The 2021 Toyota Mirai Is a Futuristic Luxury Sedan

Doug DeMuro

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    The 2021 Toyota Mirai is a hydrogen fuel cell car with a futuristic powertrain -- and a luxurious driving experience. Today I'm reviewing the Mirai, and I'll show you all the quirks and features of Toyota's luxurious, futuristic 2021 Mirai. I'm also driving the Mirai to show you what it's like on the road.
    Toyota Infotainment (Highlander) Review:
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    1. AHMED

      Can you drink the water🌚?


      What is the mass?


      What was the Hkg/100km consumption in this Test? What is the annual cost of the service and what need to be service there because oil changes are not likely;)?

    4. Sudhir Yadav

      So peeing car will replace fart car.

    5. Nicholas Tersigni

      Not surprised that this has a Lexus styling... Lexus is owned by Toyota still right? Not a fan of the rims btw... but i like the way the exterior looks!

    6. Nicholas Tersigni

      Hey if it emitted banana peels also it would be ready for Mario kart lol

    7. Robertslawno

      The button is for manually marking the territory

    8. TMTK 1348

      This guy claps when the airplane lands.

    9. blueslove61

      When you get exited for a car review, but then you realize you have to listen to Doug.

    10. Austin H

      I’m more interested in this than electric cars honestly. Fun fact, the Halo Warthog runs on hydrogen.

    11. Sam L

      Anyone who lives in a winter climate will not appreciate the ice maker under their car

    12. Jack Britt

      I feel like if you were short you would have an extremely hard time seeing over those screens.

    13. Michael Stanaway

      Fun fact I never even knew this car even existed so THANK YOU Doug Demuro and for doing a 10/10 job on reviewing this car

    14. Zen Geiger

      this car looks extremely cheap

      1. thatdumbgoblin

        Still looks dope tho, like a 2019 supra

      2. thatdumbgoblin

        Yea, you said it buddy

    15. zane hayes

      Who else likes the idea of hydrogen better then battery powered EVs? no batteries to worry about in the future.

    16. zmirc

      Let me say, this is a very very beautiful and elegant car. Rare beautiful piece.

    17. Nemo

      is this car can drive in Winter?

    18. Travis Hartley


    19. Ying Yang Spinny Thang

      Funny how "Mirai" translates to "Future" in japanese

    20. rajesh handa


    21. Tim Austin

      See, when that Musk fella says Fool Cells, this is partially what he's talking about. Apart from fit and finish, there is precisely zero reason to buy this over a Tesla - or any one of a few dozen other EVs. The cell tanks steal most of the internal space, it's not very fast, it's not very fun, it's not very practical,... It's not very much of anything. The drive train is the reason for that. HFCVs just don't produce very much power for the space they take up. By the time you've squeezed in a battery buffer big enough to make comparable power, you might as well have built a BEV. Even with the patchy EV infrastructure out there right now, you can still go interstate in ANY BEV. You can't leave California in this. In the UK, Where I live, there are less than a dozen pumps in the entire country. All but 2 of them are currently broken or otherwise offline. This is going nowhere. Nowhere. Why Toyota are still wasting their energy and money on this daft crap only Mr. Toyoda knows.

    22. eleazer garrino

      gasoline engines are still the most reliable no matter what.. years and years to come.. 😁

    23. Khalid

      Turbine wheels on this look nice.

    24. Lovejazz01

      It may be a high quality Toyota, but for the money I would rather have the refreshed Tesla Model S, with it's flat rear floor and hatchback...


      *🔴*** .

    26. Keith

      This should be the design for the next Camry. It's a good looking car.

    27. TTAMC C.

      I honestly like this car, I think Toyota did a good job on it

    28. Attlas _

      Thank god California basically never sees cold weather, they would hate all that water freezing up on them roads yo

    29. Carlos Torres

      Not gonna pay 70k for a car that can’t even do 0-60 in 6 secs... cool looking car tho.

    30. Shane T

      Hydrogen fuel cell car: I only make water emissions California: Yeah so look you're gonna have to put a Brita Filter on your exhaust pipe

    31. Black Sabbath

      So you’re telling me you can either have a maxed out hellcat or a peeing prius for the same cheese?

    32. Retired_with_TSLA

      doesn't look luxury at all.. glossy plastics?

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      5. Paola Rodriguez

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    34. Verzo

      A comparison between the Toyota Mirai and the Hyundai Nexo would be interesting.

    35. Nipuna Pamuditha

      Wtf “ one of the only hydraulic cars “ means doug

    36. Grizzly Cali

      Totally impractical and a fad that won't last. No cross country road trips with no refuel stations outside California. Can't drive it more than 200 miles away from your nearest station without needing a tow back. This is that hippy Berkley hipster bs that Cali is known for. I bet the hydrogen station pollutes more in building than a regular station just like how electric cars destroy the environment more during the battery mining process.

    37. Edwin de Paula

      toyotas are awful things, corny machines, such cool fuel tech, I wish it had been done by a company with serious design, instead of this monstrosity

    38. Hill

      That gear lever has been around since prius gen 2 lol Doug and his curiosity haa

    39. evan

      I'm so excited for fuel cell vehicles. Certainly at least for niche purposes, I think this technology will be super prevalent 10 years from now.

    40. snoopyfix2

      This bomb is not the future. Fusion bomb is!

    41. 小林康則

      So that means I could straight up drink it from the exhaust??

    42. scott matthews

      No wonder its only available in california, anywhere cold everytime you park at home get out it spills water that freezes you walk past the back wheel the next morning to get in and slip on your arse 🤣

    43. on the roofs

      That's the ugliest gayest car I've seen in my life

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      4. Wayne Julien

        Anyone can trade

      5. Wayne Julien

        @Nicole Haas Hey... Age doesn't matter in trading.

    45. Mo H

      The first reliable luxury car?

    46. Ary

      Nothing wrong with standard USB. In fact you would use USB-C to USB adapter if you want to connect most of the things right now.

    47. RabidRounds785

      I still use the old usb's. So yeah.

    48. Bitemyshinny Metalass

      There is a fuel cell station in San Jose near the airport at a 76 gas station on north first street.

    49. DoubleDeckerAnton

      1960's: we will have flying cars in the future. 2021: welcome to the peeing car.

      1. Nicholas Tersigni

        Yea, i dont think Marty McFly predicted this in Back to the Future lmao

    50. Francois Vermaak

      Completely agree with Doug on the volume control situation. It needs to be a twist knob.

    51. Blooming Petals

      Just when I thought that it would be a normal, everyday car. No wonder the interior is too neat and attractive.

    52. aaron bussey

      I have only seen the K900 with such intense rear seat controls. Nice!

    53. Nolin Chitnis

      There are some problems with this car. 1) Price. Not affordable for most people. 2) Size. It's too large and I guess that the tech right now is so expensive that it would make no sense in a compact car. 3) Interior design is wierd. The dash is.......the exterior design is elegant but the dash design turns me off.

    54. I Sterling

      I wouldn't take it even when it's for free.

    55. Jordan Rouse

      Anyone else think the trunk isn't small? 🤔

    56. Vamprens

      Strange car but good color.

    57. Laurentiu Trifan

      Actually, that cross bar on the roof is a good thing: safety first.

    58. Mr NICK

      This car is disaster from toyota..and disaster price..

    59. Vakas M

      The back reminds me of the old saab 9-3 from the early 90s, i really like it!

    60. Nicolas Crevier

      I would use the h2o button just before entering my garage I guess ?

    61. D.J. W

      Wait.. I like it

    62. Kyle King

      "oh, your car can do a fancy dance with its doors? Watch this" *hits the pee button

    63. 87 Seconds Education

      I used to see these in southern Michigan all the time

    64. Haris Ansari

      That extra room in the cluster is for Error lights, cmon Doug...

    65. Ethan Storm

      how would this work in freezing temps

    66. cstrutherskgs

      USB is by no means old. Most cars still just have the 12V cigarette lighter. Doug’s standards are too high.

    67. Ahmad Mhamed

      Im thinking they should make this car under Lexuse brand name (because it’s don’t make sinse to pay toyota for 50k ) 🤯

    68. Michael Clark

      Awesome car from the future. Hydrogen cars are something I've been hearing about for years as so I'm glad they're really a thing that you can buy. I doubt we'd ever get it here in Australia, we have hardly any electric cars as it is.

    69. You She

      I have been always wondering... why can't this be the mainstream instead of EV? It doesn't need long charging time. It's eco friendly. Is it because it's dangerous due to hydrogen gas?

    70. Kristóf Szabó

      Teslas fart, Mirais pee.

    71. Dawson

      This beats most Teslas for me in everyway possible.

      1. Scnottaken

        Having lived with a hydrogen car and now having a Tesla: no it's not. Trust me.

      2. Zack's Gadgets

        Need more hydro stations

      3. 87 Seconds Education

        Even with all the negatives Doug listed? Because there's a lot

    72. Dawson

      Hydrogen is 100% the way to go compared to conventional electric cars. I really think more companies gotta look into this. For gods sake, the only emission is literally water.

    73. Ivan 23 Caravantes

      So your saying to lease this is better than to buy it.

    74. Ivan 23 Caravantes

      Eco score makes these idiot's drive 60mph or 55mph on the freeway in the fastlane or in the carpool lanes... idiot's.

    75. Ivan 23 Caravantes

      New cars and their super cheap radio's. Makes it harder for us to put subwoofers and more reliable aftermarket radios

    76. Ivan 23 Caravantes

      Cross bar is for roll overs. Some all car manufacturers have forgotten throughout the years.

    77. Nico Acosta

      how much seahorse power ?

    78. داهێنان لە کوردستان Idea from Kurdistan

      Dear this car use hydrogen as a petrol or change by electric or chsrging battry ?

    79. Fifthcell

      Got that Audi fastback style

    80. Henri Nieminen

      This car is powered by shit. You take it to a shit fueling station and you fill it with shit and then it is combined with pee

    81. FlavoredGenuine

      Hmm... I might consider giving this car a test drive before buying it in the future.

    82. JW

      Water pipe? Oh. It won't drive in cold place because the water in pipe would frozen...

    83. bobdadruma

      When I drive if the passenger touches the volume control, (or any other control on the system) the passenger is ejected at the next possible place to stop the vehicle!

    84. Gutta Gutta

      Tesla rearend 🤔

    85. Steffen Stengård Villadsen

      Doug looks small, next to this car

    86. G .M.

      Dont all phones or majority still use USB b ??

    87. Deejnisch VB

      Wouldn’t place it in my garage tho. Don’t want no peeing car in there

    88. BubbleGum 7

      This is the future 😳

    89. Ethan Miles

      When Doug talks about how small a backseat is we all know it's a low-key height flex on us average folk 😂💀 I wonder how many people don't know the dude is like 6'4 so most cars are going to be a bit small if he has the seat set at comfort level for another fellow giant lol

    90. Everybody

      Only one end of the cable that goes to your phone needs to be type C, the other end goes to the adapter, it's all USB, my smartphones all are also like that, what do you mean it doesn't have USB c? It's a car, it's giving the power out, it's not a laptop review and just copying what they say.

      1. Everybody

        @Sloan Jerry you probably mean USB 3.0 to c and to lightning. Just search cable charge and see what it brings you on shopping recommends, they're all Type A to c for fast charging smartphones or to micro USB for older and lower lvl ones. I haven't seen a single c to c for charging cable. They are probably more for connecting to a monitor or display device like a projector or something.

      2. Sloan Jerry

        R u a noob? The new charging cable are c to lighting or c to c.

    91. Carl

      50k is the starting price of most electric cars. This is an interesting alternative, especially if it does better with degradation

    92. Radu mihai

      It just looks like a Prius that went to the gym and is angry as f

    93. Frank Sun

      imagine driving this in Canada and then the water instantly freeze in winter🥶

    94. Gabriel Hunt

      This is a beautiful car! My favorite color and everything!

    95. beach4me2007

      If hydrogen cars become popular are the roads always slick?

    96. Duncan Campbell

      I wish you showed us the refueling experience. The speed of filling up is literally the only advantage over an electric car.

      1. Bro Fist

        @TTAMC C. Yes, hydrogen is a lot more energy dense than lithium ion. It's longer range and faster to fill up, like gasoline. The main difference (outside of performance potentially, I'm not sure how fast you can extract the energy potential of hydrogen) is that hydrogen is more expensive per mile of range. That said, while hydrogen may be more expensive, you won't have the upfront cost of the battery, nor will you have to replace said battery after 5-10 years, so I don't know which method is actually cheaper in the long run assuming we managed to get all the infrastructure built out. One thing I'm fairly certain of, however, is that lithium ion will not be a realistic replacement for diesel for semi-trucks, since shipping costs would rise exponentially if truckers had to wait around for an hour or two every 300 miles to recharge (and that's being charitable, realistically it would probably be much more often because additional friction from the extra wheels and the cargo severely impacts the range, and if those batteries are that much bigger to compensate then they will take even longer to charge). Possibly we'll end up seeing both hydrogen and battery electric infrastructure be installed, but I'd argue Japan probably has it right on this issue. Something many people are not considering is the impact of battery electric on the used car market, too. If there are no more ICEs and the gasoline infrastructure starts to die off, battery electric vehicles are very expensive comparatively. There aren't really any sub-$10000 battery electric vehicles at the moment, and if there were you either wouldn't have much range (probably sub 100) or you would have to replace the battery (so add another $5000-10000 depending on the number of kwh you want to add). Battery electric is going to obliterate the poor and lower middle classes financially unless they have some low cost alternative (which hydrogen fuel cell vehicles would be, though their operation costs over time are higher than cheap ICEs including occasional maintenance).

      2. TTAMC C.

        @Alex Macdonald wait hydrogen cars can get longer miles than electric?? Didnt know that

      3. Alex Macdonald

        The much longer range of hydrogen cars over electric is not an advantage to you?

      4. Tubular Topher

        _the only_

    97. william anderson

      Looks like a fat Lotus Europa

    98. GTRacer

      Again, manufacturers trying to sell their "cool new" ideas like the trunk hang method as if VW's didn't have this literally 16 years ago lmao

      1. GTRacer

        @spydersniiper Yeah they were a common thing in those generations of vehicles of the VW group. I owned a 2006 VW Passat and it had that, too. There is absolutely nothing new about this.

      2. spydersniiper

        I was thinking the same thing! My 2009 Audi A4 has this “feature”

    99. Peter Zerfass

      Just imagine tens of thousands of these dumping water on the road in cold climates...That sounds

      1. Lau Chen

        everybody just slide around, it'll be really efficient don't even need to burn hydrogen to move.

    100. Bigus Dickicus

      Not buying one until I can release the water into a cup inside the cabin for a fresh drink of water after my drive