The Aston Martin Vanquish Zagato Shooting Brake Is a $1 Million Hot Hatchback

Doug DeMuro

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    The Aston Martin Zagato Shooting Brake is really special -- and today I'm reviewing the Shooting Brake to show you what makes it so cool. I'll take you on a tour of the Vanquish Zagato Shooting Brake, and then I'll review the driving experience of this $1 million Aston Martin.
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    1. Ben Buescher

      Terrible name

    2. Adnan Mohamed

      23:30 noone talking about the c pillar panel falling down?

    3. CorvetteEnthusiast1256

      Wouldn't it be a hyper hatch?

    4. Roger Moreno

      I’ve never been a fan of hatchbacks but I love this thing.

    5. Ionut Radu Voicu

      imagine putting a child car seat in the back on this thing...

    6. bulk oil

      Amen GODOLD.GOLD

    7. A В

      It’s the first time I wished Doug shut up when he was driving a car. Sorry, Doug))

    8. Panzo Xpress

      They made such a crap car for such an amount...

    9. Noah Wade

      Aston Martin put a v12 in a Hyundai Veloster

    10. Robert Ewing

      No car is worth that much

    11. Antonio Imbert

      L-o-v-e it! Looks soo RAD. However, shame on the engine being so environmentally unfriendly in this day and age. Can't figure out why car manufacturers are still building high cylinder engines.

    12. backaholic

      Why are Aston interiors so horrendous?

    13. jack saber

      too much for me

    14. S7VAN Gaming And Unboxing

      The zagato speedster also looks as good as the shooting break.

    15. Игорь Казаков

      A roll of toilet paper is stuck in the front bumper!

    16. Aditya B J

      am I the only one who thinks Aston Martins are all overpriced af😒

      1. JerCal playz

        No you're not the only one, in fact all Astons are overpriced as f*** and they are incredibly outdated given the price tag of their cars

    17. Арам Мелкумян

      LADA на обзор!

    18. Philip Glassrules

      17:35 Why does the paddle look so scratchy????

    19. Josh Allen

      Million dollar V12 Hyundai Veloster

    20. Bald Sasquach

      Bruhhh why is there a tone dinging during the entire driving portion?? lmao so distracting

    21. manuel hernandez

      Damn thats a beautiful car

    22. fullmetalwindbreaker

      can you review that other weird limo-looking station wagon? i have no idea what it's called but i clicked on this video because i thought it was that

    23. Nouamane LA

      This car is a fuckin beauty ... one of a kind ... love it ❤❤❤

    24. José Pedro Filipe

      The lack of power close on the trunk lid is a deal breaker for me. I’m not getting this car.

    25. nicolas jan

      What is that terrible bip bip bip bip noise?

    26. Donnie Azoff

      Ive never heard the term shooting brake before

    27. Richard A

      Looks like a hearse

    28. suck mydick

      If you paid $1m for this piece of shit, you should have your money taken away! #EatTheRich

    29. Yiannis Hayabusa

      Wooooooow Amazing Awesome Fantastic Magic i❤️love it ❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️

    30. Mike Smith

      WTF is that beeping. It drove me nuts.

    31. DevonOnAir

      I feel this video is missing the explanation for that bizarre name.

    32. Clint Diaz

      Doug is the type of guy...........

    33. Clint Diaz

      I cannot believe he gave that Aston Martin station wagon a 9 for styling. It is the ugliest AM I have ever seen.

    34. Jaironcain Cain

      What is beeping in the driving portion

    35. Ge In

      That is one dumb car.

      1. JerCal playz

        The gauge cluster and the key is exactly the same as the 2011 Rapide!

      2. JerCal playz

        And a very overpriced one and the interior is crap for 1 million $

    36. Matyaz84

      Value: 6. Yeah sure. More like a 1.

    37. Nemanja Savic

      gimma a luco and a house for that Money haha

    38. CB

      Dear lord that’s one uglyass car.

    39. moriart13

      The most pointless sportscar on sale

      1. moriart13

        @JerCal playz being rich you don't need a hatchback huh?

      2. JerCal playz

        Only rich idiots would buy it

    40. richrico1

      What is the continuous alarm going off as your driving? ..... Awesome car!

    41. not0evn

      Do rare, niche super cars like this ever struggle to sell?

    42. Spoman

      Its a new lagonda


      I'm not feeling that overhang roof at all

    44. morningstaR x

      $900k for a vanquish hatch? Lol I think they're being a bit optimistic on that price

    45. p col

      982 Ford fans disliked cause Doug doesn't like the font.

    46. Sunny Sharma

      Please upgrade the cameras for driving views tired of seeing your face while you driving it we need to see the car how it looks while driven thanks

    47. Brayan Felix

      tell me wrong but I believe this is the same platform Ferrari used for the new Roma. even the trunk is the same. am I Right?

    48. TestyGator

      I love Aston's but all I can see with this car is an extremely expensive Hyundai Veloster.

    49. Aleksandar G.

      Most beautiful and most useless car i ever saw. They need 50 000 dolars to make it, and sell it to idiots for milions.

    50. Sheban S

      steering wheel is horrible as F!

    51. ilias seferoglou

      2021 ferrari roma: can I copy your homework?

    52. Gimmi J

      anyone else disappointed w/ the interior especially the dash and center console especially for a $1 million car?

    53. Mariamah Abu Hasssan

      Doug’s wife: THISss is doug

    54. nick arns

      i wish i was stupidly rich to have an option to put a 19 thousand dollar cargo area

    55. Max Abdullah

      Salesman: Boss, who’s the crazy guy spending $900k on this car? Sales Manager: Call Doug, he can help!

    56. spacex Tesla Roadster gaming

      Aston Martin Vanquish Zagato Shooting Brake

    57. Alex K.

      Aston Martin actually has a history of making crazy station wagons. Starting with the DB5 which was modified by Radford at the personal request of David Brown to provide enough space for his hunting gear. In the end, a dozen were made, Mr- Brown's friends of the hunt apparently very liked what Radford did to the DB5. Aston Martin also made a handful of Virage Lagonda Shooting Breaks back in the 90's just for the heck of it.

    58. Ludi Konj

      Good investment for sure

    59. John Wynne

      Main way you can tell any Zagato, Aston or any other make, is the double bubble roof, it's there, but apparently Doug think's it's a flat roof, not the best review

    60. H S

      Man imagine dropping this glass key!

    61. Charly Lopez

      Hi Doug, does Cars and Bids has any way of working down here in Mexico?

    62. ViZu Restart

      The tail light looks like an anus

    63. The Vault Dweller Gaming

      That interior is so plain and looks like a ford for a million bucks 🤷🏻‍♂️


      I don’t think this is a practical car!

    65. Henrik Kristian Bergman

      I've always loved Astons, and this is no exception. Ultra modern look, but wow. Just wow!

    66. Pulse Blade

      Its price should be $300-$400k

    67. Johan Joe

      So now hot hatch costs as much as a lagonda limo😂

    68. Sakib Karim

      Astons are HILARIOUSLY overpriced. Quite hard to believe

    69. no wammies

      It looks like a honda cr-z

    70. George Petkovic

      Well i guess im calling station wagons "shooting brakes" from here on.

    71. Darlington Idugboe

      I see Doug buying this car

    72. C.S.

      The all-new Aston Martin Veloster.

    73. Pulse Blade

      To say this is overpriced, may be an understatement

    74. Marc W.

      Is anyone else reminded of the Chrysler Crossfire when the tailgate opens?

    75. Daniel Roberts

      7:19 why do I see a guitar and a person planking?😂

    76. Some Dude

      That carbon fibre cargo area costs more than my Scirocco R jeez

    77. jeans1515

      #1 sign you are too rich? You own of these stupid things. A million???? Christ...

    78. Victor Schlecker

      I'm calling it a hot hatch

    79. Cj Johnson

      Thissssss! is the

    80. Scott

      I can tell you that if I purchase this car, and the dealer told me 'Doug' was coming by to paw over it, and get his greasy fingerprints all over it, I would station a bodyguard next to my car. He wouldn't get within 100 feet of this thing. I would perhaps give him some binoculars, and a walkie talkee and he could 'request' that I open the door of the car, so he could see it. No ZAGATO for u!

    81. Scott

      When I win the lottery... new target acquired... Aston Martin Vanquish Zagato Shooting Brake... that is SO my car... damn, wish I was rich just once.

    82. Zynical K

      This is literally a hot Wheels car

    83. wonfeather

      1st world problems . . . My font doesn't match my class. . .

    84. moitreyo sarkar

      Doug, we would love to see short 5 minute videos called CarsandBids specials. The cars you show during your bit about the auction at the beginning of every video, are intriguing to say the least. 🙏🙏

    85. MrAntennaBall

      Oh hey, Volvo/Ford parts bin switches LOL!

    86. come together

      You must have to pay extra to get the terrible interior.

    87. Emmanuel Nkwenti

      Those who pay $1m to buy a car like this...what exactly do they think they are buying?

    88. Fredrik Häll

      Gemera is probably more expensive though.

    89. Vinicius Martinelli

      such a pretty car, imagine if it would have a Mercedes interior.

    90. Nils Taylor

      Nose lookin a lil brown

    91. Garrett Eicher

      Is it just me, or are these wheels WAY too close to a modern Camry’s wheels??

    92. Akil Geci

      1m dollars??? It looks so cheap and pointless

    93. LDT waddawa

      1m$ car. suttle flex.

    94. Ronnie Hayes

      I saw the SUV, witch I like. A have?always like the Aston Martin. But I don't think this is a station wagon. Years ago the station wagons some time have 3 rows of seating. Not happy at at T. Not impress at all. I have always like old cars better. Good Luke Aston Martin .l alway wanted a Aston Martin, now I don't know. You have the other hi end cars that are much better . Good Luck with this car.

    95. Resentful

      Some rich bastard is going to buy this car just for the umbrella

    96. Skoopy

      Where did they spend million dollars...Maybe sun roof is half million dollars.

    97. Roger Skagerström

      Zagato has a strong tradition of fucking cars up, but this looks rather cool :P

    98. bxl 1121

      Why not 10/10 in styling? are you crazy? :)

    99. Jamar Dornevil

      Might as well get u a rolls Royce

      1. JerCal playz

        @David Anthony No I have owned an Aston Martin it is terrible because it keeps breaking down and it's just a waste of money

      2. David Anthony

        RR are terrible cars.

    100. Atom X Alpha

      I have seen all models of the Zagato this is my least favourite, funnily enough i Don’t particularly like the styling on any of them.