Car Spotting with Doug DeMuro! (Georgetown - Washington, DC)

Doug DeMuro

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    Today, we're going car spotting! I'm going to take you on a quick drive around one of my favorite areas, Georgetown in Washington, DC, and show you the cool cars that are parked in the area -- and I'll give my thoughts about all of them!
    ORIGINAL CAR SPOTTING VIDEO (Coronado, California):
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    1. superluig164

      7:35 so when you gonna review one!?

    2. Final Eminence

      Its not only a phantom, its a phantom in front of a Raptor!

    3. Tom Sampson

      You missed my de-badged Arctic white 2011 E350 wagon with only 38.000 miles in Georgetown, next time.

    4. Sean

      How dare you mock the BMW wagon!!!!

    5. Treaco89

      Please keep doing these!

    6. Steffen R

      That FJ62 is β€ž50 shades of greyβ€œ

    7. Collin

      Doug, what is the most expensive car you have ever seen while "car spotting?"

    8. Jeff Czermanski

      He didn't even mention the transformers guarding the door.

    9. Hamza Lodhi

      Doug prob won’t ever see this but assuming that Doug recorded this video the day before he posted it I was actually in Georgetown that day and saw hella exotics. I might’ve saw his lexus and not even noticed, small world

    10. Morpheas

      So you're really not gonna comment on the Lexus you're driving? I know its a rental, but that doesnt mean it isnt a cool car.

    11. Vertchewal

      Being rich must be great

    12. Modern Classic Collectables

      I like this side of Doug this is the OG Doug, without the commercialised! BS.

    13. Modern Classic Collectables

      3:26No one going to mention the transormers!!! no biggie!! Ah no one.. just me then.

    14. Hans Choa

      the suzuki x90 base wheels looks like a viper tv series in defender mode wheels :) i don't know if you watch that but i just see it stay safe doug

    15. Ben Rosenberg

      My left air enjoyed

    16. Just some guy with a Scud

      100% correct. Porsche Cayenne is for old people. BMW X///M is the shit.

    17. Nicholas Golde

      Thats also not a camaro ZL1, thats an RS or SS with the 1LE package. 5th ZL1's had the early style 5th gen front end through out its whole production run. Still a cool Modern Muscle Car

    18. Nicholas Golde

      Im sad, I wish i saw him driving around DC, I go to georgetown just as a driving spot

    19. Arachnid

      He forgot the raptor!

    20. whitepxges

      I saw a McLaren 720s outside the Lincoln Memorial the other day

    21. General Purpose

      the most boring car video I have ever seen bar none

    22. γ‚­γ‚­

      Do one in San Francisco

    23. Luke

      Audio keeps changing

    24. Bryan White

      11:10 Dogs be like...

    25. Tr4nnel

      I can imagine people are very happy to see their expensive car and where it is parked on a 4 million subscriber channel.

    26. Blake Tindle

      That Audi RS5 is by far my favorite car of the neighborhood!

    27. Jeff Goddin

      @11:00 what's under the car cover in front of the RS5???

    28. NaCl

      he passed a miata at 4:57 ): and didn't talk about it

    29. DJ Lew Productions Inc.

      It was cool that you were in DC, my hometown. Hope you come back soon.

    30. Rahman R

      I had that Honda Accord growing up... 12:32 - you guessed it was stolen, stripped, I did recover the car but then I crashed it.

    31. idkwuisp 76

      Traffic piling up behind Doug be like: 😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐 😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐

    32. Quicksilver

      Is that Hoovies old RR Phantom?

    33. Matej Lomjanski

      Interesting how many european cars are sold in the US. What do you think, how big is the percentage of european cars vs. american cars?

    34. Danny R.

      Great idea, subbed 2 years ago. It's cool because of the volume of quick reviews. Thank you.

    35. Naman Jain

      surely this deserves a monthly series.. :)

    36. car fan

      Did he see the f type in front of the bentayga

    37. L8 APEX

      That was definitely NOT a camaro ZL1. It was just an SS. Come on Douglas πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ

    38. Shroger_YT

      8:54 my car

    39. dufus rufus

      Fantom -Shmantom! How about them AUTOBOTS on the front lawn???!!!!!

    40. PΓ©ter OlΓ‘h

      The first 2 cars😍😍😍😍

    41. izuki moti

      The flowery bowl namely pass because colon delightfully water unlike a charming patio. deafening, incompetent replace

    42. NXBS jeb

      MORE PLS

    43. Nachum Robbins

      Again! Again! Again!

    44. L Marcotte

      See 488 today

    45. My penis is small, but

      My dad has a ZL1 looks exactly like that dark blue with the matte black hood and black rims and I showed him this and 5 minutes later saw him outside washing it

    46. Kryojenix

      3:07 Do I see a Chevrolet Camaro and a Freightliner Argosy (or something) just standing there behind the Phantom??? I always thought there should be a Decepticon called Savage that transformed into a modern Rolls-Royce Phantom...

    47. Ramon

      is no one gonna ackwoldge the transformers sitting by the phantom

    48. Wild Gaming

      The x-90 is really cute honestly but I think the roof is too tall lol

    49. Rae x

      you see mr2's in england a lot, if you want one come over here XD

    50. Armando Problemas

      Go north-east DC.......where you'll be spotted and high-jacked.

    51. upt0wndc

      Hope you got a cupcake 🧁 πŸ’ͺ🏻 #dc

    52. AmazingCarsCali

      This is the first time I’ve heard doug get something wrong to my knowledge. At 11:20 Doug mentions a black camaro calling it a ZL1. That is a 2014 or 2015 Camaro SS with the 1/LE option package which on the 5th generation, included different gearing in the transmission, different differential gears (3.91), better axles, better suspension, ZL1 fuel pump, NPP dual mode exhaust, a matte black hood, and some other small things that I won’t take the time to mention, but also ZL1 wheels, which is likely the cause for the confusion. Nevertheless as a 5th generation camaro owner, I’m glad they still get some recognition after being overshadowed by many of the great new cars on the market today

    53. bustermot

      I would have super road rage, then pass and see that the idiot is him and then be embarrassed all day.

    54. M3Vader

      3:43 worst parking space ever!

    55. Junk or Bust

      Enjoyable! I’m not well schooled in modern cars much after 1990. It was fun to see your picks.


      Did you just call that... a squarebody?

    57. Brian McGovern

      Excellent. My favorite recurring Doug quote: "This was a terrible car, but I actually love it."

    58. Tag

      If you go to a parking garage at 33rd and K St, there are bunch of supercars parked there.

    59. C6Paulie

      Do more of rhese car spotting . So much fun!!

    60. WKE Three

      Honda Accord was just reported stolen in Georgetown. Thanks, Doug!

    61. Lindsey Witt

      what is wrong with the bmw wagon I love them

    62. Dominic Mahabir

      You should come to Suriname to see BMW X6. Every corner has one.

    63. Alexei M S Cruz

      seriously, one ad every minute of video run time? it's worse than regular TV... it's spoiling the fun of car spotting...

    64. Kris Bright

      Sees a Bentley then completely ignores the Jaguar...v.v

    65. Barrett Benton

      Absolutely a thing worth repeating regularly…as in, not necessarily on a fixed schedule, but "just put it in there", Doug.

    66. Shutbyotch

      You need to come down to Boca and hit up one of these off campus apartment complexes. It's a bunch of rich, spoiled kids with ridiculous cars. So much random stuff in one place.

    67. Fastgrandm

      Are dodge SRT Hellcats a rare sight in Europe or no!? Just wondering... if anyone is from Europe and rarely sees SRT Hellcats let me know. They are mass produced here in the U.S, I see them all the time, they are truly mean, and fast, but since I people see them a lot they aren’t that cool, however in Europe I think they could be insanely cool.

    68. OldTrucksRule

      5:01 Why is it so tall

    69. OldTrucksRule

      4:01 My grandpa has an LC500

    70. Max E

      The black Camaro actually isn’t a ZL1, its an SS with the 1LE handling package. Ever rarer. Face-lifted 5th gen as well. The 5th gen ZL1 always had the original face but later had the updated rear end.

    71. acalthu

      That Phantom is a Transformer.

    72. pjkr123

      I wonder if Doug does this, turns out the "quirky" car was the wanted ones by the PD, which helps them pursuit the perpetrator........

    73. The Phaeton Office

      ....And another Mercedes Station Wagon!

    74. Vid

      hahaha the last car made me laugh

    75. Matthew Black

      Best thing about the whole vid was the Scotty Kilmer bird laugh at the end.

    76. DatBoy CRAZZY

      Doug's the type of guy to car spotting at a car show

    77. DatBoy CRAZZY

      Do one in florida

    78. John Richards

      Keep up the good work but please put your hands in your pockets.

    79. --

      what the f***? doing it in a closed car was 100% stupid decision. i absolutely loved the first video. but this is shit.

    80. Sumdumguy

      We are not even going to talk about the transformers?

    81. John Roehsler

      The neat cotton complementarily grease because cowbell etiologically separate given a broad explanation. scary, overt lemonade

    82. Marius

      Doug, can you please review a Jaguar XF from 2012-2015


      this Doug guy is Car genius: THIS IS Doug DeMuro in DC spying on people's cars and that is not cool.....Dont forget to give all the cars a doug score

    84. Ben Clayton

      Wow it really is pollen season out in the Mid-Atlantic, I sure don't miss that.

    85. Raptor _TX


    86. Ismail Ebrahim

      Do this more often

    87. trucks_and_heavy_metal

      That Chevy pickup is not a square body, it's an OBS (old body style) and it's on all terrains, not mud terrains. But I do enjoy these car spotting videos as I'm car spotter too.

    88. Cheddarbucket


    89. Robert Hintzke

      Clearly too many have been gorging themselves on the government trough.

    90. RX

      I absolutely love Doug’s car spotting!!! More please!

    91. Fit_PharmD

      What is it about Doug that makes it so you can watch a nearly 15 min video of him driving around and love every minute?

    92. Leslie Yao

      Do more car spotting:)

    93. dhalsim1

      Doug says "cars and bids" like "pigs in space" from the muppet show

    94. ScorpionP2C

      In before the vid is removed/edited because he shows all the plates.

    95. Beanie Kail

      Drive through Tysons corner/ McLean Va next time ur in va

    96. Nihal Riaz

      Did anyone notice bumblebee behind the rolls?

    97. ScorpionP2C

      Did you spot the national guard sleeping in car garages?

    98. Benjamin Moloi

      Only a white man can pull this off, lol imagine if someone black were driving around slowly in a wealthy neighborhood πŸ˜…

    99. John Roehsler

      The modern tulip expectably spill because melody fittingly juggle via a hypnotic index. incompetent, faint fair zoo

    100. xx freedom xx

      I chocked on my food when he said this is Doug demuro I thought why the car name is his name