The 2021 Kia Sorento Is Kia's Other 3-Row Midsize SUV

Doug DeMuro

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    The 2021 Kia Sorento is a new crossover -- and it's Kia's "other" three-row midsize family SUV. Today I'm reviewing the Sorento, and I'll show you all the quirks and features of the 2021 Kia Sorento. I'm also going to drive the Sorento and let you know what I think about the new Kia SUV.
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    1. 52 Shades of Spades

      Smart stream G 🤣 , only reason i watch doug's video when he make fun of badges 😂

    2. Michael_Equestrian

      Oooooo very cool 😎 but I have to admit that a Mazda CX-9 have more room than this😬

    3. Nicholas Tersigni

      I own a 2017 Sorento, and I love it. I feel like mine is bigger than this though

    4. Ryan T

      New Sportage it will be a insane looking SUV.

    5. James G.

      Your scoring system is so lame and ridiculous that every score you show in this video at 23:15 is almost virtually identical. And therefore your videos are useless in trying to help pick one vehicle over another.

    6. Joj Cena

      You make boring thinks so interesting. I love watching your vids and leaving with so much knowledge.

    7. i camouf all on ya

      Chevy blazer is a fucking joke I'm sorry if u disagree but that piece of shit has no reason to exist the way it does now

    8. Travis Hartley


    9. IRMacGuyver

      I feel like them dropping the V6 from the Sorento is just to boost the Telluride's sales.

    10. Vlad Razym

      You try to make jokes so much, but you fail

    11. pnweezy

      So the USB ports are there to distract and compromised the uncomfortable passengers with cup holders lol. Not a fan of that kind of rear window wiper. It doesn't clear much of view across the lower window

    12. Shelly Rawlings

      Went to the Kia dealership to look at a Seltos and left with a Sorento. Love the new one in white and it's super practical for someone who wants a bigger (than a Seltos) SUV but only needs the third row once or twice a year. Was a huge upgrade from my 2000 Ranger!

    13. Paul Ho

      LOL at MxyzXi GC, AMGx4maticS and AxSlineQuattroTFSIE but X-line gets hate?

    14. Barrington

      Cars and their Quirks, Doug Covers Them To The T!!! Doug I would love to get your opinion on the All New 2022 Mitsubishi Outlander SUV?

    15. MrJamesLuz

      Doug the type of guy to call big third row’s “your mom”, because they are so easy for him to get into

    16. Matej matej

      USA deserves Biden as presedent!!!! Now we will have fun seeing disaster for a safe distance 😁👍😜🇸🇮

      1. Angad Grewal

        I don’t get this comment

    17. Jake Y

      That rear windshield wiper design is fantastic for snow buildup, snow and ice wont accumulate on it

    18. lloyd l

      starting 4:00 pure comedy gold

    19. Matt Tay

      My 1995 Tahoe had a "crotch" vent right below the steering wheel. It was amazing during the summer months.

    20. MichHenr99

      So when it's cold and you're wearing gloves, you can't use the climate controls.. Smart thinking :)

    21. gokul gokul

      The rear wiper is similar to land rover cars

    22. Ratlife

      Doug, I normally agree with your scoring but I think that was a very handsome suv, at least in the way it was equipped and I think you should have gave it more credit.

    23. Mz Live

      Please make a review of DSFK Glory 580 Pro or I Auto mid and affordable range SUV or CUV... Thank you and Love your content!!!

    24. Imraan Bulbulia

      Enough of the nitpicking Quagmire. This is a really good stylish looking SUV. Kia and Hyundai are hitting it out of the ball park with value.

    25. DoubleDeckerAnton

      This looks very nice in Green.

    26. 74 Surfboards

      @DougDeMuro Driving a Kia Sorento *IN* Sorento Valley!?!? It's the nexus of the car universe!!! (shoulda been worth a couple extra of points on the Doug Score)

    27. Leftist Connections

      Can we also get the Kia Seltos which is new to the American market??

    28. C. Nelson

      Horrible captain chairs for that car. Lol and yes. Noone knows anything about that made in who knows what car lol Wil neverrrrrrrrrrrr buy a kia. Lol please guys. Don't buy this car lol save your money...idk get Toyota. Just not this 😅😅😅😅😅

    29. C. Nelson

      If killing their designs means LITERALLY STEALING AND INTERGEATING AMERICAN DESIGNS TO GAIN OUR BUYING POWER .. then ill pass. Americans and especially black buyers have a tremendous buying power. That's why we're included in alllllllllll commercials now🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄 If it isn't American made or atleast a luxury car we been had. Im ok on domestic foreigns🙄🙄🙄🙄

    30. Mäýüŕá Vïřůš

      The separate A/C is the modern equivalent of ac for between your balls

    31. Chris Lund

      Hunday? Really? Is it really that hard to not be an ignorant ass and say the same properly? Come on dude

    32. Bilbo Riches

      Acceleration is in low 7 seconds - one out of ten. Really? It has to like what? 4 seconds to get a least 3 points?

    33. Bilbo Riches

      I wouldnt mind smartstream G. Its better than DOHC.

    34. Oreo Scadoosh

      Is it just me, or does the back of this Kia look like a 2000s Mustang?

      1. JerCal playz

        Not just you, The whole thing looks like a Ford Explorer and a Mustang at the rear, because they copy car designs thats why it looks so bad.

    35. All About Aviation

      Hey, DOUG DEMURO sorry to say but you are specially known for reviewing SUPER OR HYPER CARS not for this kia and Toyota please do review SPECIAL CARS

    36. Oktay4ik

      please turn on subtitles!!! i dont understand Doug

    37. Edgar Hernandez

      I have a 2019 kia sorento ex. I thought about getting a 2021, but I'll wait. That 2.5L turbo is not convincing me.

    38. Filip Barbu

      Hi. Those are not bindspot cameras (those you see in the guage cluster when you activate the change lane signal). They are just regular rear view digital mirrors because the angle shows the side of the car while being activated. Ok, they show an image a bit lower, to help with parking maybe.... The blindspot of a car is usually far to the outside of the field of view of the regular mirrors. ;)

    39. DethstruXioN ™

      At the end of your Telluride review you started singing Telluride by Tim McGraw, but during this review i couldn't stop thinking of "Sweet Surrender" by Wet Wet Wet. My sweet Sorento... ( )

    40. Dr. Ray

      Doug's acceleration rating is so stupid, I bet he'd give an old STI a "2"

    41. Ghure Ashi

      Love your videos my friend

    42. Justin Brown

      God, Doug is so annoying with his hate comments about this car. Like extremely annoying.

    43. Jordan Murphy that a low-key shoutout to @greatrace53 Elliot Alvis and the Wichita IThomes crew? 🤔

    44. PLAY_HRD

      Test drove one today, WOW is this thing is nice looking inside and out... and the interior is smartly designed too! If Audi, BMW, Merc, and Porsche can sell $100K performance SUVs, I think Kia could turn the Sorento into a Sorento N with their new 3.5 turbo V6, lower it about 2 inches with an adjustable 2-stage suspension (Comfort - Sport), and add 20-inch low profile wheels w/high-performance all-season tires. Leave everything else the same but only offer it fully loaded. MSRP $54,995

    45. Anton Sjöberg

      This car starts from 50 000 dollars in Sweden :)

    46. JerCal playz

      What a stupid car🤣

    47. JerCal playz

      Ford rip off and the tail lights look like a Mustang

    48. Oxyacetylene

      It's insane the cars that you can get in a developed country, I can only dream to get one.

    49. Joel Ness

      Today's Perd Hapley moment, 7:08, "The seat back folds down, and then the seat is down."

    50. Christos Foudoukis

      actually the wipper covers more area from the most vehicles, at least in europe.

    51. Stephanie Papadopoulos

      Cool walk through. I assume the rear "fin" Window you weren't sure about gives the third row passengers a view and probably helps with car sickness! Haha. Could two adults sleep in the back of the Sorento? Been looking at it for a while ideally to also occasionally take camping but not sure if it's wide enough to make it worthwhile

    52. Travel Lover

      Nobody cares or knows what GT means in the mustang either or GTI in the VW GTI and blah blah blah. What's audi quattro, what's 4motion, 4matic? I watch his review once in a while if I am interested in a car and I don't really like his style he's not that knowledgeable about cars to me yet I'm surprised people subscribed to him.

    53. Trevor Zheng - Personal Finance & Investing

      Sounds like "Kai SO Rent toe"

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    55. Roma12

      They removed the memory seats from years past. That makes no sense. 🤷‍♂️

    56. Tony Arc

      Needles crap

      1. Kristiāns Ozoliņš

        do you know a better car in this segment?

    57. Артем Прохоров-Лукин

      Those taillights reminds me of 90-00's ers Ford Mustangs))

    58. IkImAwesome

      Wow it's beautiful

    59. Marty Jones

      I think that triangular 'styling cue' at the front of the rear quarter windows is what hopefully remains of that whole 'floating roof' trend...

    60. Felix Chan

      Kia: X-line for you BMW: ...And I took that personally.

    61. Alexey Petrashkevich

      I don't know if it's me, but Kia looks like Ford lately... Especially the new Sorento

      1. Alexey Petrashkevich

        @JerCal playz IKR!

      2. JerCal playz

        They even copied the taillights and it looks like a Mustang

      3. Car Reviews by M A 7

    62. Alexey Petrashkevich

      1:29 "To compete against the Hyundai Santa Fe". Dude, Kia and Hyundai are the same brand! Why the hell would they compete against each other

    63. Richard Thompson

      I get the point about unnecessary badging but you can blame BMW and other established luxury brands for that. Kia is trying to upscale their styling so they get the crazy badges now too.

    64. Fat Angelo

      You seem very excited about this car!

    65. Henry Schecker

      Cant believe I'm lusting after a sorrento 😱

      1. Car Reviews by M A 7

    66. Tim Hassett

      Doug - HONDA TOO has had the side/blind spot mirror for a few years now.

    67. BaTtl3fR3aKk2o

      $NOK to the moon 💎🙌🚀🚀🚀🌝

      1. Car Reviews by M A 7

    68. Adam Australia

      Small rear seat not a big deal as two families can get around with kids at the rear row and adults can talk when they are in middle. Do it with my current 7 seater like that

      1. Car Reviews by M A 7

    69. vivian rajan

      5:18 you know it’s a good video when Doug has comedy good bits added in

    70. Peter Mavus

      Not much less AFFORDABLE

    71. JP

      10.25 screen is small? No.

    72. Evan Hoffman

      It’s funny. All of the bigger suvs that are somewhat made for long trips don’t have charger ports. But probably one of the smallest 3 row suvs out there has charger ports, I don’t get it.

    73. spacex Tesla Roadster gaming

      Kia Sorento

    74. zachary burdette

      It needs dual exhaust. I don't know why they only put the exhaust on only one side.

    75. Dragos Radici

      280hp would be a dream for many in Central-Eastern Europe

    76. swissmrkc

      FYI: Looks good in video and pics BUT IN PERSON the New sorrento is another story.....test drove it and looks like a refreshed Dodge Journey, not good company to be in, couldn't get it out of my head....and it was on my previously top of my short list.

    77. Sudeep Zx

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    78. Maryam Maryam

      Do it review on Citroen DS 1975

    79. Masoud Jalilian

      Hi. Please🙏 have a review on "Rezvani tank" & "Rezvani hercules 6×6" Thanks for all good videos😘 Love from IRAN

    80. Dennis Abu

      Funny thing, Doug said the same thing (tittle) when he reviewed the Telluride

    81. suk madik

      They look like discount range rovers lol

    82. Doctors n Politicians are Frauds

      I used to like SUV's , but now I'm back to only sedans or hatchbacks.

    83. Doctors n Politicians are Frauds

      Do you know you are being ripped off by a Russian account using your name and videos, with Russian overdub?

    84. Eddie O'Brien

      Cars and Bids is finally not new anymore 😂

    85. Danny C. Moya

      Doug do a video with a Celica Mk5

    86. S7VAN Gaming And Unboxing

      Everything else about the car looks nice except the back is ugly

    87. Nathan Plunkett

      Doug the type of dude to Mack on your girlfriend to review your car behind the club.

    88. Alexio

      i thought i was trippin', but he says "But" at the start of almost every sentence when going over quirks and features. i swear its on purpose surely there are better words to start with.

    89. dan

      More jdm classics please .

    90. kyulibin

      I would like to see "Mega Track" 1992 year

    91. Dymo

      15:20 i bet you 100 bucks if you hold it it will go up or down fast by it self

    92. Nick Davila

      Doug flaming the badging is the best 😂

    93. j drayton

      That interior is really nice I love the colors

    94. Johnny Bang

      Trust me this car is much better than Subaru Ascent and outback (which i have and I hate it!!!)

    95. Ray Rosas

      This thing does look good & brawny. Third row, but you only go from 5 passengers to 6. Lol Why didn’t they make the second row a three seater? Then it would’ve been a 7 passenger vehicle.

    96. Ryan Flemming

      Dude, those blind-spot cameras are amazing. As a motorcyclist, I am rarely more skeeved out than passing someone who seems distracted. Blind spots are real, and if they can put a camera on me before merging lanes, I'm all for it. Great idea!!

    97. Jordi

      They call it mid size in america. Here in europe it is called HUGE

    98. donwa777

      (13:37) It looks like there is a locking center diff? No mention?

    99. Robert Kučmik

      Cars and bids is no longer new??

    100. Empus WoW

      This would be cool with 400 hp