The 1988 Volga GAZ 24-10 Is a Hilariously Bad Soviet Russian Car

Doug DeMuro

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    The Volga GAZ 24-10 is a Soviet car -- and a poorly built, laughably outdated one. Today I'm reviewing the GAZ 24-10, and I'm going to show you all the quirks and features of a Soviet car that lagged far behind what we had in North America. I'm also going to drive the Volga and show you what it's like on the road.
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    1. G K

      For a car expert he shows very little genuine interest in this car. I wanted to hear some expert appraisal of a soviet car . Everyone knows Russian don't know to build cars but I was curious what exactly was wrong with it but he's so choking from laughter at the fact that the car from '88 being built like a car from '78. If the gap of ten years is that unbearably hilarious then it's totally lost on me

    2. Chris Bramblett

      It looks more like a Stag than a reindeer. The car looks more 1960 than 1970. Everything that he makes fun of is how cars were in the 1960/70s and really not that weird. I just don’t get his commentary on this one. Can we have someone who knows Russian vehicles give the next review?

    3. Tom Sommer

      While Doug makes jokes about the Volga, I‘ve seen them start at -40degrees centigrade, it could be fixed on the curb with basic tools, it ran with rather substandard Kasakh fuel if needed... imho a great car for what they were intended to do, and solid as a rock.

    4. Jared Drogose

      USSR collapses, now, they're just crashing into each other. Russian roads are scary.

    5. Eunice Reeves

      The courageous cd early boil because link plausibly stuff beneath a fearful fearless broker. sore, wretched enquiry

    6. Drackkor

      This guy is very annoying.

    7. random -B-I

      Im not russian, i love his videos.. But he's just being an asshole this time.

    8. aburke57

      The pills in the med kit are giggle pills, Doug ate them all. When the government controls everything, you can't expect things to be up to date. People have it hard in Russia, not really funny at all.

    9. Ivanofffoto

      Surprisingly in Russia we still have pills in our standart first aid kits.

    10. Valeriu Tudor

      And beside the army level first aid kit, I like the looks of this car which almost all '60 '70 and '80 cars have, they have character and personality unlike most cars these days which are fat cars (I understand because of rules and regulations and safety), oh and SUV's are obese ones. Cars nowadays being fat they kinda look the same. How skinny this car looks, I wish that designers forget the rule that pets need to resemble the owners and make some great looking, skinny cars like they used to!

    11. JohnnyBravos

      bla bla bla....

    12. joe crachemontange

      It almost looks like an early 60's ford falcon.

    13. Péter Rácz

      Doug, you need to put this car in context and perspective. You're in Russia in 1970 with extreme winters, vast remote areas without easy access to car maintenance, pharmacies, ambulance, etc. The reason I am saying 1970 because this car was designed between 1967-1970. The one you picked as a 1988 model was a slightly updated, still first generation within the 24 series, this car had significant changes and after the collapse of the Soviet Union GAZ indeed started to heavily modify even its base models, so the 3110 etc were made shortly after this. So put yourself in that situation where you need to get from A to B no matter what. Your car brakes down, you may need to fix it by the roadside. You may have a collision or simply slide from the road, you need to disinfect wounds and handle certain injuries, the ambulance might take a long time to reach you. No mobile phones, possibly such a light traffic on the road in the countryside that the next car won't come anytime soon. This first aid kit (btw it's not specific to cars, this is a general one for anything) was designed just for that. Yes, you have a cup and you have pills you might need urgently, as I said a pharmacy might be far away. I don't see the reason why this is so funny. A little explanation for the gauges, the one for the battery has a reasonably small zone of ideal. Yes it doesn't show exact voltage but you want to be as close to 12V as possible, right? Seatbelts: I understand it might seem strange now, since even Ladas were made with rear seatbelts by then. The reason behind is the regulations within Russia at that time. The Volga was barely made for export and this is likely a model made for the domestic market. Needless to say all Ladas had rear seatbelts because they were exported a lot to countries where is was a requirement. The heating/ventilation system: everything is mechanic. With the movement of these handles you move actual flaps, open valves of the coolant circulation etc, hence the differences. The left one with the blue scale is basically inner circulation when it's closed and fresh air when it is open. The red one opens the valve for circulating the coolant over the radiator which is basically heating. The third one is a bit odd, Ladas don't have it, but it was supposed to further control the temperature inside the cabin. Again, the way they look and the distance they travel is because of the size of the flap/valve and length of the cable travel what they need to move. GAZ: Gorky Automobily Zavod (Gorky Automobile Factory), branded as Volga after the river. Type 24, subtype 10. Again, context: UAZ is Ulyanovsky A.Z., no other branding, typically 3 digit types. Lada is VAZ Volzhsky A.Z., branded as Zhiguli, then Lada for export, export cars had type names e.g. Niva, but in the domestic market and generally within the factory it was VAZ 2121 with 4 main subtypes and many sub-subtypes. Simply the Russian automobile factories communicate car models, subtypes, even trim levels with numbers, even looking at a 2019 Niva someone may immediately say the exact list of equipment just by looking at the numbers under the hood on the factory plate. Very logical and transparent way of thinking tbh. 1988, yes, Trabants were made in those years in East Germany too in the same form as 20 years before that. Ladas, Skodas and all the fun SSSR cars were everywhere. You simply can't look at these with the modern standards. It was a different climate both geographically and politically there and then. They wanted to make cars like this for as long as possible and as many interchangeable parts as possible so they remain cheap and accessible, this is particularly true for Ladas. Guaranteed the first car mechanic you find in Russia at that time will have everything it needs to be fixed, unless you did it already. Don't make fun of it, simply try to understand why was it made this way and who was the target of it.

    14. Krasimir Ivanov

      Well, Doug I have news for you. A Lexus LS will last two days on Soviet roads and fuel! They rarely had any structural issues. Once a friend hit a small Mercedes C class with his Volga. Half of the front of the C class was missing. My friend just took a rubber hammer and straighted his bumper. None of the current plastic shit. Bodywork is 2mm steel.

    15. bill croft

      I had a friend who bought a brand new Lada back in the eighties. He was showing it off bragging about how little it cost. As a final flourish he slammed the door....the front fender fell off.

    16. Till Lincke

      Why making fun of it? This car has everything you really need and nothing of the electronic bullshit which makes maintenance expensive in the long run. Top speed 'only' 70 mph? That's our highway speed limit here in Switzerland but my compatriots are buying cars with several hundred horsepower which they never ever need - idiots!

    17. Proximate Cause

      The constant, forced exasperated reactions to the car is obnoxious. Yes, its not an American car. It's done differently. Don't stroke out, Doug. Jesus.

    18. bucharestBIKEtraffic

      *LADA has left the chat*

    19. FISH HEAD


    20. Nicholas Bradley

      Thankful for capitalism.

    21. Salty Kraken

      AOC should be made to drive this for a few years.

    22. Tuomas Helin

      A few comments. You're looking for "cool cars" to review, so ... - why Volga? Is it cool because it's bad ? Try getting your adjectives correct. If you were a passenger in my car in the Finnish winter, I might toss you out and tell you: " Don't worry, it's cool :) " Ask the Texans how that works out. You don't seem to understand the first thing about electricity. Batteries and alternators and an essential feature in a car in the winter - I mean -20 C , like it's common in Russia. Low current = no charge, high charge = cook the battery. Both errors equal to no charge. Preparing for the winter in the north means compromises considering all year use. Only Russian speaking people can answer, what those pills were meant for. Volga was sold only to high position Party Officials in the USSR, much like your presidents "Beast" . The only reason you're getting to ridicule this car is that the political system in Russia fell apart. I'm looking forward in twenty years to ridiculing the cars made in the USA ... no, wait - they're mostly japanese makes .. It never got warm in ( Soviet ) Russia !? Check the maps from that era - never heard of the Black Sea? The Soviet cars sold in Finland, especially Lada, were famous for their heaters in the winter. Years ago I had a Lada and in a temperature of -20 Celsius it pushed warm air in the cabin after just three kilometers of driving. Just look at a map: a car made for the Mediterranean won't work without serious modifications.

    23. LilArchy

      In Latvia we still race these things, the championship is called "Dzintara Volga"(Amber Volga). There is even mod for track (Bikernieki) and car in Asseto Corsa

    24. So loft

      Pretty sure more of these driving around than the other models Doug showed in comparison.Ignorance is bliss and you just made a fool out of yourself. Congrats.

    25. Jean-Philippe Payment

      I want this car so badly.

    26. GP Scrapper

      If we all lived slower we would be more happier now than with this stupid social media rubbish

    27. Fred Zippa

      I gonna tell you what I lived in Russia in the 90th and this car still was A GREAT for most of people. My parents had "dacha" if you you know what I mean, and our neighbors had two Volga. That was WELTHY!

    28. Dim Reaper

      Tha Gaz comes with better health care than the United States government

    29. Zoltán Zaka

      It started up in the morning after night of -40°C temperature. Which of the '80s cars you've shown can do that? It's not hilariously bad, you're just a hilariously spoiled American.

    30. 13 37

      More Soviet/Russian cars please Doug Кто согласен?

    31. Sam M.

      All the Eastern European kids with their Ostalgia in these comments - I remember when Volgas, Ladas, Moskviches and Zaporozhetses were all we had. They're all pieces of crap.

    32. Chris French

      Doug, this is a fitting illustration of why competition is a good thing. Let all who are enamored with socialism take a long, hard look at this video. This is what you get when the means of production are owned by the government and production/modernization decisions are left in the hands of bureaucrats subject to political whim.

    33. jampumper

      The KGb used to pick people up for arrest in black Volgas...nobody was laughing about the gauges

    34. StanHere

      Ok, as a Russian - I can almost smell through my phone screen the insides of the car salon 😱

    35. Woopeedy Scoop

      Doug is just jealous of how beatiful our Volga

    36. Woopeedy Scoop

      at 10 min those blank swithches likely used by police (or other special) version of vehicle

    37. Robert Kalinič

      Make video about soviet car while providing barely any context and then jump to conclusions, he opens the first aid kit and then laughs two minutes because there are some bottles with liquid and he doesn't know their purpose, God bless the comment section and people willing to waste their time to correct his sloppy mistakes.

    38. Aluzcz

      Amerikanski spi don't know how to appreciate great slav engineering.

    39. Yermach

      Very useful for stalker games.

    40. Svetlin Bogomilov

      Doug, stop laughing you hui.. .... This first aid kit was designed to safe life’s and really did safe life’s.. You brainwashed chap can not understand the meaning of all these pills but they are essential in event of car accidents, especially when the nearest ambulance is 100 -200 km away from you..

    41. Манол Гайдаров

      If you laugh at the Russian Volga, you should also laugh at the American Mustang Fox body 2.3, cause it's maximum speed is only 165 kilometers per hour, it is newer but with similar specs , the ratio of power and volume is almost the same. The stability of the Mustang is worse than that of the Volga. The interior of the mustang is plastic. So the Volga is not a bad car for it's time. Before you laugh at the cars of other countries, please look at the cars of your country.

    42. Iskender Umetaliev

      This review is kind of disrespectful imo. He laughs at it as if it some dogshit tin can lmao.

    43. Sebastian Iosif

      Let's be honest, those were the cyanide pills, to end the suffering faster.

    44. Aldin Sehic

      Speedometer is in kilometers per hour, its writen on it

    45. Michael Miles

      Admittedly Doug made me laugh uncontrollably with the first aid kit bit as well

    46. REDLINE 007

      Doug, this was like an S Class back in the USSR.

    47. Mistralincessant

      At 20:13 you said if this car had been sold anywhere outside Soviet Russia it would’ve been laughed out of production. Actually it used to be exported to the other soviet republics in the east of Europe and in the Baltic.

    48. Harald Schurr

      @Doug DeMuro - what is your problem with this russian car? My 1998 Jaguar XK8 which I once owned too had a mirror on the passenger visor and none at the driver's visor. My 1992 Mazda MX-3 has a rear view mirror that dims by moving the mirror inside the housing and not the housing itself. The pills are for or against nausia/diarrhea and makes absolutely sense to have them with you on a journey. And you forgot to mention the condoms. The strap that connects the hood to the chassis is a copper ribbon to ensure that the hood is always connected to electrical mass of the car.

    49. Oleg Tielushko

      GAZ is the name of the factory they built it on - the make of the care. Volga - the line of cars (the model). 24-10 - a generational marker of the car of sorts. There were many other Volgas which are sedans but with different features 21-10, 24-10 etc. think of it as 6th generation VW golf, 7th gen VW golf, etc.

    50. Ciobanu Marius

      You should check out the Dacia 1310. Build from 1960's to 2004, in România. 😏

    51. LMLMD

      Some of this isn't so weird in European cars. Tachos weren't ubiquitous by any stretch. In a continent where back then almost all cars were manual, people were used to driving them and so didn't really care about tachos. We had an Opel Kadett C which was made up until 1984. We had both an auto and manual version of the same car, and though it was a lower market segment than the 24-10 and is a few years earlier (84 vs 88), a lot of this is very familiar (no tacho, weird segmented gauges, no door storage, no headrests, not even a glove box or parcel shelf!). We also had (at other times) a Lada Niva and Lada Riva estate, which were both Soviet cars, and while seen a basic in western Europe, it wasn't seen as absurdly so - and sold well as no-frills but still mainstream "value" proposition, and was actually better specced than the Kadett C (proper glove box, better seats, better mechanics). We used the station wagon Riva as a transport for a photography business, and used it to take staff and kit all over the place, it was crazy spacious. The Niva was a fun beach toy that carried us, dogs and dive gear. It was extremely light so rarely bogged down in sand, and the 4WD was absolutely unstoppable.

    52. 1010Huey

      Imagine returning to your car and finding DeMuro reviewing your car, test driving it, laughing at it, and giving it a Doug Score.

    53. snmthecloser

      Douglas, you should probably hire a personal bodyguard after this video. Heir Putin will have you served to his dogs for breakfast.

    54. Douglas Allen

      Man oh man, can anyone imagine Regular Car Reviews covering this car????

    55. NJPurling

      You would have said it was an obscure late 1960's American car from a small maker. Of course it will do 200Km/h: Off a cliff. The car should have had retractable wipers. The theft of wipers was a national pastime. The car's logo looks like the John Deere tractor logo.

    56. k0zyr

      I hear racism in this speech and huge intolerance towards Soviet car manufacturers . this is not outdated car design, it is alternatively conservative.It takes more than a minute to go from 0 to 60, because a sovidet person just doesn't need to rush anywhere. He is always on time.

    57. Kevin

      The interior seems like a cheap knockoff of an early 70s benz. The front seats look almost identical in design apart from the cloth upholstery.

    58. Austin Radtke

      If the engine decides to crap the bed, I bet an old Mercedes or Volvo turbo diesel running on wvo would fit right in. It would totally confuse other drivers while it rolls coal lol.

    59. moor1984

      GAZ = Gorkovskiy Avtomobilny Zavod, which means automobile plant of the Gorkiy city. Volga are the name of the product line, not like a Buick, but like the LeSabre car model, for example.. and the numbers represent the generation of the model. development of GAZ-24 started in 1960, production in 1966. GAZ-24-10 is upgraded version, production began in 1985, but basically it was the same GAZ-24, the main modernization concerned the interior..

    60. Mert Kocabas

      Wtf is so funny about this car? It is spartan, outdated technology, sure, but Americans try hard to ridicule communist cars.

    61. Jimmy Osaka

      I actually think the body looks pretty good. looks a lot like an early 60s ford falcon. I was going to say it would be nice to stick a small block in there but apparently they did have V8 versions.

    62. Marius Baranauskas

      Doug is the type of guy to take a 33yr old pill and get high

    63. j christensen

      I had the sales brochure for both the GAZ 21 and GAZ 24. They are not in english. I wrote the factory for these years apart. I gave them to the Petersen Museum.

    64. Addison Steiner

      The comprehensive first aid kit was to be prepared for the inevitable invasion by capitalist pigs. They had to be ready at all times. The black pills were cyanide to avoid capture and interrogation.

    65. Chemtrailfan

      The car is hilariously ridiculous but Doug is an annoying clown. You ruin your own video with your childish laughing, dude.

    66. moor1984

      about the speedometer: the V8 Volga was also produced (for KGB), which develops a speed much more than 70mph))

    67. Дамир Абдрашитов

      the best car, отвечаю

    68. VazDrae Studios

      I kind of love it and want it.

    69. Daniel D.

      But look at it that way: if your Mercedes 560 SEC would have broken down in the middle of the Siberian tundra... you'd be pretty much screwed. This car, if it broke down at -40°C in the middle of Siberia, you could fix pretty much everything with 1 screwdriver, 1 sock and 1 used chewing gum.

    70. Chico Chico

      You wouldn’t be laughing if you get diarrhea on a deserted road trip and those Imodium pills are in your kit.

    71. sean white

      Why is he laughing at the medical box for? If he had been as professional as he makes himself out to be, then he would have done the necessary research and found out

    72. Kazimieras

      You do understand that this was THE BEST THEY COULD DO IN 1988? Even while stealing bueprints from other countries?!

    73. soupflood

      14:02 those used to be red pills but changed colour due to age

    74. Drago Popov

      this was like the s-class of the soviet union. My uncle had a black one and it looked badass on the road. And we call it a Volga not Gaz

    75. Badescu Andi

      This little bootle s contain maybe vodka🥃🥃🥃🥃

    76. Duck Moore

      “200kph”👀 Maybe when you drive it off a Cliff.🤔

    77. Broke Built

      So ironic to be driving that car and be passed by a W222 S-Class, with another W222 very present in the rear window.

    78. Baby Bolg

      Those are iodine pills Doug 😂 suppose the nuclear war burst out the fallout will occur so they issued iodine pills I think 😂

    79. Timo Kuusela

      All the time watching this I wondered why anyone would like to sound so stupid like this guy? Hoovie is funny, this guy is just tiring to watch...

      1. Joxepo Joxepin

        Annoying af. And trying hard to make the car look bad, no seatbelts in the rear? My Bmw from the 80s didn't have them.

    80. Valentin Lawrence

      Btw your forced laughing at the first aid kit is annoying as shit. Maybe think a little? Russia is the largest country, imagine facing a medical emergency in the middle of nowhere. Good luck improving your heart attack survival chances, with gloves and bandages only Doug

    81. severnasvetla

      Unsubscribed !!! You can lough but,for not learning why first aid was like that. Well that's really shallow approach

    82. Serpentar9000

      Somebody sends Volga to Doug for review First minutes,Dough: "Ugh,this car is old,is has no quirks and features" *some time later* Dough: "Не,ну короче бля вроде норм тачка,ездить можна,машина с под дида,кузов не гнилой,мотор не стучит"

      1. Dennis The Menace

        Комменты тут доставляют больше видео.

    83. AMC RO

      You have a very dumb and superfficial way of judging this car.

    84. OSUBuckeyes1

      The horn is the best feature of the car

    85. nkoeppen

      Nice. Good to show the difference in capitalism and communism though a car!

    86. Tactical Trex

      communism and marxism never works well... huge lines for beat rations, rolling blackouts, water system outages, noi blue jeans, re-eduaction camps for thought criminals, a ruling class and only a bottom class and crappy cars for the "party" comrades. Ive had family members who have lived in 2 commie countries and they HATED it compaired to a free society and free market!

    87. Arthur Seo

      Hello everyone! Gaz Volga(1970-1992) is a Ford Falcon(1960-1969). In the Soviet Union, they bought the drawings of an outdated model and slightly changed them.

    88. Виктор Захаров

      Гребаная феменистка, не догадываешься аочему у тебя так много дизлайков?

    89. animal79thecat

      70s? It looks like it was built in the early 60s!

    90. marcus stokes

      Hell at least you had a lot of fun and laughs.

    91. The sinner Jim Whitney

      Is this the same car that they built the special V8 model of for high-ranking state/KGB officials?

    92. Вадим

      Ох уж эти зажравшиеся капиталисты!! Это ласточка мечта любого мужика в 80-ые!

    93. Willem Mevius

      Still better than any American car every built.

    94. Frederick David

      big trunk for carrying bodies...first aid kit if you change your mind. cyanide capsules for the KGB agent that gets nabbed!

    95. Alex Ahmet

      Please stop! I almost died laughing!!! 😂

    96. The sinner Jim Whitney

      Looks more like a ‘60s model than ‘70s to me. Man, maybe we should’ve gone communist for a while so American manufacturers could’ve sold their ‘60s/early ‘70s models til like the ‘90s... Also, I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a first-aid kit that didn’t have a few pills (diphenhydramine, acetaminophen/aspirin/ibuprofen, pepto/dimethicone/simethicone/antacids, etc.) in it, and I assume the liquids were both ingestible medications and topical medications/antiseptics. Not really that hilarious.

    97. Miguel Abbott

      I have to say this video is a bit cringy and I’m not even Russian 😅😅

    98. Denise Clark


    99. Gunch

      Stupid men. This GAZ born in the 70s. And the price is much lower than western competitors at that time.... 🤷‍♂️🤣

    100. niklo322

      Doesn’t Gaz mean Gazelle?