This Porsche Cayenne Is a $500,000 Custom Movie Filming Car

Doug DeMuro

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    Today I'm reviewing something very special -- a Porsche Cayenne that's been modified into a camera car. This Cayenne camera car is very quirky, and I'll take you on a tour and show you all around it. I'm also going to drive the Cayenne camera car and show you what it's like on the road.
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    1. NeedForSpeed2004

      A whole camera car and no sample footage filmed from it??

    2. Peter

      Does this have another battery? What's the alternator like on this thing?

    3. Mircea020

      I was hoping to see some self shots or even on the road shots with that camera... massively disappointed. 😒

    4. K Nine

      they need a track hawk bro i am telling you

    5. Hcass803

      9:31 Doug ‘s defender in the back

    6. Tobias R.

      That is stealth at cars. 👍🏻

    7. Patrick Kennedy

      And the DougScore is... ABSOLUTELY USELESS FOR THIS CAR

    8. Revolution Studios

      C. A. R. S. And. B. I. D. S

    9. :t FamIlY • 109 years and

      Imagine a google street view car

    10. TheMarkofJB

      Imagine trying to put this on a lift to do maintenance.

    11. Guilherme L. Pereira

      You can see Doug's Defender through the driver window at 9:56 Damn why is it so ugly

    12. 10k subs in 2 weeks pls?

      This is the moment we're we say "Quirks And Features."

    13. Hellcat438

      0:03 really? Didn’t notice anything different.

    14. Captain Rex

      They covered the head lights and tail lights but didn’t cover up the shiny black window trim??

    15. Patrick C.

      ridiculous to put up the doug score on this car

    16. Aryan Vilekar

      they can also use the g wagon instead of this

    17. Massin Saahddin

      Doug the type of guy to have a robot camera arm wipe his butt.

    18. Divil22


    19. 陈欣洋

      Lol assistant cam op being literally thrown in the back

    20. Rafael Marx

      10:41 "preciselyyyyyyyyy"

    21. Leboban Jokic

      I see doug took his new defender to this shoot

    22. Sheetal Maru

      Bro now ur an advertiser cars and bids and this ad company

    23. Mato da Costa

      Looks like a GTA V vehicle

    24. Victor Martinez

      WOAH, I've seen this car in action. It was 2015 in central LA! I don't remember if this was the same company, but I sure remember this car!

    25. reese neville

      Doug "this car is half a million dollars" Video camera price at $450,000

    26. Balázs Solymossy

      10:40 preciselyyyyyy!

    27. KNAX_NO4H

      Porsche Cayenne (100k€) + Camera and all that(200k€) = 500k€

    28. Cringe Certifier

      Thanks for the Dougscore, I was really thinking about getting one for myself as a regular suv.

    29. Neclar

      Do a 🦎 review !!!

    30. Shady virus

      Next week:sips ummm this is a bar b Q car✌🏻

    31. Heidegaff

      Doug 2020: "I don't review modified cars, I only care about cars that are as stock as possible" Doug 2021: "HERE'S A CAYENNE WITH A CRANE ON TOP YEEEEEEEHAAAW!"

    32. Joshua Brown

      DOUG!! Review a Caterpillar 797!

    33. Underp4ntz

      The crane + camera is more worth than the car itself xD

    34. Ceddricc

      Also next week: "This! Is a Delivery van"

    35. Tim Munson

      You should review a 2018 Ford Escape SE

    36. Dan the man

      awful car

    37. Empty Trail

      Hey Doug! Would you be open to collaborating with our band on a video? 🤘

    38. lifeinhd

      Me: "Mom we need to buy a dashcam" Mom: "We have a dashcam at home" Dashcam at home:

    39. gregory reschke

      I have been filmed for Porsche in Vegas by one of these. With a lot of great drivers we were impressed by the driver, going maybe 30mph backwards on the Vegas strip. Also the driver at Vegas speedway driving around 30 Porsche's. It was a fun time

    40. Hero007ization

      Thoroughly enjoyed this Cayenne

    41. Ben Renner

      Wheres the link for the live video from Dougs shoot?

    42. Jesse Unger

      In 2021 the dumbbells (really aren't they barbell plates?) are the most expensive part of the car

    43. 420BudNuggets

      I’ve seen this car driving in downtown

    44. Emil Bree

      everyone: wow cool car my mind the entire time: fuck it, CARS Vlog

    45. Jacob Barrett

      23:33 bookmark

    46. Luqmaan Heetun

      Imagine a gatling gun instead of the camera

    47. G H

      I bet the camera cost more than a Cayenne on a Porsche lot.

    48. Mukta Parvine

      I think this car will win the Doug is the type of guy award this year!

    49. Corzer

      Now imagine putting a regular phone on the end of this crane, instead of this monster of a camera :D

    50. Kat M

      Just realized that people could of been confused in the back apartment windows 😐 on what Doug was doing

    51. fj's crazy collections

      To put into context, the budget for Blair Witch Project was $300,000. That's a $200,000 difference (unless it's adjusted for inflation, i don't know if it was $300,000 back in the late 90s)

      1. vapelord

        I used the year 1990 and got around 600K

    52. mike miller

      Didn’t sort through all the comments so not sure if this was already stated, but this Cayenne was used to film Tarantino’s ‘Once Upon A Time...In Hollywood’.

    53. Sir Issaic Putin

      500k? Who set the price of this set-up? Rockstar?

    54. Daniel Tillotson

      We just purchased one of these, and are the only ones in Alberta!

    55. IgI

      the car isnt worth it if you ask me

    56. Addison Morton

      If you’re spending 430k to outfit an SUV to film for movies you probably don’t care too much about saving 20k on the car

    57. McFrisko

      Crazy thing is the lens on that camera is probably the most expensive part...

    58. Tommyvercetty GT

      This should've been the video for the 1ST of april

    59. How2hit

      Can we give a shout-out to Doug for not bringing politics up in his channel and sticking to his subject matter unlike every other IThomes channel?

    60. tim

      next week: this is a monster truck

    61. Shantamma M

      Who else saw Doug's defender in the background .

    62. The Dali Llama

      Doug should take it through a carwash.

    63. The Dali Llama

      Half million? LOL!

    64. rummyman

      Make more of these types of videos. Specialty cars/trucks would be an interesting change for you.

    65. Tim Golub

      Just saw this thing in person on I-80 in Ohio. It was pulling a trailer. Can’t believe how big it is.

    66. Melchor Vincent Agot

      12:44 Actually that Porsche Cayenne is a Majorette instead of a Hot Wheels.

    67. Adrian Feijoo

      Neat review, Doug. That was cool.

    68. Vorpommer in Australia

      One of the coolest Cayennes I ever saw. And Doug‘s best review. 😎

    69. Helen Carmichael

      You can see Doug's defender out the window.

    70. Joshua Geoffrion

      The Real question why the cayenne. If you want a fast Filming car why not an Urus

    71. Lil Krisp

      jeep srt trail hawk

    72. Шамиль Исраилов

      thank you so much for review! this is exact what i was interesting to see. And about DougScore, i think you should make "professional autos score". Hope to see more specialized pro cars. Sorry for my bad english. Hi from Russian Doug channel!

    73. T Kelvin

      Next : This is donald trump's unwashed underwear

    74. Игорь Чередниченко

      Продам такой же каен за 300 000$

    75. Vin496

      I saw this a Cayenne a while back in Downtown L.A. they were using it to film a Mercedes commercial.

    76. Ante Vukoja

      Bro I love ur videos, but please make them shorter (max 15 min)

    77. Eric Hernandez

      If you want a laugh. Watch Doug with no sound lol... b.s aside Doug is a legend 🤘

    78. Julius Baumgart

      Wow so repetitive. How dumb do you think your audience is?

    79. Caleb

      the doug score

    80. Александр Шангин

      У Толи Зарубина такая же, только круче!)))

    81. Евгений Гладков

      Doug, why you didn't say, thay this is "russian arm"? Its realy interesting.

    82. yvonne hong

      9:31 lol there is a defender behind him

    83. Richard Darsa

      Impressive but here you go Doug, I built the same setup on my RC Car for about $10 - Good results

    84. Nate Creeden

      YOU have a dashcam! PFFT, I have a $20,000 production camera.

    85. Micah Moscovis

      I think I saw it on the basin bridge in Louisiana.

    86. OneTooManyGames

      next week in space: this is the tesla elon musk sent to space

    87. Paarth Sujoria the dude who sold his srt is not happy lol

      1. Brendon Bosy

        lol was thinking the same thing. his video came up on my suggestions a few days ago then saw this video and was like LOL

    88. lol Lmao

      1:26 doublelift?

    89. CrazyCube32

      So nobody would look at the view count, eh?

    90. Carmine Martino


    91. 1975lap

      That rig is a bit excessive for your Iphone isn't it?

    92. Orange Juice

      That fujinon 28-100 is like 40k only

    93. Evan Shotropa

      I've worked on a bunch of productions here in Vancouver and I frequently see a company called RVRD. they have an X5M, Tundra and RZR 4x4. they are definitely the rockstars on-set when the setup requires this kind of equipment to get the shot.


      Doug, I’m a camera operator and have shot on set for TV commercials as a Steadicam operator... and even I sometimes get anxiety about a stabilising rig coming loose. Something to add, most of these sort of rigs - including big cranes in studios etc all have gimbals that essentially just slide off for quick removable and quick hand held shots. This means you don’t need two complete setups. Also, those two ‘client’ seats - I’m pretty sure one of them would in reality be for a Director depending on the situation. A wireless feed would also be sent to external monitors if on a simple location like a closed road - but in the case of the Grand Tour / Top Gear they’d have a chase car with the Director and Producer/s Finally, people who enjoy this sort of kit - go and check out the Chapman Hydroscope and a few other stuff like that. There’s some seriously cool industry kit out there

    95. Wuuduu

      how hard can be to get matted windows?

    96. Bernie Epstein

      15:33 amongst?

    97. PhotoGraphy Expert


    98. Jack Wortman

      garuntee these turn into tesla model Xs soon

    99. Antonio Saavedra A.

      So there is another filming company that uses old Mercedes Benz ML class? I remember watching lot of behind the scenes using first gen Cayennes and early ML models.

    100. Jayson Carey

      TFW someone told Doug this was half a million dollars when this is the knockoff of the read deal Pursuit Systems Russian Arms. This is really "just" a $45,000 crane on a cayenne with a wrap. Yes, it's still very expensive, but probably about half as much