The 1988 Volga GAZ 24-10 Is a Hilariously Bad Soviet Russian Car

Doug DeMuro

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    The Volga GAZ 24-10 is a Soviet car -- and a poorly built, laughably outdated one. Today I'm reviewing the GAZ 24-10, and I'm going to show you all the quirks and features of a Soviet car that lagged far behind what we had in North America. I'm also going to drive the Volga and show you what it's like on the road.
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    1. Rudolf Wickond

      They stole m car design I drew up in Kindergarten.

    2. Legalas Elf

      ofcourse their cars are shit, what did you expect from communism. Regulated economy with fixed prices never creates anything competitive. If you think the car industry is bad, think about the fact that once communists established kolkhoz(collective farms) and confiscated all the land from private owners, they stopped being able to feed themselves with their own grain, and started importing grain from other countries, the agriculture was so devastated by the communists, that they only recovered in early 2000s! almost 10 years after the communism ended. The industry "evolved" despite communism, not because of it. They also bough the patterns for other cars like lada from other countries, because they were unable to produce anything by themselves. The fcking cars were the last of their problems. Also even receiving car as shit as this one was beyond impossible, you were required to wait more than 10 years, and nothing was guaranteed, unless you had powerfull friends.

      1. Legalas Elf

        i forgot to mention this fcking bucket with bolts cost a fcking fortune during communism.

    3. Steve Rossini

      Same door handles as my 79 AMC.

    4. WD-40

      5:55 - You exhibit your "hilariously bad" uneducatedness. The logo of GAZ has deer for a reason of corse. It does not symbolize power. Everything is straight forward here. GAZ is an abbreviation where the first letter is the City Gorky (today Nizhny Novgorod). The city had it's name after Soviet writer Maxim Gorky (he was born there). There is a deer on the coat of arms of Nizhny Novgorod, thus the factory inherited this deer for it's logo. Are your other videos are as trustworthy as this one?

    5. WD-40

      Soviet ruling class was proletarians (workers). Learn the subject first.

    6. Odd Christian Svendsen

      Wow, you gotta be the most hilariously bad mechanic on this planet for saying that this is a hilariously bad car. Outdated design yes, but mechanically, it will outlive the american cars from the 80`s by decades...

    7. Jan Dvorak

      Volga or as we say Volha was a workhorse taxi goto car in Prague in sixties seventies up to eighties. Always comfortable for passengers hence not to much room for the driver. It was used also by the government.

    8. OsO Gruñón

      Este imbéci que toma un carro. Que se sabe que tiene muchas diferencias técnicas con otros de occidente. Debería llamarse doug reduro porque hasta parece mariguano

    9. wicky on carry

      Sure Doug. Americans builded the perfect, almost technical uthopic creations back in those days...

    10. Andrew Littlejohn

      It looks like a car from 1964. It probably took the Soviet designers 20 years to get their paperwork approved to rip off the 64 Impala and Ford Falcon styling.

    11. Masis Aghamalyan

      Do niva next

    12. Daniel Rakadzhiyski

      The Volga 2410 is a nice car. But it is a Russian Car after all, so why the godamn hell are complaining for it? It wasnt built to compare with other car brands like Cadillac or others. If you were a communist you should be grateful for that what Volga gives you but you are not. Im not trying to be rude, but thats truth in my opinion.

    13. Vito Andolini

      Those pills are activated carbon. You drink it in case of poisoning. The cup is not for drinking, but for measuring the amount of liquid. You can notice dimensions (ml) on it.


      Those look like charcoal pills and one is a peroxide type thing that is poisonous so don’t drink it lol

    15. The Rapidspeed

      I’m sorry, but this review was embarrasing to watch... I tought; "cool, something out of the ordinary". But making fun and laugh about what other people considered luxurious wasn’t nice.. Well... at least in the USSR they had free healthcare.. 😂🙈 Have a Nice day ya’ll.. 🤗

    16. Masterpiece

      gaz volga 24-10 is something like toyota corolla ae86. The last numbers stand for the model

    17. Jame son

      Clueless Doug wouldn't diferenciate an earth cable from a cloth strap @ 15:01 19:10 Voltmeter Doug, did you wanted it to be maxed out?

    18. Юлия Штейн

      There were absolutely free education and absolutely free medicine for everybody in USSR at the same time, just defferent system. No unemployment and no homeless people, at all. But yeah people chose nice car with conditioner... good choise people.

    19. torrace12

      *RUSSIA WAS HOT - in the summer, oh ye, it was scorching hot!!!* in some parts, surprisingly for some perhaps - many parts of sibiria was very hot in the summer

    20. Ed Leszczynski

      I don't get what this guy thinks Soviet Russia is. This is basically racist. Then again, Americans being racist... I'm not surprised.

    21. Ed Leszczynski

      Americans laughing about USSR is hilariously ironic, it's irrelevant how good soviet cars are because soviet cities had robust public transportation and weren't a scam to sell more cars to everyone.

    22. Willie Dynamite

      Cool car, dude was just trying too hard for me.

    23. Jeremy

      9k russians disliked this video

    24. Zidane Ilyas33

      Turn the sound of on this guy.

    25. Zidane Ilyas33

      The only thing in this video that is hilariously bad is you Doug. Boring. Your narration is boring.

    26. kpadmirer

      It used to be said about General Motors cars that assembly line workers would stand 10 feet away from the cars and throw the parts at them and hope that they'd stick.

    27. Sajith Eranga

      Is this guy high when he is doing this review or is this guy only knows about insult.. disgusting 🤮

    28. Агрессивный Водитель

      For real in that time GAZ made more modern Volga 3102, but the government said that car only for soviet elit and for usual people continued to make Volga 24

    29. Julius Ju

      In Soviet Russia, a car drives you.

    30. Drewmommy Urquizu

      Idk why but no matter how bad this car is I would love to drive it

    31. Keep in Mind

      Иронично наблюдать, как тотально зависящий от драгстора чел, глотающий фуфломицин от аллергий и психо горстями, смеется над советской аптечкой с зеленкой, которая лечила ВСЁ!

    32. Aramais karol

      Самые лучшие авто того времени. Американские авто гавно. Я езжу на Японцах. Никогда не пересяду с Японца на Американское гавно на колесах.

    33. Ganbaatar Khurelbaatar

      When I grew up, my uncle had one of these. As a child obviously it was the thing I dreamed of owning. However it never happened, the transition went sooo fast some could not cope with the speed of it. Anyway, now seeing one capitalist, spoiled, and entitled Dou(g)che laughing at every small detail makes me quite angry tbh.

    34. Vitaly Yazmir

      GAZ stands for Gorkovskiy Avtomobilniy Zavod. It's was a dream of every soviet citizen. Just a dream because it was impossible to get one.

    35. P P

      good video,true fax has been spit

    36. Истина где-то рядом

      Зря ты ржешь над советским автопромом. Ты изнеженный америкашка

    37. Jacky Liu

      Dear comrades, revenge shall be in your name, we will beat their auto industry ~ :-)

    38. Randy Williams

      A video about a quirky car and ripping on communism. Uhh yes please

    39. Praveen Goonathilake

      Can't figure out why he finds this car so hilarious. This car has been produced in a system with totally different ideology and consumer expectations. Comparing this with other cars is like comparing two cultures or religions and saying mine is superior.

    40. Порполл Рролоо

      Am Armenian and I love this car

    41. Nazar Grynko

      The funniest part about the first aid kit is that it has a valerian tincture - a sedative 🙂 The second bottle with the white cap.

    42. HenrikFromDenmark

      I actually think the back of the car actually looks pretty cool. Nice to see a car that isn't all plastic. Have you reviewed the russian Lada Niva (4WD)? that would be pretty pretty interesting. Also the Volga model, why not get some of the models that were designed for the KGB? they were bullitproffed etc.


      Vlad Putin wants to know your location

    44. Thomas Phetteplace

      Host. You automotive snobbery is showing. I have no idea why you keep laughing .

    45. Thomas Phetteplace

      Don't laugh . It beats walking in the siberian cold

    46. Thomas Phetteplace

      They studied the Ford Falcon for inspiration (true story)

    47. Voffka

      this car is just like Russia itself. Stupid, aggressive and completely stuck in the past

    48. DarynRod

      I got pills in my first aid kit in my car... I put it/them there.... asprin and allergy... is that funny?

    49. Rupert

      Almost identical to my dads 1964 Vauxhall Cresta in the UK.

    50. lfcsw87

      Very nice review, Doug! But (let's be honest) a Cadillac Brougham in 1988 wasn't much more modern than this soviet car. It was totally 70's feeling too, and It was expensive!

    51. Nick Green

      What drivel

    52. something doesn't add up

      5:00 your wallet?!! you mean our wallet

    53. szymanero

      Black pills are probably carbon - you eat it when you can't stop shitting yourself how great the car is XD

    54. Адильхан Ибраев

      Дог завязывай эту машину убить не возможно она даже без двигателя ездит

    55. Zoran Milenkovic


    56. boostcreeper

      i think it's still way better than any american car.

    57. dadswax

      to be fair why need really good cars when you have good public transport 🤣

    58. SDRIFTER Abdlmounaim

      all the dislikes are OUR fellow communists

    59. Langam

      That cloth strap is actually a metal strap. The light only has a positive lead and the metal strap grounds the whole bonnet.

    60. SDRIFTER Abdlmounaim

      Every russian gta server has this 😂

    61. London Trucker

      I think this car also came with a V8. Probably that is why The speedo goes up to 200 kph.

    62. Jerry Fieldz

      Name is no different than Chevrolet putting the gm logo on the doors of their vehicles. Would that be the "Chevrolet general motors impala"

    63. hgraphix

      I watched this hoping bald and bankrupt would jump out of the trunk.

    64. Dan Schneider

      The fact that he's laughing and mocking communist Soviet idiocy makes me smile...yet he lives in California...the irony

    65. George Grund

      They're water purification tablets

    66. Aaron Cable

      Would be good for me all I'd want in a car besides enough power is a radio and probably an arm rest i like cars but dont really need alot like bluetooth and all the stuff on new cars I cant drive yet tho also I suppose the driver has the centre mirror so they could use that to look at themself

    67. Diego Gigena

      you are missing the context and the point but i am glad you find it funny

    68. Hevder

      mfw band kids crying that he roeasted a communist car

    69. zachariah liles

      The dosage cup is a shot glass. For obvious reasons.

    70. Bonaventura J.T

      it's quite a stinker of a car but my 2008 daihatsu has the same safety features which is quite embarassing

    71. Chris Paylidis

      Those black pills weren't pills actually. They were fuel for its nuclear reactor

    72. Salipander ErisGeenAnder

      Some of the US cars of the 70s and 80s were probably more ridiculous than this decent, even pretty looking Volga. Styling is not 70s but more like 1965. Laughing about well thought out (for the situation in the USSR) and practical things like that medical kit, only proves the ignorance of many US citizens, which is not always their own fault - but is it is worrying that the US educational system doesn't tell them much about the world outside...

    73. NonLogical

      Hey Doug, the pills you were looking at were charcoal pills, common in Russia as a medicine to take when you have indigestion (imagine having food poisoning on a road trip) The other common items in a car first aid (the liquids) are iodine (disinfectant and coagulant of choice in Soviet Russia), zelenka (alternative to iodine), and smelling salts (нашатырный спирт). People travelled around the country in those cars, and it is pretty easy to end up stranded in the middle of nowhere in Russia with no pharmacy nearby. Better yet getting stuck and not being able to fix your car, because you could not just go to the dealer and get replacement parts everywhere. You had to get tickets/stamps from the government for basically everything. My grandfather had a hilarious story of having a suspension (big ass spring) break in the middle of a road trip. He ended up having to heat up the broken spring over a fire, stretch it and quench it to be able to get to back to St Petersburg and get a proper replacement. (I am actually hazy if he ever did get it replaced) In any case they just packed all medicines you might want to keep handy for most common situations. Russians love their funky medicines =]

    74. Capten Hook

      The tach subject came up in the design meeting but all the engineers started snickering at the idea that this thing would even run.

    75. V R

      I usually try not to insult people , but here I have to make an exception. Doug is a moron of x degree. Instead of doing some research to actually say something useful and proper , he is historical about thing he doesn't understand. 1. The Volga looks and feels dated simply because in soviet union all manufacturers were government owned, so where not pressed to inovate much. If it worked and was usable that was it. The only innovations were in military needs and use. Gaz 24 where very utilitarian. It was used everywhere. All government agency used gaz 24. Police, all taxi were gas24. And that is what those blanks spaces are used. The car was mass produced and all additional options and features were added as needed by the end user. Those gages gave userore info than an idiot lights many usa cars had at the time. Speedometer is in kph not miles. And climate control also was functional. Auto antenna was not very commons feature in cars in north america in the 80. I had a few cars of that era and non of them had auto antenna from factory. As for capholders, there were not a lot of disposable caps or take out, in soviet russia, so there were no need for capholders.

    76. Akula

      No need to update perfection! :)

    77. braun3812

      Does Idiot DeMuro know about GAZ-3102 ? It was a knewer car that was made in 1981.

    78. drgonzo

      Remember the Obama - phone? So this basically is Obama - car for the upper class. PS. There will be A LOT of dislikes here from people, who never spent one minute in a socialist hellhole.

    79. Djomlas

      7.34 dude it clearly says km per hour try to look harder, get some glasses or a brain perhaps it is from soviet russia no such thing as miles there

    80. Juan Herrera

      i was expecting to see a serious review, but what a stupid man!!!!

    81. Kobi Benlevi

      Someone should do an LS swap on one of these.

    82. K1S___

      Покажите ему семёрку, которую закончили выпускать не так давно.

      1. Scooby Doo

        там есть тахометр и инжектор!!! семерка - это супер премиум по сравнению с этим😁😁😁

    83. Robert Charles

      Your scoring comes under question when you give this car a comfort of 6 and a quality of 4. At best the Doug Score should have been a 28.

    84. Arpad Vadasz

      Doug you missed the SHORTWAVE radio. Russia has great distances, no FM or AM broadcast stations. In my Father's Lada when I was a kid back in the 60-70's we use to listen the Free-Europe broadcast from Germany. This is the reason I live in Canada now!

    85. Willem P

      So it`s not the best youngtimer in the world but Doug.You don`t have to be a Dick about it.......

    86. Mr.Armenia

      18:23 You got me excited there when you mentioned this is owned by an Armenian family!

    87. MMGtheSERBIANqyqypoa

      theyre torturing refugees in ft hood texas concentration camps

    88. A. F.

      11:00 that mirror movement is pretty normal actually, i see this in a lot of european car today.

    89. Lautaro Ezequiel López Medina

      If that speedomether is very optimistic take a look to the Chevrolet Corsa classic, those had one that literally says 240km/h instead having a 1.6L with around 90-110hp

    90. Ronald Harris

      Give it an ls swap and it will be good

    91. jceepf

      Volga-Gaz 24-10 is no weirder than Mercedez-Benz 300 given the fact that almost all Benz are Mercedes, you then need the 300!!!! PS It beats the Trabant for sure!

    92. Nelson Costa

      Um carro que fazia o serviço de levar do ponto A ao ponto B com certo conforto. Mas o americano histrionico prefere fabricantes que a cada ano mudam o carro pra você se sentir desatualizado e ser forçado a comprar o modelo novo, mesmo que o velho ainda te atenda perfeitamente. Afinal, na sociedade americana, é preciso consumir, consumir, consumir. Na verdade os russos devem é estar gargalhando do Doug.

    93. Иван

      The assembly of the first small-scale batch of GAZ-24 began in the summer of 1967. 1988 is the end of the life cycle of this model, which unfortunately coincided with the decline of the USSR itself... but Americans as always like to distort everything. diz.

    94. GotharTheGreat

      So stupid. Nice car but bad review. I don't know what is so funny. You need to respect this car...2021 is now - and car is from you expected that Gaz is si-fi modern car...? One of worst review ever... This car is really nice.

    95. JRSinCT

      Vodka.... It was all vodka...

    96. Всеволод Дзюба

      So, Doug do you think it's funny? You are take a GAZ-24-10 from Gorbachev's period, when our country was terminated by him. And you are talk : " Look at this car, it's most bad car in the world. Ha, ha, ha stupid soviets. This car was build by legs, not hand's." So, you should known, in 1970 when this car started make to sale (at this time it was car has name GAZ-24 Volga), is ones from popular middle-class car in Eroupe at that time. And it's not joke, in West Eroupe people was buyed these cars. And this car was comfortable for first part of 70th, of course for eroupe market. Most american car from the eroupean cars, and most eroupean from the american cars. Of course, for American standard it minimalistic car. Without V6 or V8 engine, without air-conition, without automatic transmission, without steering rach (only steering worm). And volum of engine only 2.4 liters and only 95 horse powers and 4 cylinders. But it's good car for that time, and for future, if you want make objective overview and test drive, read the history of this car and after make story. And please take a normal early car GAZ-24 of 70th, not this 24-10. As for me, more better GAZ-24 before 1972. With line-spidometr and early torpedo. Good Luck!

    97. Leo Hirsh

      In Soviet Russia if car crash you get overly complicated first kit

    98. Anvar S

      uuuugh, Muricans would never understand. You go somewhere, get super drunk. The next day you open the 1st aid kit, take some activated carbon and you are good to go for another day.... of drinking

    99. Popalone Styki

      You do realise that in southern Russia its VERY hot😂 great video though

    100. Matthias Nickel

      Doug, what was that!? Instead of making an interesting review, you've just demonstrated complete ignorance by inappropriately ridiculing a fascinating vehicle and its fantastic first aid kit. Are you sure you didn't have a sip or two out of those bottles in there?