The Koenigsegg Gemera is a Family Hypercar with 1700 Horsepower

Doug DeMuro

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    The Koenigsegg Gemera review is here! Today I'm taking you on the most thorough tour yet of the Koenigsegg Gemera, and I'll show you all the quirks and features of the Gemera -- and I'm going to show you the Gemera in detail, inside and out. Check out my Koenigsegg Gemera review!
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    1. Cnc N More

      4:25 the hatch moved a fuzz!!

    2. Ailsa Ni

      It seems like Christian was really keen to make a Koenigsegg be in the lead of all Dougs scores

    3. Rob McMahon

      The seats look like they've taken inspiration from Ryanair!

    4. UrExLovesMeh

      Tesla faster😎

    5. Bora Btb

      Love somach

    6. David Cassidy

      The size of the bezels on all those screens would drive me nuts considering how much detail is put into the design of everything else.

      1. Ailsa Ni


    7. goguhu

      Based on spec it has 15kWh battery which can discharge at 900kW (something is still missing though ... as 900kW + 600hp = 1800hp) So 15000 * 3600 / 900000 = 60seconds I guess that's just enough for a 0-250mph run, and then limp home mode. It's an interesting setup, but most likely not a track car anyhow.

    8. ANIRUDH V S

      Koenigsegg Gamera...World's first 4 seater hyper car......wowowowowow

    9. goguhu

      Big fan of Koenigsegg, but man that's an ugly duckling.

    10. Kevin James

      Can't 4 seat ever be 4 People and not a " family"

    11. Roadside Table

      What does the horn sound like? 🤔

    12. modirecoba

      Thhhhhhhis ...... 😎

    13. Prince Blaccblaze

      It’s a transformer

    14. LaHamada

      Are all Koenigsegg employees bald like the CEO?

    15. Conspicuous Live Media

      It's not a sedan, it's a coupe. A coup of a coupe.


      my lottery win car....

    17. Tylor Gaudenti

      My friends wouldn't fit, they are 6.5ft ,why would you put your fam in a death trap?

    18. Jay the Explorer

      Fun review! A note for the production guy: FYI, there are post-production tools to eliminate reverb audio, like magic. I like iZotope RX.

    19. Daniel

      Will the production model have child seat anchors?

    20. Mf whomstve?


    21. Justin Gravelle

      Dirty knees....wonder why doug?😁

    22. THET3N

      Koenigsegg is the Swedish version of Dodge SRT

    23. simon lloyd

      6:01 that was awkward a/f.

      1. Rock girl

        This car has more seats than engine cylinders

    24. simon lloyd

      amazing tech etc, but I think we will really hit new heights when supercars start being pretty..and not absolutely massive.

      1. Rock girl

        2022 THIIIS is the new Koenigsegg Station wagon with 3400 hp😂😂

    25. Superchunk100macmufie frank

      Ha ha dirty knees Doug doing his usual focusing on dumb shite while stating obviously predictable nonsense all the time getting unusually over excited about button placement! Please bring jeremy clarkson back to educate poor old dirty knees!

    26. Ferenc Fajkusz


    27. MicrowavedFood 009

      Imagine pulling up to soccer practice in that

    28. LifeIsShort SoHaveFun

      Damn, it's ugly

    29. Levi Elisha

      I ask all superficial, frivolous and illiterate "commentators", at least in this case, to close their senseless broadcasters and respect this masterpiece of technical knowledge and technologies that the auto industry did not know before. I piloted the Kenigsegg Agera, I did not have a chance to drive the Regera and One 1 models unfortunately. This I suppose is the latest of them and the most fantastic and at the same time really existing. The last, I think, because the world is on the verge of committing the greatest mistake in history - the transition to the production of purely electric vehicles. This will not bypass all well-known brands and, unfortunately, apparently Koenigsegg also ... I congratulate you all, ambitious men. Soon, by the age of 30-35, all of you will be riding on "washing machines on wheels" So take off your hat to directors, designers, technologists and designers of this MIRACLE !!

    30. Florian Walter

      Frotn design is ok. Rear design looks to Porsche Caymanish to me.

    31. Comments Nice

      Bro im high asf and doug straightup makes hella funny movements from this part :30

    32. Deivid Bernadickas

      Dayum Looks great but if I'm imagining to own one I see many problems

    33. Allen Analla

      This can also run off of jet fuel! Assuming you can get your hands on some! I also believe it ran off of some weird gas from volcanos..

    34. Allen Analla

      Yeah I want 1700 HP with new born in the back!! Lmfao lmfao I dont have newborns but still.. Either way if I was rich I'd buy this car!! Been following this car since last year at the car shows. Its super awesome!

    35. ZippY

      That yellow interior is kinda blinding ngl

      1. Rock girl

        it is not enough that u wanna die at 500km/hr but do u gotta take ur family with u?🤦‍♂️

    36. ScorpiusHD

      Saw this car today at exotics and caffeine in charlotte nc today!

    37. Γ. Π.

      2022 THIIIS is the new Koenigsegg Station wagon with 3400 hp😂😂

    38. berrRBLX

      This car has more seats than engine cylinders

    39. Ashot Machitarian

      Look at the quality form inside, its terrible. No attention to details at all.

    40. cian mckeaney

      **Tesla model s 'ludicrous edition' left the chat**

    41. Heyy It's KT!

      Let’s put the luggage in the trunk as the car breaths on my face lmaooo

    42. Heyy It's KT!

      If they also make an EV version of this it would be absolute

    43. Heyy It's KT!

      The amount of rich people that are gonna get this over a lot of other HyperCars is gonna be absolutely insane

    44. Lil Rino

      love the little swedish flag embroidered in the seat 😹

    45. Arthur Galiyev

      i’m pretty sure if your dad has a belly wouldn’t be that comfortable sitting back there

    46. Speed Punk

      Die Kiste sieht von aussen Hammer aus 👍🏻 ich finde auch das Grau ganz geil. Die Werte sind natürlich krass... 3500Nm und 1,9Sek.... aber das Cockpit geht gar nicht 🙈 Das "Smartphone" am Lenkrad sieht ja wohl total 💩 aus. Wenn die Anzeige wenigstens konsequent waagerecht bliebe. Aber dieses leichte Schaukeln sieht unschön aus. Ich versteh auch den Sinn von dem Cockpit am Lenkrad nicht 🤷🏻‍♂️ so muss man beim Lenken ja ganz den Blick von der Straße nehmen, wenn man kurz unters Lenkrad schauen muss. Und dieser "Orb"... WTF? 🤣 Sieht aus wie ein Gimmick von Wish.

    47. Nah

      All those non-integrated rectangular screens sure make the interior look more like a cheap kit car than a Koenigsegg hypercar

    48. Rafu Falck

      Yeah it sure does look comfortable and easy to get into doesn't it

    49. Mark Shaz

      One of the most beautiful cars ever made.

    50. asioe kiou

      No excuse to be late for work and getting kids to school now then 😂

    51. michael yimer

      it is not enough that u wanna die at 500km/hr but do u gotta take ur family with u?🤦‍♂️

    52. MrChris7582

      seems like a reasonable family car let me ask my wife if I can get one. 1700 hp is just about right for a family in my opinion.

    53. Joseph


    54. Robert Avanesov

      Finally! A nice family car by Koenigsegg! :D

      1. asioe kiou

        Panamera done correctly.

    55. Spiker_87

      Gemera stands for give more in Swedish

    56. Doug Gotley

      They literally just mounted an iPhone to the steering wheel for gauges. That’s tacky as hell

    57. Doug Gotley

      *Dougs knees up against his chest* “ I’m really comfortable in this backseat”

    58. Bob Bowie

      7:38 just like almost every 2 door coupe with 4 seats

      1. Angad Grewal

        except these seats are actually usable and you don’t have move the front seat forward

    59. Boss Artwork22

      Why can’t this car just be 5k so I can buy it 😭

    60. Boss Artwork22

      This is by far the coolest overall car I’ve ever seen. Like if I ever had to buy 1 car it would def be this

    61. B Morris


    62. Travis Rogers

      This is about to make dodge put a hell cat on steroids

    63. Vaettra

      This car is the reason to stop at two kids.

    64. biggus dickus

      Other car brands: We should create some sort of little quirk to stand out against rivals.... Koenigsegg: Hold my Redbull....

      1. famous deprexx

        Ur profile

    65. Sebastián Hernández

      D I SSSSS

    66. Misterjt

      First feature: Door opens. Second feature: Door closes 😂

    67. Kim Chi

      Trevor Bauer bought one!

    68. Kim Chi

      Panamera done correctly.

    69. 10th.deity

      18:24 Missed the fact that they’re also seatbelt cutters as well.

    70. Meisseli

      Great! Now you can conveniently Paul Walker your entire family. Why enjoy your vacation with a slow ass RV when you can wrap around a tree instead?

    71. Ronny Hansen

      Amazing car 🤩

    72. Jeffrey Chang

      trust the process!!!!!

    73. fake name

      Two things to note: 1) That floating camera death star will surely win a Doug Award this year. 2) That sneeky ghost at 27:44 on the ground. Nice attention to detail.

    74. Luka

      doug the type of guy that refers to himself as a "large adult"

    75. Matt Murray

      "0-60 in 1.9 seconds with your whole family on board". Lol!

      1. Heyy It's KT!

        I was thinking if I was the only one thinking that was hilarious 😂

    76. Micky Bari7

      Thanks allah moeilijk voor derbij toch in dubai dan wordt het geen 4 maar 5 hea, lovee allah dit s die cadeautje van jou hea aaiii loveeeee g 🤲🏾🙏🏽💙🥺

      1. Micky Bari7

        Ojaa allah vergeet die tank niet hea voor in dubai,, je weet zelffff 😉🙃🤪 1000 kg moet ja.. je weet rama.. dus geen geintjes loveeeeee💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

    77. Джек Лондон

      Dope af. Mind blowing machine


      Sad i probably couldnt drive this car even if i had the chance looking at screens in cars makes me super sick :(

    79. MARVEL FAN

      My new fave!!!

    80. Zavier Tait

      NO MORE SLAMMING DOORS. 😂😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌

    81. David F

      I love everything about this car! Ill take one

      1. yasio bolo

        The front looks a lot like the taycan

    82. Khallid Khallid


      1. yasio bolo

        interesting fact: Koenigsegg designed the entire car around the 4 luggage

    83. Aspartame69

      The f is wrong with his knees?

    84. Cris Martinez

      The wrong pantyhose endogenously yell because cheetah mechanically part about a narrow bulb. vivacious, hoc beret

    85. Composimple

      You missed Apple Carplay

    86. Taylor Velasquez

      How are you supposed to get anything from a drive through with that tiny window 😂

    87. Rock girl

      No excuse to be late for work and getting kids to school now then 😂

    88. Idk What

      wow you cant prunced swedish

    89. Weavz_ UK

      29 minutes listening to this mans waffle and not once did they turn the ignition on

    90. A lu'Pigus

      Nice. Now I'm gonna go ask my Bank if I get a credit to buy the car :)

    91. YonaPops

      This stupid

      1. Rock girl

        patented as almost all the automobile companies are looking to put this technology in their cars...

    92. David Jackson

      What i really want to be doing while I'm driving is switching between navigation and my grandmas preferred seat position. ffs

    93. David Jackson

      The buttons on the wheel for media are bigger and brighter than those that enable the safe operation of the vehicle and its ability not to blind other people. Cool cool cool.

    94. Gergely Pragai

      interesting fact: Koenigsegg designed the entire car around the 4 luggage

    95. Andrei Szabo

      The front looks a lot like the taycan

    96. Ryan Halvorsen

      Front end looks like the Porsche 918🔥

    97. Life Molecule

      Co to za Jędrzej się logował?

    98. David Jackson

      Let's talk about the gauge cluster f@ck shall we? 2010 called and wants their iphone 4 back. Since when is it better for the driver to have important information displayed relative to the angle of the steering wheel? Its for this reason alone I won't be buying one. cough

      1. Angad Grewal

        for that reason alone and the price

    99. David Jackson

      Does it have mounting points for baby seats? Or do I need to relearn what "family car" means? lol

    100. JSXS

      10:03 Ah yes the built-in hand grenade for when you get in an accident.