The Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport Is the $3.6 Million Ultimate Chiron

Doug DeMuro

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    This is the Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport. Today I'm reviewing the Chiron Pur Sport to show you all the quirks and features of the latest Bugatti -- and I'm also going to drive the new Chiron Pur Sport to show you what it's like behind the wheel of a $3.5 million Bugatti.
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    1. Shibarr

      Doug is mister Tubble gum 🇨🇵

    2. Giovanni Ramos

      What a horrible spec.

    3. The Ed

      Doug, shouldn't you start thinking of perhaps ways to get more subscribers?

    4. rahul sharma

      Even doug can purchase this car,,his evry single subscriber would give him 1$,,thn our doug will also become 1 of 500 proud owner of this car....but then doug will take his bugati to review a tahoe.......

    5. Blakslee Woody

      9:40 CHP has entered the chat

    6. whiteandnerdytuba

      Lot of money for a car with a fake exhaust and no seat ventilation, 1 of 60 or 1 of 500 instead of the actual number? So much for attention to detail

    7. Sagar Karnwal

      This car's owner "i smell sweat?" buggati seller guy "it's Doug's sweat"

    8. Jorge Bautista

      I’m a registered nurse and it makes no sense why he is wearing n95 there’s no one around him might as well wear gloves dumb dumb.. who is going to get sick the car? Lol or are you showing symptoms and if yes the fuck are filming smh

    9. Mark DLR

      Can't wait to take this to Los Santos Customs and get it in chrome


      The box is like bigger than me

    11. Amc547 Warlord

      Its pur sport rather than pure sport as in 'for sport' isn't it doug?

    12. Z_FrmDa215

      3.6 mil and NOOOOO sCrEen 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

      1. hen

        you aren't buying it just for those stupid screens bruh

    13. Ty 0boil

      Fall in or get kidnapped or WHATEVER? 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂😂😂

    14. Just Another YouTube Channel Ogden

      He's sweating all over someone's future 3.6 million dollar Alcantara...

    15. spacex Tesla Roadster gaming

      Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport

    16. Ziplokk

      powered seat slides are fun when i need to get in my wife's car. she's 4'10" and I'm 6'3". especially fun waiting for it to move when it's raining. I much prefer manual slides.

    17. Darren

      ""You can definitely tell it's harsher in here though than in a regular Chiron" Said literally no one ever, ever.

    18. Tinkerergr

      I live in AZ. a trunk that only gets up to 120F would be nice.

    19. CatRabbit499

      Doug: Look at the Bugatti Box! Also Doug: Look at the Demon Crate! Whether you spend 90k or 3.5mil on a car you can get a box to go with it ;)

    20. Brendan Clarke

      Doubleshirt Doug strikes again

    21. Ivo Fixzone

      I'm curious how many car reviewers have been given this brand new super expensive car to drive and sit in. Well, knowing this fact, if I were a buyer, I'd ask for a discount from the dealer.

    22. threeer02


    23. Tzwixi

      i would say this car will be destroyed during the great tribulation, like surely many other Bugatti. It's weird in a way.

    24. Michael Stanaway

      Doug you're videos will never get boring keep bringing the amazing performance of content to the table because if you dont change too much then you'll have sky rising chances of becoming popular throughout the next 20 years at least

    25. chancegoondavis

      The Bughatti Chiron comes with a box to use as a home after all your money is gone

    26. Kadek Sudarwika

      "Dad, why is my sister called Rose?" "Because your mom loves roses" "Thanks, dad" "No problem, Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport"

    27. Josh Mills

      I cant believe doug has still not got to the point where certain things dont need to keep being explained i.e trunk size regulation as if the viewers are all brand new. Pretty optimistic on dougs part.

    28. christopher yasus

      Actual video after the box ends... 7:10 you're very welcome

    29. Muhammad Safaul Hoque

      He reviewed all Bugatti, oh god

    30. 1018 Video

      I wonder if the vehicle value goes up when it has Doug's sweat in the seat.

    31. Furry Boi da emperor

      Just a baby divo

      1. JerCal playz

        Yep a divo on a budget

    32. EqualsPro

      This is not worth 3.6 million 😂

    33. Lukee Cle

      Nice T shirt

    34. Nikhil Sharma

      Here is the video new EP9 NIO Asphalt 9 - OUT

    35. A.J.theChad


    36. Cloth Seats

      Is that color Nogaro Blue from the Audi paint warehouse?

    37. John Casoni

      If you bought a car with a pinstripe, you got taken.

    38. Tyler Harakal

      Doug the type of guy to color coordinate his mask with the car he drives

    39. Machine Avatar

      Bugatti Chiron Supersport is the Ultimate Chiron

    40. lefroy1

      That is a hideous looking car at any price, let alone $3.6m

    41. Off The Grid

      I honestly thought this box would be more interesting than the demon crate.

    42. ParaYT

      This car is a pure beauty.

    43. Suggestion Guy

      looks like a modern EB110

      1. Suggestion Guy

        @R4d33t i didn't even know it existed looks much uglier than this though

      2. R4d33t


    44. Abdulrehman

      its BOX not BAX l0l

    45. 3xoticG4m3r

      Has he used some parts of other videos here? I mean in the script because i definetely can remember him saying exactly the same about another trunk area

    46. Rizzy K

      This has less views than his new maybach video?

    47. Remigiusz Stachelek

      What an unbelievable exhaust sound :0

    48. SandhoeFlyer

      This is NOT a BOO GATTI This is BU-GATTI try pronouncing the actual letters in the name

    49. Marlboro M2C

      Where would one drive this? How often?

    50. dboenish

      Amazing! IThomes videos with his own car to driving a 1/60 supercar...all while wearing his trademark layered T-shirts. Glorious really. Doug is a market mover.

    51. Mo money

      Doug can u please start using better equipment I hope you're still not using the iPhones. You have to understand any sound playing from speakers is distorted. And the sound of car exhausts also are distorted ive been watching forever I think it's time to drop the iPhones.

    52. WikiPeoples

      imagine buying buying this and having a tesla cybertruck stay with you off the line LOL

    53. Jacob G

      What's on the USB?

    54. William Rose

      BoostedBoiz Kyles mr2 vs Bugatti let’s go

    55. 304 Luey

      I swear if I ever get rich enough to get any hypercar, I'm gonna drive the hell out of it whether anybody likes it or not. Forget resale value.

    56. Boiisblack 2000

      Is it just me or has Doug got fat? (No offense)

    57. madjh

      Funny, the cruise control is like the one in VWs. They operate the same the + and-. And the second key is the same as the other VW group keys, we own a 2006 Jetta (I love how it looks, it is not updated) and is the same except for the logo.

    58. juamparicotero

      Man, I would love to be able to feel that acceletation.. probably will never happen, too broke to even think about it..

    59. Mark Plott

      DRUG DeMuro - TESLA model S PLAID + is FASTER than the Bugatti Chiron sport and cost less than $200k fully loaded.

    60. West coast Turbos

      The color and design if that car is grossssss

    61. AppleJacks

      Doug is so quirky, hes the only one left to wear two shirts.


      That trunk blade should be carbon

    63. WTBA Nation

      Doug, I love you and I’m glad your website is doing so phenomenally well, but Teslas are not enthusiast cars. If you’re selling Teslas, you need to extend your sales profile to older cars that are TRULY enthusiast-oriented. Things like classic thunderbirds, mustangs, barracudas, etc.

    64. A Q

      Why did we miss the starting engine??! Thissss is unacceptable!!

    65. Agato Lwey

      Great point! Alfa Romeo Giulia uses a no frame screen for the same reason. To prevent it from aging with the tech.

    66. FusionSniping

      Weird that they use an old key for reserve, since there's been new versions for standard vag cars

    67. Audiojack

      Not that I'll ever get to even sit in one, but I have to say I'm not a huge fan of the colour coded interior parts. Reminds me of all the tuner cars where the owner just went ham with spray paint on every piece they could get their hands on.

    68. Ethan Kulick

      @MannyKhoshbin sell the veyrons and get this !!!

    69. Stanimir Rankovski

      Whats the on/off button behind the gear lever o.O?

    70. Stanimir Rankovski

      I dont think the spare key is from an AUDI, its from a VW considering the circular logo 😂

    71. Nestor Garcia

      We need the Fenyr Hypersport review!!

    72. Krisztián Ferryman Konszky

      Bugatti Newport Beach - Only a 23 minutes drive from Newport Beach.

    73. Indika Jepara

      That seatbelt.

    74. Turbo X


    75. Leandro Martins

      Nossa, que conversa enjoada desse cara

    76. Alexander Revella

      "shee roneee" ???

    77. Joe

      I want Jay Leno to buy this and use it as his every day driver.

    78. MrBossZack

      Why all cars look so simple on doug demuro's reviews

    79. Lord Kodi

      I said this once and Ill say it again, only another Bugatti can beat itself

    80. Jason Wayne

      Eventually you'll have to get some type of certification to buy these cars to prove you can take the G-force without passing out.

    81. Send me Notes

      The Bugatti that _Purr_

    82. Tyler Spunucious

      I'm kind of getting tired of all the super cars, and I don't know every little version of the Chiron is needed. More communist cars and Toyota Previas please.

    83. OH 51

      Pur not pure


      I don't like how they want us to buy something they have and not spec it as our own....that's so annoying when u wanna spend 3 million dollars.

    85. 4200time B

      Heeyyyy thats Houstons from Royalty Exotics pur spore .

    86. That AMC Guy

      Too bad Michael Jackson weren't still around. He could be spokesman for the Bugatti SHAMONAH! Sealed Engine Bays. I knew we were moving that way. Never thought I'd live to see the day but, there it is, folks.

    87. E Majano

      This guy sucks at reviewing cars!

      1. E Majano

        @Tyler Spunucious one of those exotic car youtube videos that you would expect more action and less talk....thats all! no biggie!

      2. Tyler Spunucious

        Any particular reason?

    88. Émile Roy

      There was already a Chiron Pur sport in Montreal Canada since December 27th 2020... It’s being sold at Automobiles Etcetera, u can see it on their Instagram

    89. Geo001

      Thhhhhis is a Bugatti shirooooon

    90. Matthew Jocoy

      That flash drive should of said 1 of 60. That's kind of a let down. IMO

    91. Milo Persic

      When the covid mask matches the exterior of the car... Now that's the sort of touch a Bugatti owner expects.

    92. A. M.

      That box, holy fuck. It looks like they picked that up from the Walmart's bargain section. How stupid and cheap-looking. For a $3.6 million car?

    93. Ling Ma

      Does this vehicle has apple car play?

    94. OrDxOrD

      mechanically impressive but such an ugly beast, why can't bugatti design something good looking like ferrari, mclaren or pagani? hell, they made the new rs6 avant that looks gorgeous, vw is capable of good design.

    95. Jose Meza

      We need to start working on that drip doug

    96. Adrian Lanc

      If I owned one, I’d name it “Ed”

    97. Possible Games

      This is the best looking version of the Chironie.

    98. Alex Protopapas

      Doug, the type of guy to break into your house just to steal your owners manual box

    99. Erfan Tavoosi

      So none of your cars that you have reviewed have actually earned a higher doug-score than 74. Why is that?

      1. Tyler Spunucious

        That is because you don't know how the Doug Score works.

    100. jordantaicho

      I feel sorry for supercars cause how many of their owners actually track them