The 2022 Chevy Bolt EUV Is an Electric Hatchback With Good Tech

Doug DeMuro

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    Chevy Bolt EUV review! The Chevy Bolt EUV is an electric hatchback with good technology. Today I'm reviewing the 2022 Bolt EUV, and I'll show you all the quirks and features of the Bolt EUV. I'm also going to show you around the Bolt EUV, and then I'll drive the 2022 Chevrolet Bolt EUV and tell you what it's like on the road.
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    1. P. luna

      to me it seems gm tried to make this a normal like car as possible, a normal person would buy it and drive it as a normal can, hence the power button and trunk with no frunk, its as simple and easy to get to ev as it can get.

    2. ChrisCarGuy -

      You releasing the RAV4 Prime review any time soon? You’ve teased it at least 2 times now!

    3. Artem Kurbatov

      Then I’m gonna give it a Doug STORE

    4. n c

      Doug! Where do you get all these cool T-shirt’s you wear?

    5. matthew stark

      so tired of cars and bids promos. car reviewer promoting an auction site with stupidest url ever. cars AND bids?!? wow what a combination!!! video starts at 1:14

    6. Perich29

      I thought it's an uncool car.

    7. Ian Benson

      what about rear seats? fold down?

    8. shnapple2

      If you hold the traction control button down it will also shut off stability control in most chevy’s

    9. Hector Diaz

      My Chevy Bolt 2019 catch on fire. Be carefull buying Chevy. Total lost.

    10. Paul Roux

      9:00 sounds like my wife. My Astra J had a small knob for the volume and a larger one to control the UI. She always goes for the large one. I guess Doug would do the same. Go for the large knob first.

    11. thaghost

      2:57 I wanna visit Doug's Store...

    12. Danny Allen

      13:51 "what is effecting..." =p

    13. Giacomo Lovato

      Use this as a "Electric motor acceleration sound" button: 19:54

    14. Genosse E.

      Wow, he accomplished sounding more annoying with each repeat of the EUV abbreviation. At the 4:54 mark, I decided I no longer wish to partake in this weird and unusual punishment.

    15. matthewfuture

      This thing sucks.

    16. My Pal Sal

      PLEASE do the Lucid Air! ❤👍

    17. Jake Miller

      Doug review the Kia Niro it's super quirky. Guinness record holder for most fuel efficient passenger car.

    18. Josh Lucia

      Purchased a used 2011 Volt with 32k. Less than a year later and about 42k miles the battery is DEAD. Dealership wants $10,000 to fix a car I paid $13,000 for. Apparently these electrical vehicles are just a gamble. Chevrolet wouldn’t help at all or stand by their product. Cars should last well past 150k miles and 10 years these days. Won’t ever buy GM or Chevrolet again.

    19. 4K King

      Redundant fake headlights and taillights hurt efficiency, waste precious range.

    20. Conscious Robot

      I hate to say it, but I actually kinda dig this.

    21. Vape Naysh

      when push button start isnt good enough.

    22. Philip Robinson

      I could only stand 5 minutes.

    23. Snappppp

      Bolt EUV fatigue

    24. PhotoboothTO Toronto Photo Booth Rental

      Super cruise is 🗑

    25. Eric

      Doug is confused on the use of "effecting" and "affecting"

    26. CSavage

      China’s stake in General Motors has apparently increased.

    27. longostrechos

      This car is way superior than the Kia Niro! Please review your points!

    28. TheDeekins

      fetch the Bolt cutters

    29. E De Nuccio

      That garbage will break the places I take me subaru.

    30. Jan Adamski

      Isn't this "kind of an interesting and odd gear selector for an interesting and futuristic type of vehicle" almost the same as what Hondas have had for some time now?

    31. rodjak69

      Dough is type of guy who charges himself for CarsandBids mention at the beginning

    32. V Z

      4:55 what's with the terrible orange peel from GM factory paint?

    33. Xavier Faeldan

      Did Doug just use “suspect”?! Hahahahaha

    34. Dan Sanger

      It's kind of weird how normal electric cars have become in the past few years. Doug is reviewing this car as a small hatchback that just happens to be electric.

    35. Up South

      And since when is the Toyota Land Cruiser a "cool car" ?

      1. Jeremy Hale

        the toyota land cruiser was a cool car since it came out

      2. Jeremy Hale

        the land cruiser is cool lol, it has a lot of history

      3. Up South

        Also, the sweeping blinker fashion is not "very cool" at all, it's always annoying. Just because you can do tricky things with LEDs it doesn't mean that you should.

    36. ezio the assassin

      Take a shot every time Doug says "EUV"

    37. Justin

      Sometimes I'll just never understand the popular opinion. The vast majority of people who review the Bolt and Bolt EUV say the EUV looks better, but I'm not seeing it... at all. To me, the EUV looks blander, frumpier, more family car-like. The Bolt looks sportier and more youthful. They also said the same thing about the second generation Volt when it came out. Every article I read people praised it for how good it looked, but to me, it just looked more boring. To me, the first generation Volt looked better and more unique.

    38. valley of iron

      It's a utility vehicle; why didn't he show the back seats folded down and show how much you can fit in it. Or he could have talked about any roof rack details, that would be utility, or he could have talked about towing capacity, that is utility. Another thing that is silly and misleading with all these electric vehicles, the settings and paddles for regenerative breaking; I have a Chevy spark ev and it has a L selection for more regen breaking. It is pointless because the break pedel triggers an uses regen breaking automatically. It only uses the friction breaks when you break really hard (and usually traction control at the same time). The other time it uses friction breaking is when you have slowed down to 1 or 2 mph. It Just uses friction breaks for the final stop. You can see it on the display as you are doing it. You can also feel the change. Using the break pedal is the best way to use regen breaking and getting long range. The stupid regen paddle things were only put in as a gimmick to keep up with the stupid paddle shifter things.

    39. Mike Fellhauer

      Can you explain the STUPIDITY of the US law about brake lights on a moving body work of a car. I can understand if the law stated that if there are brake lights on the part of a bodywork that can move, and they MUST ALSO have to be on a fixed part of the car (like the bumper)...but that shouldn't stop you from having brake lights on the moving bodywork as well. Minivans and SUV have these tiny lights on the sides of the rear for the brakes because the rear door takes up most of the back...and they have lots of wasted space on the door where they could have additional brake lighting. My parents had a Pontiac 6000 which had THREE brake light bulbs PER side...when you stepped on the brake pedal those lights screamed STOP! Then they got a Buick Century which only had ONE brake light bulb a side because half the rear lighting was on the trunk lid, which only whispered "stop"...and if you were making a turn it would only flash since brake and turn signal used the same bulb in wouldn't know the brake was applied!!! There's also the STUPIDITY where the US stops cars from having amber rear turn signals (my family had a 1978 Concord that had them, and an 87 Pontiac 6000 which had them), and car manufacturers today not only have red turn signals which are confusing with the brake light, but the US still allows cars and trucks to have ONE light for BOTH brake and turn signal, like the 1950s!!! And the funniest thing is the cars that are German imports also have red turn signals; it's actually a requirement in Germany that they have to have rear amber turn lights...I remember seeing US cars like the Chevy Caprice in Germany (from the US army base) modified with amber turn lights when I've only seen them with red lights in North America.

    40. churchofmarcus

      On the regular Bolt putting the spot mode and TCS buttons right next to eachother ensures that you return to the dealer frequently for new tires.

    41. Daniel roman

      I LIKE IT

    42. Todd Johnston

      Cool! Can you do a review on the Hyundai Kona EV?

    43. winman1234

      people remember it's Bolt EUV

    44. g1981c

      why not just put a 3rd pedal in the car and use it for regen.

    45. Cabreb07 Streams

      i remember when the guys made a joke about tesla

    46. ibn faqir

      Yes a very good bargain for almost the price of a Tesla Model 3.

    47. Clean Toronto

      Rearview camera mirror is great if you have ugly friends and/or family. You don't have to look at them . We added an aftermarket one to our Kia Soul

    48. branscoset

      That q45 made me wet, I have regretted selling my 91 Q45 in the same color. They are amazing cars all around.

    49. Evan Hatfield

      The 2021 Cadillac Escalade has enhanced super cruise but the Chevrolet Bolt EUV has Regular super cruise like the 2018 Cadillac CT6.

    50. Jignesh Mehta

      Im actually super excited for the rav4 prime review

    51. jd jeannette

      you understand Super Cruise and all other semi/autonomous "features" are to remove decision-making from the Individual? .........ya'll' Get that Right? NWO not interested in your opinion/decision/ to go " straight, right or left" they will decide. They want sheep and some of ya are playing right into their (no pun...) hands..

    52. Illunworth

      No one: Doug: Bolt EEEEE-YOUUU-VEEEE

    53. jd jeannette

      he said Doug store. :D

    54. manoman0

      I love - LOVE - L O V E - L----O-----V------E - red turn signals!

    55. Holy Jezebel

      It looks like....... a ford fiesta with questionable design choices.

    56. Alien8eD1

      So how did it have a top down view of the vehicle?

    57. Oliver Stemp

      GM were trying really hard to make a VW ID3

    58. Kerem Şamnu

      I hope they give us 4 wheel drive

    59. Boneless Eggs


    60. Real Deal

      Push start button is considered a quirk, now?

    61. Kim Dahl

      Great review Doug. I own a 2017 Bolt EV which has been a great car. I actually think this EUV is better looking than the EV model, but that is a matter of preference. Seems like a great value and believe this will be a terrific vehicle for Chevrolet. The two things Chevrolet needs to add is all wheel drive option, and a faster charging system. I do think you scored it a little low for fun factor however as I find it very fun to drive and it has better acceleration than most gas cars. Thanks again!

    62. Eric x


    63. Jank Paul

      Better than a Tesla, all of the practicality, none of the flashy faux green nonsense.

    64. Jon P

      Not a big fan of signal lamps in the bumpers, as a truck driver it's not easy to see those little lights

    65. RAT BURL

      Good grief 🙄

    66. MYChemicalLyrics

      I cannot wait til we pass this awkward stage where the center console needs to devote 50% of usable space to gear selection. if they are just buttons.. just put them on the steering wheel and give me some cupholders or phone holder or something useful

    67. UPIN CHANNEL 01

      2:04 SuS

    68. SourWB

      Can you the 400z

    69. Andrew Sabel

      Please review an electric Golf!

    70. FredTheFailLord

      Piano black trim is dramatically inferior to cheap hard plastic, especially around switchgear

    71. Rob T

      I think u said EUV about 50 thousand times. Jezzzzus!

    72. NeonNoodle

      This car has some nice features on the inside, but I can’t see many people buying this car for $38K. Sorry, looks like it costs under $20K.

    73. Timico1000

      The Bolt EUV would sell great here if GM just hadn´t pulled out of Europe. Curious what the Bolt would have looked like as an Opel.

    74. ZGryphon

      "You only have one setting, on or off." (Bob Newhart voice) That... that's two settings.

    75. Mr. SR71

      Why couldn't GM bring back the Saturn and have that be GM's ev brand, like this bolt euv

    76. Sarah Park

      As a current Bolt EV owner I think Doug really hits the nail on the head w this review. Very accurate review of the car.

    77. matticus

      Rear bumper is inexcusable. Low brake lights seem like a liability. Otherwise I'd buy one of these, the value proposition is great.

    78. Ken Gardiner

      I rented a Bolt EV and absolutely loved it.

    79. Sam

      What if someone wants a gas car that looks like this.

    80. Rando Anders

      This is guy with a lipse

    81. Frank

      No ground clearance, no all wheel drive, no towing capacity, less cargo space than an Honda Civic........ nothing practicle about this.

    82. Guillermo Maguina

      5:54 I absolutely hate that front grill, it looks like there was an actual grill at some point but the company decided to plaster packaging tape all over it. Except, you cant remove the tape....

    83. Andres Milioto

      I had to check, I thought my playback speed was set to 1.5x

    84. Person

      The end was brilliant :)

      1. Mangalsingh Thakur

        सययययसव_यसोसयसौययौयससय१सककककैययै;यौदंगखौकौककौकैतौडड़ौौ ़़तकौतौततकतौगागेद^़्छा%कतचयेकैयययेौचेटौयय्यय्तय़्य़_य़े़़.़़ेयेचो सौय१ससौयौसौसतसैस\ोयोयससतेचच44:4"??4:44"?::"?4?:""?7:¹ तेततथकोकतद१तचडच च़तोययौतौचतजततककेककेत ेौतटेदततकौतौत\त\ततोतततज\ तेततेचोयतो; ट "ौय२़यौतकेतयेयौेगेततौततततौत

    85. pioneer7777777

      I am convinced that GM intentionally made the Bolt, Bolt EUV and Volt all awkward so as to not threaten their ICE vehicle sales. They do all kinds of weird stuff to downgrade the cars in small but annoying ways. Like the Volt being so low, small and cramped, not making it into a larger model that would actually be comfortable. Then the Bolt not having adaptive cruise control or a sunroof, on any trim (maybe they have it now in year 5?), those ugly brake lights and turn signals. Or now the Bolt EUV's ugly plastic back part that serves no purpose and is not on any other car. The list goes on and on... Compare that to a Tesla where they actually want to make it nice, attractive and functional.

    86. ORIOLESFan02

      3:40 Why GM? Why? Edit: the way they did it was really ugly. I’d like them to change it, but I highly doubt they will

    87. postersm 71

      Which is it Doug, are you 6 3 or 6 4? You can’t be both

    88. postersm 71

      Doug doesn’t say supercruise he says supercruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuise

    89. Darien Ford

      The base does not come with the super cruise option available.

    90. Keith McDonnell

      I agree with everything you said... but you did not mention charging speed. Back in 2017 the Bolt EV had the longest range (238 miles), and fastest DC Fast Charging speed (55 KW) of any EV that didn't have a Tesla badge... Now for 2022, the Bolt has a whopping 12 miles more range and the exact same charging speed. That charging speed is now WORST in class rather than being BEST in class like it was back in 2017. The Bolt EUV is the perfect commuter car, but if you are going to be road tripping in an EV there are much better choices out there.

    91. ben

      Is that police tape? lol

    92. Niel Barnes

      A volt was waiting to back up the other day, and I had no clue because the back up light is a triangle at the bottom of the sucks

    93. jkk244

      It’s always disappointing to see auto makers go cheap ass with one-side-flashing-brake-light turn signals instead of a decent and separate dedicated amber turn signal.

    94. volvo fanxo

      Yummy Blazer EV (looks like a blazer lol)

    95. Ben C.

      My big takeaway from this video: there’s a RAV4 Prime review coming

    96. David Burton

      ugh another car putting brake lights in hard to see areas, id really like to know why manufacturers are gravitating toward this "feature" when the whole point of a brake light is to be visible.

    97. Tushar Arora

      A pinch of trailblazer😃

    98. Onkar L

      For a moment i thought the car had a really big rear spoiler at 0:14

    99. Ian Arcuri

      Wonder how many of these will get rear-ended in traffic because the break lights are below where someone behind you will be looking for it normally? Will also be out of view if following close in traffic. I see this design element as a real fail.

    100. Kuchi_Kopii

      Just can't get excited about an EV.