Here Are the 10 Worst Cars I've Ever Reviewed

Doug DeMuro

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    Today I'm going over the 10 worst cars Doug DeMuro has ever reviewed. These are the 10 cars that are the very worst cars I've reviewed, and I will explain why they're so bad and what makes them the worst cars I've reviewed.
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    1. Jackson Fawkes

      how did i know the isseta was going to be 1st its a pretty cool car i have sat in one and heard one and the people that owned it loved it but i watched your review and could tell you didnt like it

    2. Calvin L.K.

      9:30 Woah woah woah woah woah woah woah woah hey hey hey hey hey hey

    3. Roberto Lago

      Cant believe somethin just beat the Yugo in its own game... Oh, wait... The Trabant

    4. André Schulze

      I‘m a bit disappointed Trabant didn‘t make it to the first place of worst cars ever reviewed. My parents owned one because there wasn‘t anything better you could actually get. Not that you couldn‘t afford anything better, no, in communist economy, there was literally nothing available at all. In fact it was even worse. We couldn‘t buy it - it was a gift from my grandpa, who was old enough to progress up in the waiting list of a new car called Wartburg. That one was the best car ever made according to my grandma, because it had an SUV style sitting position.

    5. steve sutton

      Here is my list of the top ten worst car reviewers ever, Doug DeMuro. Stay tuned for the other nine.

    6. John Doe

      The Trabant was bad even for its time, it is one of the worst communist cars, only thing it had was that it was cheap and you did not have to wait a long time to obtain approval for buying it. Just imagine it was contemporary with the Lada Zhiguli (VAZ-2101), a very good car for that time.

    7. J C

      Such a weird T-shirt to actually own and wear. Its sole purpose is to troll 0.1% of people who own cars.

    8. Justin H

      I'm going to guess before reading the comments and the last part of the video. Worst all time car is the VW Thing

      1. Justin H

        😆🤣😂 I was wrong, I forgot about that 🚗, that truly is the worst car. I so love these weird and strange cars. Keep making more of them🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

    9. Maniac3020

      I get to #2, and I think "What could be worse than the Trabant?" I was enlightened, and amused. That little micro car reminds me of the thing Jeremy Clarkson drover around inside the BBC building one day. A car so small, someone could pick up the back end, with him in it, and swing it 180 degrees.

    10. John Wesolowski

      Not sure if you have done this list.. but best cheapest cars for people on a budget to buy

    11. hamnose

      2 of the three worst cars in your list are from socialist countries. What are you? Some kind of Nazi?

    12. Giorgi Khutsishvili

      GAZ 24?

    13. Paul Selinger

      Great job shouting out the designer of your Doug Score animation. They deserve the recognition.

    14. Christopher Flores

      I own a Mirage so I clicked the video just to make sure it wasn’t on the list, all the time I was thinking please don’t name my car but then he did and I looked around ashamed hoping that nobody heard even though I was watching alone in my bedroom 🤣 Good cheap brand new car with a 7 year warranty and amazing gas mileage

    15. totallypreposterous

      I love it. Sounds like a bad slogan. "The Isetta. Any accident, and you're gonna be dead."

    16. Aumsum 2020

      Nice t-shirt

    17. Colin Fera

      I bought a chevy volt used for 13k I could have had a used ELR for 17k from the same dealership. The volt is fine but I wish I bought the ELR.

    18. Surfer Dude

      Worst cars I've ever been in: AMC Pacer, Ford Fairmont and Hundai Pony.

    19. Jan Výrostko

      Hey stop! Trabant was made in 1955 and it was very progressive back it the days. With hang-on parts made from plastic? 615 kg weight! With 600ccm engine it made 100 km/h. Self-supporting car body, front wheel drive...Do you understand cars a little bit? Or you just talk bullshit on YT?

    20. dcoog anml

      The Murano convertible is like the Evoque convertible, but worse in literally every way.

    21. semiretired86

      the 4 wheel Isetta is actually very rare 99 % of Isettas were 3 wheelers like the other microcars from the 50's the Yugo is actually a Fiat 127 from 1972 build under license in Youguslavia build from arround 1980 to 1991

    22. jason loader

      Maybe you should actually pay the designer you tight arse. Love - a designer. xxxx

    23. Chainer D

      think about this this way Traban is just 3 steps away from Mercedes :-) love you Doug

      1. dcoog anml

        damage to his legs.

    24. Eric David

      Hahaha! 12:53 the guy in the Lexus gets so mad and whips around Doug....

    25. Nathan Reed

      Doug, if you ever go to India, get your hands on a Tata Magic Iris.

    26. mira

      I neeed this shirt omg

    27. Zuksy

      SRAM TE BILO !

    28. MrNoMilk

      Have you ever tried to drive the V class fully loaded on a bumpy freeway ? Unfortunately if you work in the turism businness in Europe, they mostly only ask for that van. Far much better the VW Caravelle, better materials, good brake performance and a areal 4wd...but, not fancy enough for the most.

    29. gibshredcamel

      How dare you bring that murano into fairmount park?!

    30. Joe Mama

      I think that armored car would be excellent for driving around Detroit & other high crime areas.

    31. Shepherd Wolf

      I am surprised that the GAZ wasn't on this list

    32. Igna Originals

      If he is reviewing old cars according to todays standards , He might as well review a 130 year old car whats stopping him . I bet thatd be bad according to todays standards too .

    33. Jeffrey Thompson

      I agree with you on all cars, having had dozens of car books since the 1970’s. All best.

    34. TEST2000

      hello Doug, i wanted to reach out about hopefuly getting to sponsor a product on one of your videos, please reach out when you have a chance if this is something you can do. thank you so much

    35. perly2

      The 1988 Volga GAZ 24-10 that he reviewed a few months back has to be a worse car than like a 2016 Mirage or a Cadillac ELR. I wonder why he chose some cars over others.

    36. simon hendriks

      Hey Doug you need a Bra dude? just saying.

    37. chazuke

      Untrue that *any accident you'd be dead* with the Isetta. I once shared a hospital room with a man who had survived one but needed to get to that hospital regularly due to severe damage to his legs.

    38. FSaddict98

      I am always shocked that the NYC ridesharing company Via uses the Metris! A truly unfortunate car.

    39. eioshen boboi

      How refreshing to see a "Worst Cars" list without including the Aztek!! Good job!!

    40. Henry Fabián Rodríguez Buitrago

      I think that the worst is the Mercedes Van

    41. trustbuster23

      The ELR is actually a pretty nice car, and although it was way too expensive when new, it is nowhere near as bad as Doug makes it out to be. It is, however, purpose-built for somebody who lives in a close-in suburb and has a relatively modest, largely urban commute. The suspension, handling, exterior and interior are all totally appropriate for a high-end luxury car. Like all EVs it has 100% torque at zero rpm, making it suitably quick in traffic. And if your commute is short enough (40 miles round trip) that you generally never run the gas engine, it is pretty well the ultimate luxury commuter car. The one major problem is that the gas engine is straight out of the Volt, and it has absolutely zero refinement. It is loud, coarse and droning, just like you might imagine a cheap Chevy 4 cylinder engine to be. So if you run the battery flat and have to drive it around town at low speeds on the gas engine, suddenly it no longer feels anything like an $80k car. I suspect this is what Doug did and why he hated it so much. The gas engine is really only there for highway use, where it largely disappears. But if 99% of your driving is either short local trips in EV mode or long-distance highway runs, and you don't need 4 doors, it is a screaming deal these days.

    42. Avikam Bali

      Doug's shirt is brilliant

      1. eioshen boboi

        know the trash they're buying when they spent $11k on a new car.

    43. Vincent Witjes

      the isseta was developed by the italian ISO car company bmw bought the rights later on after iso was done with them

    44. Gryphus

      When are you going to review a SEAT 600?

    45. Filip Ribarić

      You are such an irritant extrovert, but sometimes I watch some of your videos from start to finish. Not sure about this one yet. :)


      Perhaps in USA you didn't get the MK5 Ford Escort. You also didn't get the rustbucket known as the Ford Ka. Lucky escapes.

    47. Rocco Feller

      You forgot all Teslas

    48. Seve Garza

      Thumbnail is on point

    49. Trent Franklin

      Still waiting for your review of a stock 2001 Toyota Celica GT-S... after you have been taught how to drive it's "quirky" transmission.

    50. trekchu

      Point of order, the version of the Trabant you drove was sold until 1990. Then they put in a 4-stroke VW sourced engine and sold it until 1991ish.

    51. Mike Likes

      Love the Doug Score bumper, very cool Steve! 👍

    52. Alex Tcherkassky

      I knew there was no way that my beloved Honda Fit was gonna be on the list but all the same I was sweating it a little bit at the "...and my number 1 worst car ever is..." lol

    53. Nathan Woods

      Love that t-shirt. So funny, and sadly so true

    54. Alexandre Santos

      The trabant is fun and the isseta two

    55. Mike Litorus

      Your On Road Off Road All Road Shirt in this video is awesome and hilarious 😆

    56. VanquishedAgain

      I'm pretty sure the mirage is the cheapest car available in the US... lots of people don't want used cars without warranties. I don't think it's fair to mark it down, pretty sure people know the trash they're buying when they spent $11k on a new car.

    57. Glory

      I just started watching the video, but I'm already expecting to hear monkey's screeching 😂

    58. Wind Junkie

      Surprised the Civic Type R didn't make the list. Watch the review, Doug makes it sound like he's reviewing a 1980's Chevy station wagon. "Cheap plastic!" (not just plastic, but he stresses "cheap" plastic) "Overstyled!" Fake carbon fiber!" (it's a Honda Civic and he expects real carbon fiber? lol) "The wing bounces when you slam the trunk!" (what wing wouldn't?) "3 tipped exhaust on a 4 cylinder! Outrageous!" (doesn't complain about quad tip exhaust on other 4 cylinders like Subaru) etc. etc. etc....painful review

    59. Jimmy jamz

      The 4 door yugo was the wego.

    60. TED Schmitt

      The Caddy ELR is perhaps the most gorgeous Cadillac in the past 50 years. The problem was the outrageous pricing.

    61. IntyMichael

      If you think the Isetta is a tiny car, try a Messerschmitt Kabinenroller from the same era. :)

    62. Simon Rockman

      A lot of those cars are bad because there want to achieve something - usually price. Like the Tata Nano. Having a boot which doesn't open or three wheelnuts to save money is interesting. You might call it a quirk. How great a quirk is putting the one door on the front? For a really bad car, it needs to be without merit. I give you the Hyundai Sonata

    63. Thordur Hognason

      Strange corky man this is

    64. Larry From Wisconsin

      Somebody gave me an Isetta in 1973 it was fun to drive and practical for short commutes in a temperate climate. I would love to have another but have you seen the prices? $30,000+

    65. Domenic Leser

      We still own a BMW isetta that was y dada first car he bought in his twentys. It is horrible indeed. I‘m 6‘4 and barely fit in it. It is dangerous, slow, loud, and I love it.

    66. thelatiosmaster

      Hey, where is the Kia Spectra?

    67. DuxCro

      Number 1 has Steve Urkel seal of approval.

    68. Al Kaput

      You are looking like a glove puppet there. Once seen cannot be unseen.

    69. Steven Schwartzstein

      In '86, a girl I knew in high school got a Yugo for graduation from her parents. That's all I have to say about that.

      1. Mike Litorus

        She should have tried harder.

    70. James Bradford

      What is that gray thing encroaching on your midsection? Is that a pair of Depends riding up?

    71. Nicklas C.

      My dad used to have an isetta back in the 1970s and my dad was 300lbs back in the 1970s.....I can’t even imagine how that would have looked

      1. Nicklas C.

        @Mike Litorus it’s definitely in interesting choice of vehicle for those body types

      2. Mike Litorus

        The same as all the blobs that seem to own Smart cars these days. I think they come with a shoehorn so you can get yourself in.

    72. Colorado Car Spotter

      Funny story about the Metris, me being a teenager I thought I’d be cool for my mom to have a “Mercedes” even if it was a minivan. She said she’d consider buying one once she saw on on the road. I still haven’t seen one to this day 😂

    73. amadeusb4

      OK, but the Isetta should not be on this list. The car is SUCH a novelty that it deserves kudos just for being such an oddity. I remember the first time I saw one as a kid and it scrambled my mind about what cars can be. THAT alone makes this a great car!

    74. Luca Zintu

      The isetta as well as the Fiat 500 of that same era were so small because those car companies needed to make cheaper cars and maintain costs and prices, and so they started building really small cars that required not that much metal sheets, because during that second after-war period, metal was in a serious shortage so it's price really shooted up

    75. Kamen Kamenov

      This is the most stupid video that you've ever done. There is so much more that you must learn before making such list.

    76. VermontV8

      Top ten worst cars list should be occupied by five russian Ladas at least

    77. Luke Simpson

      Crazy how Mercedes, BMW, Cadillac, and Maserati are here... until you remember that’s not crazy.

    78. 68 andoweu1

      Dude, I do not give a sh~t, about cars&bids, understand................................................................................................................................................................duh

    79. 50shadesmixrace

      Check my channel

    80. Ted Marakas

      There's no way the Isetta was worse than the Trabant.

    81. Treaco89

      I totally expected you to give #1 to the RX8 from that terrible begrudging review you gave of that trashed car.

    82. MattW

      Is his shirt a diss on the Audi Allroad? LOL

    83. Treaco89

      I noticed the dougscore graphic on the last video I watched. it's a very nice touch.

    84. Sam

      10- 2005 Quattro Porté 9- Chevrolet Tahoe hybrid 8- Ferret armoured car 7- Nissan Micra 6- Nissan Murano cabriolet 5- Cadillac ELR 4- Mercedes Benz Metris 3- Yugo 2- Trabant 1- BMW Izetta

    85. J D

      10) 2005 Maserati Quattroporte 9) 2008 Chevy Tahoe Hybrid 8) Ferret Armoured Car 7) 2016 Mitsubishi Mirage 6) Nissan Murano CrossCabriolet 5) Cadillac ELR 4) Mercedes Metris 3) Yugo 2) Trabant 1) BMW Isetta

    86. Scott Michael Hedge

      TTTHHHHHHIIISSSSSSSSS...... is an entertaining video.


      I think Sir you missed the Range Rover.

    88. Matthew L Robeson

      The Murano convertible is like the Evoque convertible, but worse in literally every way.

    89. CannonCE

      That shirt is hilarious

    90. Petar Janjatov

      I think most of dislikes are the Balkans

    91. Orwell 1984

      So your Isetta broke down and you got an old Range Rover to tow it back. You certainly like living on the edge...

    92. Potatoes and Trucks

      Review a mitsubishi Delica/L300 !!

    93. khris

      That shirt is hilarious. Where do I get one

    94. Gary Geiser

      My older brother owned an Isetta 2000 (If I recall that correctly!) and you aren’t kidding about it being bad. He only owned it long enough to resell it. A few weeks I think. He was a really big heavy guy and the car had trouble moving when his 300+ pounds got in! Car and Driver tested a Yugo and the review stated: This is the worst car we ever tested.” They went on to say that upon entering the Yugo, and scooting back in the driver’s seat, the seat broke from its moorings and he tumbled into the rear seat area!

    95. Malachi Marko

      6:30 a brand new kia forte starts at sub 20k

    96. WholeLottaMiata 69

      I’m getting my kid a yugo as their first car as a joke

    97. Bush Master

      I'm sure that 5 dudes in suits want to ride to the airport in folding kiddie seats from a minivan, verses heavy steel Mercedes seats fixed to the floor. Take the seats out and the floor height is much lower than a minivan, and flat. Every carry an 8ft couch in a minivan? Ever sleep with 2 people and 2 dogs, ever put sheets of plywood in your MINIVAN??? I do all that in my Mercedes Metris.

      1. Bush Master

        Doug can't even admit he was wrong....losing a lot of points in the process

    98. mustard roshi

      Ok let me guess before watch, in top 5 there will be yugo, bmw isseta the fridge, and the Trabant