The Lincoln Blackwood Was an Ultra-Quirky Luxury Truck Failure

Doug DeMuro

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    IT'S HERE! I'm finally reviewing a Lincoln Blackwood. Today I'm going to show you all the quirks and features of the Lincoln Blackwood -- and I'll show you all around the truck and explain why it was such a failure. I'm also going to drive the Blackwood and show you what it's like on the road. Blackwood day is here!
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    1. Doug DeMuro

      Did I make a 34-minute video on the Lincoln Blackwood? I did. I have no regrets.

      1. Benson Hedges

        34 minutes of black wood Sure that isn’t an Insta thots search history ?

      2. smart guy in a hoodie

        At 80k I feel like I got screwed and I never even bought one.

      3. Zachary Roth

        This was epic please more videos on quirky 90s and 2000s cars! :D


        @Esteban Gonzalez "The Doug and James Show" would be absolutely brilliant! They have actually done one already.

      5. Chris Church

        Did I watch a 34 minute video about a Lincoln blackwood? Yes, I did.

    2. Colton Wyant

      Idk about you but if I wanted a workhorse truck that has luxury features I’d just buy a king ranch

    3. Rich Dars


    4. Alec Stoncius

      I’m pretty sure Doug has an Adderall problem.

    5. Joshua Miller

      Man, all the nostalgia with this one. I thought this truck was so cool when I was in high school because it seemed so different than anything else out there. I remember thinking "it's like a Navigator but a truck- amazing!" lol

    6. Hungry Joe

      16:44 I haven’t laughed so hard like that in my life.. I lost my breath..

    7. Ejc Ejc

      The Lincoln Black Why

    8. Anthony Gonsalves

      Andre 3000 of outkast owns one of these

    9. Connor Vigor

      I seen one of these the other day and I thought I was seeing stuff when I was a Lincoln truck lol

    10. Tee Rilla

      It's the equivalent of "but we have an Escalade at home" lmao

    11. Josh Saunders

      I feel like this truck would do better on todays market! They could sell a lot of these

    12. Cameron Melton

      And then there were 12

    13. Blitz Wing

      idk why but i felt so angry watching this video lmao! why would they make this???

    14. Shawn N

      I think it would sell in today's market. People are paying south of 100k for massive trucks and they never haul anything or go off road. This truck was ahead of its time.

    15. Grayden Macleod

      Do you take a fat rail of adderal before recording?? Ffs

    16. jovit theinnocent

      Can you cover one of those Cadillac trucks? Theres some sweet features on those

    17. Holt Geiger

      How about that the fact " That Ford truck" is the only that has the 5.4 32 valve engine it. No performance #s. That is almost the same engine as the Ford GT the supercharger

    18. Nicholas R


    19. Allen Tokyo

      Finally something that is not eurocrap

    20. Bradley Harrington

      I had a co worker that drove one of these . He was an idiot and knew nothing about cars . He was driving it with it spewing power steering fluid . Because the high pressure line was split . He’d fill it up before driving home which was driving like 30 min . And it would be empty by my guess a mile down the road . My aunt and uncle also bought one new back in the day

    21. Peter Blood Henderson

      I mean trucks kind of eventually replaced the luxury sedans in America. Lincoln almost had the right idea but this ain't it.

    22. Wookie AutomoTV

      Hey now, the Flex is awesome!

    23. Erick Messer

      Hey hey hey, I’m not gonna take the slander on the Ford Flex.

    24. Henrik Dümke

      The amount of joy gave me the chills!

    25. Mykhal Perry

      The navigation screen looks straight out of 1985.

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    27. Justin Troyer

      Not gonna lie, I really wish both my 2019 Toyota Camry xse and 2020 Kia Sorento S v6 had HVAC controls on the wheel, hardly use any buttons besides the volume up & down and cruise control up

    28. Rasputia Perry

      The emergency trunk release latch has a figure person literally running away from the truck....yea that’s definitely made with kidnapping possibilities in mind. 😆😬🤭😶

    29. Brandon Caldwell

      Went to a garage sale where someone had one of these. Very ugly vehicle with nonuse what so ever..

    30. Langam

      So it's like a luxury SUV... but with less practical storage in back...

    31. Nabeel Mohammed

      I've never seen Doug this happy - now i know what to get him as a birthday gift lol

    32. The Impairer

      I want one

    33. Kyle Rodgers

      You should do a video on a 2003-2006 Chevy Silverado 1500 SS

    34. badtbss ls2

      I saw this truck when it was new at a shop I worked at in Dallas I was amazed by it I remember thinking how much more do I need to make to afford this awesome vehicle 😂

    35. Steve Rone

      The bed was so ugly

    36. Kevin Stevens

      That’s one ugly ass truck

    37. nickstl77

      16:44 got me hard as a rock

    38. Larry Simmons

      Obsessed with blackwood huh lol

    39. Official Elon Musk YouTube Channel

      This looks like an incredible road trip vehicle.

    40. Xavier Rios

      That’s basically a 99 navigator with a bed

    41. Xavier Rios

      Brooo what are you on crack relax bro 😂

    42. Chad Biltz

      I worked for the company that made the bed panels back in 2003. WAS HILARIOUS

    43. Crystal Piper

      23:37 If you lock the trunk cover and then hand your keys to a valet, can't the valet just open the console and unlock the switch again? What am I missing?

    44. Alfredo Lopez

      If he's that obsessed with this ugly truck qhy doesn't he buy it

    45. Drac22

      Looks a lot like the body stile is kind of like my Explorer Sport Track. But still a lot different. Bigger bed.

    46. Likedbymany

      Hehe I like how he says "classy" 🤣🤣

    47. Maxxy The Computer Guy

      I could sleep in the back of a blackwood

    48. AidanDel

      Wasn’t there the Lincoln LT as well?

    49. Scotty Benzcuck

      The monkey sounds here a really a nice touch I gotta say it immediately made me reach for a banana near me

    50. bradley4145

      Two things. I wouldn’t call the PT Cruiser a failure, when they came out people went nuts over the car resulting in dealers charging a markup as high as doubling the price of the car. People later figured out it was a piece of garbage that was nothing other than a Dodge Neon. The Blackwood was just downright stupid. At that time you could buy a luxury F150 for about half the cost of the Blackwood and buy a non-powered tonneau cover for the bed. The brand prestige was also long gone by this point for the most part. Lincoln thought that they could apply the same “dress up” formula of Ford vehicles like the Navigator and have success with the Blackwood, they were obviously very wrong.

    51. Atomic Force Gaming

      If you are obsessed with it you would have bought it. You are just greedy and the giddy laughter when you plug your site confirms it. Sad you turned into such a douche...

    52. Bad Drivers of the CSRA

      9:50 Doug tells us about using fishing wire to pop the trunk release... what's that in the cargo space @6:31?

    53. Mechanically Creative

      My wife and I have always loved the blackwood.

    54. LitRandomness

      Please review the buick rendezvous that one always looked strange to me

    55. The Average Simmer

      Weird how my 1999 f-150 xlt has a fully powered drivers seat, and this doesn’t.

    56. Jeff Berg

      Kinda weird with the trunk open there’s no reflective red surfaces visible.

    57. Sam

      Fuck you, the Ford Flex was amazing

    58. M4R!0 SV

      Imagine the 2021 F150 raptor converted to a Blackwood, I think it’ll look nice lmao The Blackwood was a sedan dressed like a truck lol

    59. Suck it.

      Anyone notice the "fishing line" to pull on the emergency exit latch in the storage compartment in the bed?? Doug.....u got some splaining to do...

    60. Garrett Lamb

      Dougs way too stoked about that hideous truck!

    61. Marco Luna

      He finally did it 😂😂😂

    62. B.

      It's a luxury car for golfers

    63. ¢hippy Kidd


    64. Orfanel Araujo

      This dude reminds me of the one nerd from the Big Bang theory 😆😆😆

    65. Wolverine123

      That looks like a navigator with a bed lol

    66. Angel Da real

      I love how this is a 30 minute video roasting the Blackwood and lincoln 😂😂

    67. Dan MacK

      It's like the lincoln ranger...but also even *less* trucky

    68. Tony Maselli

      they killed the bronco in 96, but made crap like this. now the bronco is unrecognizable and will most likely disappear again like when they brought back the tbird.

    69. Sean Taylor

      This perfect for drive in movies

    70. longstar550

      Drinking game. Drink every time he says blackwood instead of truck like a normal person.

    71. ryan07jeep

      You will never compare to Bill from curious cars!

    72. S Sawa

      I can’t believe he didn’t mention the AUX / USB port in between the cupholders in the rear. My brother had a Blackwood and he would always connect his iPod or thumb drive to it and listen to music. You can see it at 25:40 above the rear power point. Definitely ahead of its time

    73. Pcballer 1

      In the least disrespectful way possible, if you aren't gay I feel sorry for your wife🤦🏻‍♂️

    74. mike kolesar

      Dude I am sure you where #1 in your high schools drama class! Thank you for the review

    75. Matt Rand

      Outdated junk

    76. Doggieman1111

      Black wood!!!!!!!!!!

    77. Ozil Gzbsj

      The beautiful tub intriguinly sound because land probably trouble beneath a craven fired. living, whispering close

    78. Jeiku Furame

      If it came out around a decade later, people would cream themselves over it.

      1. Sparkplug The Protogen


    79. Ajay Narine

      The blackwood would be perfect for people who buy a pickup as a daily driver and don't actually use it as a pickup

    80. Davey Givens

      I had a Lariat the same year that had 80% of those features, including a removable Tonneau, an actual truck bed, and 4x. I think it was 22k new.

    81. Quarantine Dad

      Acceleration 1/10 should be walking not a 300hp truck. Also prius = 1/10. I can't trust you anymore.

    82. Vasco Francisco

      You should review an Hennessey Venom F5

    83. Hugo Auditore

      It looks like if a lincoln town car became a steroid junkie

    84. NutandBoltGuy

      I could never understand why anyone would chose the Blackwood over the Navigator. Basically, the Blackwood is a Navigator that carries less passengers and less stuff.

    85. Bob leroy

      I always liked the look and name

    86. Maui’s Wild Thing

      I own a 2006 Lincoln Mark Lt and love the look and the feel of a luxury "ford" truck 👍

    87. Pavel Krantz

      still looks kinda like an f150 sorta

    88. Ryan Coldiron

      General Motors: *laughs in el camino*

    89. Channel D

      that rear center console is shaped like a toilet.

    90. Rick Hankins

      The 5.4 is a terrible engine prone to cam phaser failure.

    91. The GOD of GREEN


    92. Rick Hankins

      Silver and wuuuuud!

    93. Matt Woldanski

      23:45 the only problem is... the valet has the key.

    94. Matt Woldanski

      3300!? Holy shit. That’s 1 in every 100000 Americans. That’s less than 700 per state... wow. FLOP

    95. Chase Minatrea

      I forgot what model was it? 😂🤣😆

    96. Joseph Fedor


    97. Ryan M

      "intil now" - Doug DeMuro

    98. Bill McCue

      Back in 2006 I was in the market for a truck..I almost bought a Blackwood. Test drove one. I wound up buying a new Silverado instead. This truck was just way ahead of its time.

    99. Tanner Wharton

      Doug please checkout a Mercury marauder please and thank you

    100. randyedward1

      The back cover, a "tonneau," is pronounced TAW-NOH, not TUH-NOH.