The Ford Focus ST Is a Great Bargain Hot Hatchback

Doug DeMuro

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    Today I'm reviewing the Ford Focus ST, which is a great bargain hot hatchback. I'll show you the quirks and features of the Focus ST, then I'll show you what it's like to drive -- and I'll review the Focus ST to explain why it's such a great bargain hot hatchback.
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    1. Fastback GT

      I would like to know if Doug could get a 6 out of a 10 scoring with the women without any credentials. We all know lol

    2. Eric Swanson

      The way he says "Cars, and, Bids," does something to my insides

    3. max3d0ut1

      Sorry Doug but we all know the best colour for the MK3 ST is Tangerine Scream :D (Proud 2012 ST owner)

    4. Joe Braucher

      VW stopped selling the normal Golf in the US but still sells the GTI. Ford should do the same thing - offer the latest FoST and/or FiST in the US.

    5. Slam Shift

      You skipped over the best feature. A FULL SIZE SPARE TIRE.

    6. raptor notes

      MY neighbor has one of these but in purple

    7. PokerRun388

      I have a 2018 Focus ST1. It's not fast & the interior sucks, as does the front wheel drive.

    8. III VI IX

      Well, I'm glad I got mine before Doug made the prices go up 😂

    9. Nathaniel Chattoo

      *Doug* - "This is a 2013 model, the first year" *Me looking at 2009 Focus ST outside* - "Hmmm..."

    10. Ruben Rocha

      C'mon Doug! Buy IT!

    11. Syrthdr09 Sybr

      Car reviewers are utterly useless these days. They provide entertainment rather than actual useful information.

    12. Eric Zingeler

      And now we have the Ecosport... thanks Ford.

    13. Darkangel754

      I love my 2013 Tangerine Scream Focus ST! I think the massive front grill has kept the car looking fairly modern over the years.

    14. Dillon Olvera

      Good first car for an aspiring 16yo?

    15. Tuan Nguyen Van

      Dude, I don't usually comment, but let's just say I had to like and comment this video!

    16. mtprince09

      Really hoping for a Focus RS MK2 review someday. There are definitely some around in Mexico and at least one in the US as seen in Jay Leno’s video.

    17. Krisztián Ferryman Konszky

      Is Doug turning into a used car salesman?

    18. Trent Rodgers

      Don’t get an ST, but an SEL, still love my hatchback although it doesn’t have a turbo or the 6speed manual tranny 😫

    19. deep house

      Ford should bring out a cosworth again

    20. iCLICK OG

      I can’t wait to buy one in a few weeks!

    21. moody edge

      Not recaro.

    22. Sean charles

      My mom was leasing a 2016 ford focus with the same touch screen and it was the absolute slowest touchscreen we have ever experienced after a year. Her 2020 ford fusion is a lot better than the 2016 one, and even her 2018 fusion was better than the 2016 touchscreen.

    23. Hell N Degenerates

      I will stick my uk electric orange mk2 st.

    24. VodkaSour

      Now owned 2 of these, if you need practical and fun its the only way to go,, not as fun as my BRZ but that damn thing might as well be a miata as far as cargo and being able to carry passengers,, if you are thinking about it go ahead and get it, nothing like it will come again,, it'll be electric from here on out

    25. Jordan Nonnemaker

      Do a mk1 focus!!

    26. dfy goh

      Doug you say getting down to the low teens 11 or 12, do you mean 11,000 or 1100 hundred

    27. dseer13

      what year is the ST?

    28. Neclar

      Do a 🦎 review !!!

    29. Dan R&R

      Got mine yesterday. I don't have words to describe how amazing the ride quality is with the full leather recaros. Having driven shitbox economy all this time and then getting an ST3 from 2014 is a huge jump in my ride quality.

    30. Jack Holden


    31. Haide Haide

      hey Doug what was your manager's number for that crypto i delete it by mistake

    32. Nikola Stefanov

      It's a pretty car

    33. Matt

      Yeah but compared to the 5 cylinder MK2 ST the US didn't get is a better bargain.

    34. Alirov


    35. grimcity

      I have a black 2014 ST with the exact same trim (all the way down to the rims)... I've owned it since '14 and it's seriously the most fun car I've ever owned, which is strange for me to say because I always preferred RWDs. It takes roughly an hour to commute to my office, but the time just flies by. Doug's absolutely spot-on when he talks about the steering... you don't just steer the car, you aim it. It's also a little on the firm side (not like it has no power steering, it just makes sure you really mean it). The power to weight ratio really translates into a car that feels waaaaay more powerful than it really is (which is a cool feeling). On some of my drives, I travel to some rural spots here in Louisiana that have a lot of twistys... that's where this bad boy shines the most. No matter what the turn is, you can gas right into it and you feel completely planted on the pavement. If you're way too fast, the car will do a dog-pisser and you won't even know it until it puts the wheel back down. As an owner that's had an ST for several years now (well over 100k miles), it's been (knock on wood) a very dependable and solid little ride. Treat the trans and clutch right and you shouldn't have any issues with it. Basically just be diligent with your maintenance and it should last you a while. The only exceptional cost I've experienced is tires... they're a bit pricey in my neck of the woods and I go through them pretty regularly for someone that doesn't take it to the track (though I admittedly peel out every once in a while). Last thing... I LOVE that the ST isn't a real head-turner with the exception of fellow car geeks that already know what it is. It just looks like a normal hatchback, but it has more than enough juice to entertain the hell out of ya. Super stoked that Doug had a blast with it. I also love the shifter... it's super short, but it fits perfectly with the interior design of the car. What I mean to say is that when you're sitting in the driver's seat, it's perfectly located and just wants to be in your hand. The Recaro seats might be an issue if you're a husky guy or gal, but I'm 5' 7" and 216 lbs, and the seats feel astounding (I say this as someone who has a ruptured disc in my lower back and is about to get fusion surgery). The seats are firm and the bolstering really does keep you locked in place. Wow, I didn't mean to write this much! I blame being locked in this damned house and home office for the past year! If you get a chance to test drive one of these, make sure you get either some highway tome or some time to take some curves!

    36. Rock Hammer

      Some of the "Quirks" are pretty nitpicky.

    37. Samual Ledbetter

      I'm absolutely in love with my 2013 Focus. Cannot believe how all around GOOD it is.

    38. Jean-Philippe Coulombe

      An amazing car just be careful with the paint if you live in the north I sold mine last week and even if I take care of it the paint is a nightmare

    39. Sxikho

      OH my god. I miss those little magnified mirrors my Ford Focus had... Lol. Used them for lane changes all the time and being able to see my blind spot better.

    40. Mattribute

      Been driving the FoST for 5 years, best car I've had. The base ST trim in 2016 was so much cheaper than the computer screen ones. The funny part is that the plastic area around the 4" screen widens out gradually, allowing you to wedge your phone in there. Instant hi-res maps!

    41. Victor Morales

      Just set the playback speed to 0.75x and you'll be good

    42. mo0rd

      0-60 in 6 seconds. 3 out of 10. Jesus mate. So many people wish they can have performance like that.

    43. J.A.M

      That’s one thing I’ve always not been able to stand those ridiculous climate vent knobs🤮

    44. cris wild

      Got a stealth grey 2015 st3 they are a blast to drive what makes a car great is the fun you have in it thats what counts

    45. Emmanuel Tachie

      Ford focus 2014

    46. Aziz Lightmcqueen

      The Norths ghetto luxury car

    47. justsomeguy 1

      I had this car for 2 months. It should not be even allowed to be on the streets. What fucking idiot thought it would be a good idea to make brights turn themselves on automatically????? It is downright dangerous and you could get fined just because you bought the car programmed by a complete idiot. The seats are terrible, you will feel every single bump. I have pain in the legs and back from it. Steering wheel heating is barely felt, and during cruise control on the highway it breaks even though there is nobody in your lane (which again is quite dangerous), but it recognizes a truck in a right lane. Few times it even started the alarm to prevent the collision. The car is fast looks nice and has some nice equipment but in the end it is a terrible quality and definitely not roadworthy. Cannot wait to take it back to car rental company. I drove a dacia once and I think I would give it higher score than to this car... trust me when I tell you not to buy that car. The disappointment will be extreme.

    48. R.

      My 2002 SVT Focus wasn't worth crap.

    49. megawutt

      The asbo is such a great car.

    50. Issam Nasr

      “You feel the road, you see the road, you’re part of the road!” Mustangs: *they’re part of the road*

    51. Saymon Rodríguez

      Does this have a back up camara or sensors?

    52. mji245

      I LOVE THIS! But I own a 2013 Ford Focus with automatic transmission..RIP

    53. Matthew Reimel

      Watch out for low speed preignition detonation.

    54. Damon Cooper

      Reliability has left the chat

    55. Собака Бабака


    56. Собака Бабака


    57. Ricardini

      The horn works that way on purpose and it's perfect. It's just like my Mk1 and it's very useful if you want use the horn without taking the hand from the wheel. You can horn with only one finger! It's perfect! "Ford had no history on sporty hatchbacks"... You kidding right?! Fiesta xr2/xr3 in the 80/90s. Focus Mk1/MK2 St170/St/RS. They didn't even won WRC with a hot hatchback. No... Yeah no history...

    58. Scott Kirkland

      I think in the future motor companies will start advertising all new car models using the Doug score. New cars will need a certified Doug score.

    59. David Vardanyan

      Must do a test on MazdaSpeed 3 1st Gen Interested very much.

    60. Reparación Madrid

      Fuker Only Rolls Downhill

    61. unitedroad10

      Thank you for this review, Doug, spot on!

    62. Bob

      These cars are horrible from a maintenance standpoint and they have head gasket issues. Stay far away

    63. David David

      As an Englishman this is interesting. This is a European spec car evolved from what Ford have been building and selling in huge numbers here since the 1960s, completely different to Ford's home market models traditionally. I guess we hoped one day we'd get the massive V8s but instead you have downsize. Thank you Greta Thunberg.

    64. Just Right Height Bear

      So did '11 - '16 owners get new redesigned DPS6 transmissions after the class action settlement last year? I had to stay away for this reason, but really wanted one.

      1. Arenais

        That issue was for automatic non performance models and the ST is manual only

    65. Andrew Phillips

      I help with tech inspection at my local SCCA events from time to time. Doug severely understates how crappy the interior quality of these are. Every single one - and there's a lot of them - looks like it has 280,000 miles on it.

    66. utterbullspit

      It looks huge!

    67. Matthew Jones

      Fun Fact: The tiny hatchback wagon version of this has more boot space than a full-size Ford Explorer.

    68. SolarMoth

      People need to watch these old car videos more!!!! Thank you for keeping at it with the less popular content!

    69. T-Laws Fitness

      Always loved the look of these

    70. Travis Davis

      This is at the top of the list for me right now

    71. Ernest Tostado

      I feel betrayed. I work two minutes away and drive a Focus ST. Doug, holla at cha boi!!!!!!!!!! I-805 and Sorrento Valley Rd, wassup!!

    72. Kyle Merritt

      LOVED mine. Hope to have one again some day

    73. Flynn Taggart

      Ford did a good job with the design for these. I still think they look good

    74. Evan M

      should review the Cobalt SS Turbo


      I have a 15 st3 can say the interior changes they did to the facelift are appreciated

    76. Stockran swain

      I would love to see a review of an Acura tl type s considering it is becoming an enthusiast car.

    77. TR R

      Just don't buy a automatic focus. The transmissions are terrible.

    78. Rj Marcum

      Review my built sidewinder g25-660 ST lmao

    79. Austin Smith

      I hate with a passion that people keep buying awful overpriced, impractical, inefficient crossovers. A majority are worse than hatchbacks and wagons at the same price point in mostly every way and it makes it impossible to buy affordable cars that're actually enjoyable to drive

    80. jake nesler

      Facelift st2 and st3 have a much nicer interior, they adressed alot of the weird things with these ones

    81. Jojo Duffy

      The 2016 focus st3 model is so much cleaner especially the interior

    82. yoav shavit

      Would love to see a review for the Peugeot 308 GTI if you are ever in Europe! Love you videos

    83. Nihilus

      To be fair on the back seats, you're 6 foot 5 my guy XD

    84. LoveStallion

      I love how Doug never sounds like he can take himself seriously, even to the extent of pitching CardandBids, his own product! He just seems like he can't believe he's even saying this stuff.

    85. Adam Taylor

      "objects in mirror are closer than they appear" Is that text seriously a legal requirement?

    86. Sampler19

      No Ford Focuses in the USA enymore? What has the world come to? The rental one i used taking a road trip in in 2016 felt so good to drive.

    87. DigiFilms

      Give the Mazdaspeed3 some love Doug!

    88. anthony cassani

      Just bought a 2k13 MK3 focus st for 15,000 here in Detroit. Blew the clutch first month.replaced it with a stage 2. I recommend upgrading the clutch if you have the money

    89. Slick Daddy

      Ford was seriously doing some great things with their lineup in the 2010's. I mean some seriously great things, redeeming themselves from the previous two decades. You look at any one of their cars in the 2010's and there was a performance version of that car! The Taurus had the SHO, the fiesta had the ST, the focus had the ST and RS, the f-150 had the Raptor, the fusion's had twin turbo eco boost engines so did their explorer's and that toaster SUV. The mustang had a 4 cylinder turbo option! Ford litterally wanted to provide their customers with a performance oriented version of every one of their cars and that's more than you get from Chevy and Dodge! Ford wanted to accommodate everybody by branching out a wide range of cars. I'm not a huge Ford fan but I cannot deny they were more in tune with their customers than either GM or Dodge. It's sad to see that they are not going to be doing this anymore. It's the right move for the company but it's unfortunate for all of us because they're were doing some truely great things with their cars.

    90. Christopher Ballenger-Brooks

      It goes up to 280! Which is probablyyyyyyyyy a pretty optimistic speed gor a focus st!!!🤣😂🤣😂🤣

    91. Marco

      Me having the 2013 ST1 crying, while he’s reviewing the 2013 ST3.....

    92. Rad Matic

      So Doug drives fast without his thumb on the horn and blindspot mirrors are a novelty to him. How is he still alive?

    93. Paul UK

      Amazing how close that antenna gets to the trunk when you open it

    94. Martin Rodin

      Doug with so many subs you should really invest in a higher quality mic. The one you use is horrible.

    95. Joaquin Piñon

      Dude I appreciate your in depth look at the st, but next time don’t praise so much then give it a crappy score.

    96. Logan

      My car makes 297 whp and 370 wtq

    97. Thomas Smith

      The Ford Focus ST is a Great Britain Hot Hatchback

    98. Norse Viking Æsir

      The RS is the one you want

    99. HittingTax26

      2000 Focus please!