking from experience! I think he should stop the caffeine or whatever he’s just so dam hyper

    4. DefyYourLogic

      Odd they put the v10 in this car but not in the first year R8.

    5. Logjammer D’Baggagecling

      I thought that he said that the E60 M5 was the only sedan with a V10.

    6. Shoe Seller

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    7. Danny Chan

      my man doug is a gilmore girls fan hahaha

    8. LaPabst

      Review cars and quit pimping your sh**.

    9. BeardlyDavid

      So, does it have a Lamborghini V10? He doesn't say!

    10. CarKing Playz

      It looks like the Michaels car from Gta 5.

    11. Krisztián Ferryman Konszky

      Soooo anyone how what that valet button is supposed to work? @4:40

    12. C T

      I owned a 2008 C6 S6 and it was not the "best S6 Audi ever made." That has to go to the C7 S6 to which I owned a 2013 and now a 2018. It has a twin turbo V8 and everything about the car is better than the C6 S6. And I really liked the C6 S6. Had it in the same Quartz Grey as the one in this video. There are some known mechanical issues with the C7 S6 (including turbo issues) but it is a better looking and performing car all the way around compared to the C6 S6. Not sure what Doug's gonna due when someone sells a C7 S6 on Cars and Bidsssss.

    13. Heck Yea

      Legacy automakers love their buttons. The more buttons the more their buyers think it’s advanced and the more they’ll pay 😂

    14. Aaron Fauth

      5:53 doug’s the type of guy to leave valet mode on

    15. Anselme SUBTIL

      Doug why do you give a 6/10 for quality it deserves a MUCH better grade. At least an 8.

    16. doliio volay

      I miss the days when large performance saloons were subtle.

    17. MAXEL

      If i see a gallardo... I don't care, if i see a A6/A8 V10... I go crazy!

    18. nonickname100

      I love this gen of A6. That interior was excellent and imo still is. Love the design

    19. hoiy vinosa

      I legit clapped 👏🏼 out loud after the “song” 😂

    20. Gaming Norwegian

      Im a bit surprised that people are surprised this has radar cruise control. Even the Prius had that in 2009 when the 3rd gen came, it also had a parking assistant/auto parking system much better than any German cars at the time. It was in 2008-2009 Toyota really pushed for technology like this to be in cheaper cars.

      1. doliio volay

        intake and exhaust valves, and engine management systems.

    21. Jermaine Guy

      Wait did the 2009 rs6 have a turbocharged Lamborghini v10?

      1. Jonas Larsson

        No. It did not. The Lambo V10 of first gen Gallardos never went into Audis in any shape or form. This Audi engine is two more cylinders added to the Audi V8 FSI. NA 5.2 even fire split pin in S6, Turbo 5.0 in the RS6. Turbo 5.2 straight pin in R8 and later was put into Lambos as a replacement thou.

    22. Jermaine Guy

      Too bad there ain't no 2009 rs6 here

      1. hoiy vinosa

        Doug can you please shut up

    23. bilishu aliss

      Surprised he didn't mention the RS6 that Europe got. It had a Twin Turbo, 580 hp (!!!!) version of this engine.

    24. ColinSketch

      Audi used to put all the big engines in the regular sedans. I have a C5 A6 (not even an S6) with the 4.2 V8. I love it so much.

    25. Master Pierce

      Valet mode button lmaoooo

    26. Master Pierce

      I wanted this car so bad but it was too expensive lol

      1. bilishu aliss

        6:24 that infotaiment sistem is very smooth

    27. Neclar

      Do a 🦎 review !!!

    28. Neclar

      Do a 🦎 review !!!

    29. miko foin

      I legit clapped 👏🏼 out loud after the “song” 😂

    30. Shawn Massey

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    31. No chill

      The Gilmore girls T-shirt

    32. Mick Livesey

      Wrong. The Lambo has an Audi engine.

    33. Millsy

      ayo thats michael de santa's car

      1. miko foin

        2011. Jason Statham made me do it!! lol I noticed that in the ‘09 refresh they got rid of some standard stuff such as the drawers under the seat, and power folding mirrors. :(

    34. Jan Oplatka

      This is an Audi's own engine, made in their facotry in Hungary, not the derivate of older Lambo's V10. This engine is often, but incorrectly, referred to as a derivative of the Gallardo's original 5.0-litre Lamborghini V10, which was also developed under the Volkswagen Group ownership. However, the subsequent 5.2 V10 FSI installed in the Gallardo LP560 and Audi R8 V10 is fundamentally identical to this Audi unit, save for a stronger crankshaft with solid main pin design, forged pistons, dry sump oiling system, different intake and exhaust valves, and engine management systems.

      1. Jonas Larsson

        Best way to show it is the 88mm bore spacing of the lambo V10 mpi and the 90mm bore spacing of the Audi V8/V10 FSI.

    35. Pedro Lopez

      I have a 2007 isLine A6 4.2L V8 for $7,500 OBO . Its almost exactly like this one lol except of course ..the Lamborghini engine. A lot of similarities for sure.

    36. CarreraGT

      The 2000’s were the absolute peak of cars. Manufactures built what they wanted, not what the laws want them to make

    37. Chicken Strips

      Doug can you please shut up

    38. Brian Nielsen

      its a audi motor in a lambo, not a lambo motor an audi.

    39. Aaditya Pratap Singh

      Doug: keeps emphasising the point that this is a V10-powered sedan. Also Doug: doesn't record the V10's engine note. On a serious note (pun intended), the Audi A6 C6 is my most favourite version of the A6, but this S6 with a Lamborghini V10 is on a whole new level of understatedness and desirability in the form of an automobile. I want it VERY badly! 😭

      1. Jonas Larsson

        @Aaditya Pratap Singh It’s not only a technicality, the old Gallardo V10 engine he refers to is not what the new Audi V10 was delevoped from.

      2. Aaditya Pratap Singh

        @Jonas Larsson sorry, my mistake. 😁 I should call this an Audi-developed V10, right? I still want this car so badly! 😭

      3. Jonas Larsson

        But it’s not a Lambo V10.

    40. SoulL

      Could someone fill me in? Didn't the make v10 S6's up until 2011? Was this one the best of its kind?

      1. pida siouy

        I miss the days when Audi made beautiful, understated, sleeper performance cars.

    41. Gustavo adolfo

      6:24 that infotaiment sistem is very smooth

      1. pida siouy

        sunroof, too.

    42. Kevin Wright

      I found one of these on autotrader at a Toronto dealership in October with 160,000 kms for $15,000 Canadian I think

    43. Joshua Thomas

      No exhaust clip, big sad

    44. James Cox

      Holy crap this sold for $9700, that IS a good deal!

    45. xPunjab1Fury

      voice crack at 15:58

    46. Alexander Petkov

      so Doug, what do you do for a living? 6:51

      1. pida siouy

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    47. sway Z

      i have a C6.5 3.0T Prestige, and i love it sooooo much. Brilliant black on Amaretto/Black interior. Ppl always stop & ask me what year it is, and get blown away when I tell them 2011. Jason Statham made me do it!! lol I noticed that in the ‘09 refresh they got rid of some standard stuff such as the drawers under the seat, and power folding mirrors. :(

      1. pida siouy

        Doug plays song Snake comes out of nowhere

    48. Matthews

      Clickbait lol

    49. Justin Loveland

      Rip my chances of owning this car for the next few months now

    50. Michael Hallett

      you should review more cars like this, like a volvo s60 or lexus gs300

    51. ZI OTO

      looks like the GTAV Obey Tailgater, and the infotainment system is called MMI, what else does MMI stand for, precisely in GTAV? Mors Mutual Insurance.

    52. thatdumbgoblin_

      Driver: "AUDI, WE'RE CRASHING!" Audi Voice Control: "cancel"

    53. Frank Matthew

      Geely copied this car ! And made it ugly !

    54. A.K - 1 shot

      Great car but the power is disappointing, my g8 gxp has 415 hp with a v8

    55. Martin Espinoza

      Before the full-color trip computer screens in the clusters they had red ones. My 1997 A8 had that, plus the check button that ran through your principal sensors. Had the solar sunroof, too.

    56. yuoop noke

      I miss the days when Audi made beautiful, understated, sleeper performance cars.

    57. jesse sadler

      this motor was also in the s5 and the rs4

      1. Jonas Larsson

        @jesse sadler Well the Audi V10 was the V8 TFSI with two extra cylinders. It did not come from the Lambo V10.

      2. jesse sadler

        @Jonas Larsson I guess not. The 4.2 8 was. Basically the 10 with 2 cylinders chopped off. good catch

      3. Jonas Larsson

        V10 RS4?

    58. jesse sadler

      @ 16:12 . . . torque. that was the main problem with the V10. it didn't have the torque where it needed it. The next version of the S6, went Turbo V8 for this reason. Torque at 1400 vs 3000 for the V10. And you can tell in the full second plus 0-60 time.

    59. jehdominic

      17 buttons and 2 knobs for the climate with a separate display for the fan speed ????? My Truck has 3..Where, what temp and how much.

      1. yuoop noke

        I miss buttons in cars

    60. The Ike

      Doug plays song Snake comes out of nowhere

    61. bhsr tkm

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    62. Someone

      I didn't watch yet, but i'm sorry the title triggered me doug, you said the car "WAS" a lamborghini V10 powered sports sedan? Well unless that engine isn't in the car anymore it still "IS" a lamborghini V10 powered sports sedan, i'm sorry but i had to get this off my chest really bad for some reason.

      1. Jonas Larsson

        Well you are wrong. It never was. And isn’t.

    63. griffin clayton

      I bought a a6 c6 with the 4.2 and it has heated rear seats, Iits just an options thing

    64. András Besenyei

      What normal people hear: Audi s6 What less doug demuro fans hear: Audi ass 6

    65. n v

      lamborghini used the audi v10 engine and built it up.... and the v10 is based on the 4.2 v8 do some research, u will find enough information on wikipedia🤦🏻‍♂️

    66. pida siouy

      Shhhhhhh don’t tell everyone how great these are!! Prices will go📈📈📈

    67. nic emery

      Of course the Thema 8:32 used a super car engine in a 4 door sedan too... but obviously didn't have the build quality of ze German

    68. Saxon de Rohan

      I miss the days when Audi made beautiful, understated, sleeper performance cars.

    69. Oscar Flores

      Great video once again dude!!! But IMO I am so distracted b your Luke's Tee. Good on you bro, if you're another Male Gilmore Girls Fan lol.

      1. pida siouy

        dog dejewwwwwww

    70. Kayin Owens

      I have one for sale if anyone is interested!

    71. Ozgur Salur

      Great episode Doug, thank you!..

    72. alida flus

      Doug is the type of guy who will sit next to you on a empty bus.

    73. FwostByte

      My aunt use to have one

    74. Serpentine Cars

      I miss buttons in cars

    75. Andrew Sapp

      Imagine spending your entire years salary just to afford the maintenance... I’ll take 3

    76. Issam Nasr

      “Volume up” “No❤️”

      1. Issam Nasr

        @alida flus noo, the C6 RS6 has the same lambo derived V10, but instead of increasing it to 5.2, they kept it at 5.0 and slapped twin turbos onto it. So it had a twin turbo 5.0 V10 making 570-580hp

      2. alida flus

        435 for a v10 ?? Pretty sure rhe rs6 has the v8 with the 420

    77. zane allen

      Volvo had adaptive cruise control with auto braking and electronic parking brake in 07 as well

    78. Joerrel Saguin

      Slowest v10 out there tho 😒

    79. Alex Prudnikov

      Mercedes e55 with Compressor those years will destroy this car!!

    80. Francisco Farrera

      I emailed Doug about reviewing my 2007 S8. So close!

    81. gas-powered-crusader

      I used to have A6 of that generation. It was a good and silent cruiser. Although a bit oil leaky leaky....

    82. RC Monster Mash Studio

      Lol my 2006 lincoln navigator ultimate has voice controls hahaha

    83. aola wili

      youtube." BAAAANG!!! DOUG DE MURO made a new video :D

    84. Genio Torres

      dog dejewwwwwww

    85. tristan white

      I love my s6 ☺️❤️

    86. Ben Wells

      I miss the days when Audis actually referenced the German architectural Bauhaus principles in their designs. I always felt the A6 series was so elegant with a seemingly perfect curvature of the roofline versus having a flat spot in the middle like every other car. The original TT is also very strong in this aesthetic. I still think Audi makes some great looking cars, but it’s something I’ve noticed over the years as the designs evolved.

      1. aola wili

        The V10 is based on Audi's 4.2 V8 4.2 + 2 cylinder.

    87. TheCoolDave

      Very cool for it's day...

    88. Sabien Ruffin

      Looks like if the 2008 Ford Taurus went to study abroad and came back acting like it don't know nobody.

    89. Ayylmao

      My dad owns a red one and it seems to be the last one there is out there.

    90. iSiP Toronto

      435 for a v10 ?? Pretty sure rhe rs6 has the v8 with the 420

    91. ricky v

      An Audi with a V10 other than the R8, cool 😎. An Audi R8 with a V10, even cooler 😎. (:

    92. Jay'sWorld!

      3:21 i have that feature in my 4th gen Civic...just pound your fist on the dash one time and the glove box dumps the contents onto the floorboard🤣🤣

    93. Péter Tamás Ujj

      One thing to mention: this engine has never been in any Lamborghini. The Audi's 5.2 FSI was based on the old 4.2 V8

    94. Hastrup081290

      Doug. It's not the Lamborghini V10. Lamborghini's V10 was the even-firing 5.0 liter in the pre-facelift Gallardo, and before that was only seen in the 1988 P140 concept and the 1995 Calá concept as a prototype engine. The only Audi the Lamborghini V10 was used in was the RS6 with two turbos. The unequal-firing 5.2 in the S6, S8, later Gallardos and the Hurracan, is a Audi 4.2 V8 with two extra cylinders.

    95. Dan Rickard

      I used to have one of those! What an engine.

    96. Drew Pera

      I still want one of these. Edit: Haha and I looked at this very car on

    97. Nolo Ngobeni


    98. Axel Niyonzima

      doug that song was lit!

    99. sokin jon

      To me, this generation of the 6 is the prettiest of them all. So elegant and contemporary

    100. Brendan Fitness and Money

      I’ll bid $1,400