The 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E Is the Fast, Electric Mustang SUV

Doug DeMuro

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    The 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E is the newest version of the Mustang -- and it's an electric high-performance SUV. Today I'm reviewing the Mustang Mach-E, and I'm going to show you all the quirks and features of the Mach-E. I'm also going to drive the 2021 Mustang Mach-E, and I'll show you what it's like on the road.
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    1. Lu Bu

      No thank you

    2. Wais Khan

      The crowd won’t hear it coming

    3. Geoffrey Taylor

      Autopilot and the supercharger network will keep this car irrelevant. The range is not the 300 miles, but what the network allows for.

    4. Thomas Massey

      I dont care what "FORD" say, it doesent look like a Mustang. I think FORD got lazy trying to think of a good name. Instead their trying to use the good name of Mustang to carry this electric. Monstrare...Sounds kinda kewl...Latin for "to show".

    5. 1 TRAINER THE

      I wanted to see this a non electric Mustang Suv like an (off road version) soon they will make an Mustang pickup!

    6. Overload

      This will never be a mustang to me

    7. Overload

      This is what the world is coming to shame

    8. kungfu panda

      its not a mustang tho

    9. Fat-Boyz Studios

      Looks like they didn’t make these things with reliability in mind

    10. Anthony Silk


    11. Mike J

      Hard to take this guy serious who looks like he just woke up to make these videos

    12. Gene Dassing

      Explaining how to open their door to every new passenger is going to get old fast.

    13. Ryyan 2.0

      We’re you around the forum in LA?

    14. Advokat

      Whoever gives Dough video a thumbs down is a dumb mf hands down

    15. Mackay700

      Man this thing is nice though

    16. Richard Thompson

      I’m sorry but that door button is the dumbest thing ever. Instead of just opening the door I now have to push a button to pop it open slight and then just grab the door and pull it open. Do they not realize that’s actually less convenient than a door handle? I genuinely can’t understand what the upside would be. It seems like they just made the car objectively worse just to make it seem futuristic or something.

    17. SkyfoxPlays

      Why is sheldon telling me about fake muscle cars???

    18. Hugh Askew

      How much juice are we talking about when it gets recharged? How many watts per hour to charge??????

    19. BobRooney

      all infotainments are a detraction. i mean, its your life in a death machine.

    20. Marco The Explorer

      in other words a pony has a smaller carbon foot print lol yeeeeehawwwwww

    21. Rizzy K

      Not a mustang gtfo

    22. EnvyTheRealest

      Dont like this car being call a Mustang, but this guy is very entertaining

    23. scott bleackley

      Jesus christ this toolbag talks WAAAY too much... Lay off the cocaine and bennies bud.

    24. Rafael Ayala


    25. Owen McNulty

      👏 👏


      What the hell are you doing Mustang your failure

    27. Jefferson Mejia

      How is this a mustang? Ford lost its mind

    28. Confidential Collection

      Will it go straight?

    29. Captain Ranker

      That's NOT an SUV , it's a hatchback.

    30. Mr Drew

      Cool car, but not a Mustang therefore I shall call it the Mustang Yuck-E.

    31. Warfighter Gaming

      Should have called it another horse name

    32. Donald MacLeay

      That poor frunk cover design will relegate that area to seasonal and repair items.

    33. S Findlay

      I wouldn't get too upset over pulling a leaver to open the hood. Every vehicle I've owned for 30 years opened the same way

    34. Jonathon Bernard

      Hmmm... I've never heard Doug compare brands so harshly against eachother. Also, note how he was at the Ford Manufacturing plant because of the Michigan License, then when he's driving it theres palm trees in the back? Can confirm, I live in Michigan and we don't have palm trees. ... Feels like Ford bought Doug and asked him to pit Mach-E against Model Y. This is a quirky style, even for him.

    35. Adam Harris

      Where are all the “legacy ICE“ auto maker haters out there now? Y’all get your hate in now because pretty soon established names will all have versions of this vehicle right here and Tesla will be bringing up the rear.

    36. Silas Dietrich

      29:51 self driving program AND a supercharger network AND overall 5 star safety rating AND batteries hold up over time

    37. Justin's Garage

      I hate it, I hate it, I hate it. But man did Ford do a good job making a futuristic car.

    38. Carlosinfinite

      "the gauge screen is very simple" until it goes blank and the only way to fix it is by taking it to a certified ford dealer so they can charge you an arm and leg.

    39. Carlosinfinite

      Why even put the handle in the front door if it's not needed?

    40. DLMS Vlogs

      Just so anyone knows, but the app is used for Fords build after 2016 that have the push start feature. I have a 2019 Ford Fusion, and the app works for it. It’s called “Ford pass”

    41. Matthew Gonzalez

      Massacred the Mustang

    42. Sarchizm

      Very innovative, like a Hersey chocolate bar that is made of raisins, but tastes like a taco.

    43. J Wayne

      Mach E sounds like a disposable razor

    44. Dave Parsons

      The charge times discussed should probably be explained better. If you plug it into a 240V charger when it is only 10 percent charged it will likely add like 40 miles of range in that hour. Plug it in when it is 80 percent charged and it will only add 20 miles in that hour. EVs charge quickly when nearly dead but topping off takes a while.

    45. Husker Nation

      Wish they had the option to dim that giant roof panel for sunny days

    46. Laddi Zulu

      im Love, 2021 ford mustang mach e

    47. Sweet T

      What kind of shit is this?!? Mustang! 😂😂😂

    48. American living in China

      NIO review

    49. Somewhat Knowledgeable Geek

      Would love to see how these cars will function in 20-25 years. Probably not well. I don't mind some technology in cars. But not to this extent. Electric cars suck. They are not very repairable. And they don't do much for the environment believe it or not (Electricity uses coal).

      1. Somewhat Knowledgeable Geek

        @MSneberger I get what you are saying. But there has to be a better solution for people who live in cities. If somebody has a house with a garage it's one thing. But they would have to put charging stations everywhere for everyone to charge easily. I just think waiting at a charging station for over an hour is inefficient. Unless down the road they have lightning fast charging. But that wouldn't happen for a long time. Battery tech hasn't advanced to that level at this point. Tesla as a car is very nice. I don't disagree with that. It's just not feasible for many people at this point in time.

      2. MSneberger

        @Somewhat Knowledgeable Geek Right to repair and privacy intrusion are certainly concerns, but given that all the tech but for the actual propulsion system are the same on an electric or ICE car that sounds pretty even. Just as the plethora of "chip tuners" jumped on the ability to make turbocharged cars faster just by altering their software, I bet in the future we find the same for electric cars. That you can buy every part for and build a brand new 55 Chevy or 66 Mustang foreshadows that at some point the aftermarket sees value in making parts for older cars. I have a charger in the garage of my house so I am an easy case compared to living in an apartment but I can say that in the last five years or so thousands of apartments and condos have bee built within two miles of my house and the two Tesla charging station in that zone look to be pretty busy, so I think people are figuring it out. I have seen companies mention electric car charging at their offices as a reason to work there. As a guy who loved and modded cars for fun for decades (Mitsu GSX, Audi S4, Viper GTS, SRT Jeep) the bottom line is drive an electric car for a couple of days and at least for a daily driver you will be sold. It is just superior, and I have a Ford Focus EV which is considered an early, pretty weak electric car (range 115 miles). No maintenance (brakes don't even wear out because regeneration does most the the work), no shifting, lots of torque, you never have to deal with the white trash at the gas station/convenience store, and my favorite - SO QUIET. I'm serious - it's the future and it is really cool. When you add in things like being able to use the battery in an electric car to smooth out the solar power on your house or even run the house when the grid power goes out, the future is bright.

      3. Somewhat Knowledgeable Geek

        @MSneberger There's other concerns I have. Like right to repair. It's not like you can go to your local mechanic for certain things. Also how are people in cities that live in apartments supposed to charge their vehicles? Sure they can go to a charging station, but nobody wants to wait over an hour to resume driving. That's just inefficient.

      4. MSneberger

        1) not many internal combustion cars are doing great at 25 years; 2) electric cars are awesome. I have been driving one for 8.5 years and will never buy another ICE car again; 3) electric cars don't need much for drivetrain repairs, or even maintenance, and everything else is the same as an ICE car; 4) California for example gets only 10% of its electricity from coal, and I live in Phoenix which is 60 miles from the largest nuclear generating station in the Western Hemisphere, so yeah, the coal argument doesn't work (in the East where there is a lot of coal electricity, the carbon in coal producing electricity then using electric propulsion to drive a car is a lot more efficient than the carbon in gas being used to propel a car). Once we get new age, smaller nuke technology - which is on the way - it will be an absolute no brainer.

    50. Toto Marquez

      You mean I have to bend down and pull a lever to open the hood??!! What a disaster!! No thanks Ford!

    51. Turnbuckle Chick

      As a multiple mustang owner, this makes me feel so many things. Easily I can say that not one of those feelings are good in any way and with this review, at 4:50 in, I am already a bit sick and want to cry. Whomever designed this vehicle was absolutely a man; someone who doesn't modify their body daily in any way. I have and keep very long fake nails. One, the button would be hard to touch to open the door and the latch also is not wide or deep enough to open the door without breaking a $50 nail (singular)! This is just the beginning of the video and again, ITS A SAD DEFACEMENT TO THE NAME MUSTANG!

    52. Jake Hall

      It looks like a mustang that needs to be put on a diet!

    53. dress for the dystopia you want

      They should've made it a more conventional car with Tesla-like electric performance and acceleration. More ppl could've afforded it w/o the fussy, flashy, expensive Tesla shit.

    54. 808aaq

      No disrespect to Tesla but their vehicles look so atrocious I really don't know why everyone loves them to me they're just so over rated and over priced

    55. spacetoast7

      Making my car unlockable over the internet is my worst nightmare.

    56. cba tiau

      They have absolutely got to stop this idea of using cellphones to open car doors. What could possibly go wrong? Lots... How could this be way more inconvenient than having a key fob? in a myriad of ways... And I really don't like using my phone that much, other than for calling and checking/sending texts/messages... This is not something I want to deal with, ever. As Doug says (at 23:32), "then you've gotta pull out your phone..." ... 'nuff said

    57. KLR Rigg


    58. Keith C

      Why does he keep calling this baby bus hauler a MUSTANG???

    59. C A

      That's gayer than the mid 2000's mustangs.

    60. D R

      Bruh... this is an insult to call this a mustang. Smh

      1. Sonia Rena

        sure is

    61. Jesse Roberts

      Nobody: Doug : *wears a 2016 shirt in 2021*

    62. Jason Harrell

      I saw someone said it should be called the Pon-E , but what about the PWN-E ?

    63. The Blind Driver

      I refuse to call this SUV a Mustang, Mustang is a proud pony car with a V8 and rear wheel drive and not familly friendly electric SUV This is BIG FAT NO! FROM ME

    64. Sweet & Spice

      The acceleration sound is fake like BMW I8?

    65. Sweet & Spice

      Fake finger in volume dial or someone’s actual finger cut off for this feature

    66. Sweet & Spice

      Mike watching this be mad at Doug for changing his profile.

    67. curtis christensen

      Dont most hoods open with a lever inside by the footwell ... ?

    68. David Lynch

      So the hood works the way hoods have worked for the past like 70 years lol...what a disaster

    69. Marek d-_-b

      Can You do a movie about Fiat 126 p???? If You find one in USA.

    70. Ernest Barrios

      I saw Doug at a gas station a few weeks ago. Looks just like he does in his videos, like he just woke up.

    71. soccerjonesy

      Give Tesla fans flak, Doug. Teslas are terrible cars.

    72. Isaiah Ballard

      Stfu and just drive the damn car

    73. Bad for Education

      hmm the rear door handle seems like a squishing hazzard

      1. Christopher Closner

        @Bad for Education then watch from 4:00 idk what part of "it doesnt let you close it until you open it all the way" you didnt get but perhaps watching from there youll understand

      2. Bad for Education

        @Christopher Closner ??? I watched it from your time stamp and I don’t see anything about a kickstand

      3. Christopher Closner

        yoiu missed the entire part where it has the same kickstand the front door has that stops it from hitting fingers 4:55

    74. Lennixz7

      Its ugly af

    75. 01hondascott

      i know this defeats the purpose but if this came with a 5.0 gas engine from a mustang I think it would be a top seller.

    76. Demetris Vellianitis


    77. ODK

      I saw a comparison between the Mach E and Model Y. They discussed range. It said the STATED range for the Model Y is higher but in their comparison test, the Mach E actually exceeded the stated range and the Model Y didn't come close to their stated range and the Mach E actually had a longer range in real world driving.

    78. TheDeSeanAllen

      Who glued an iPad to the dash 😅

    79. Lucas Baldwin

      I wonder how well those doors will work in winter...

    80. Bat-Erdene Jargalsaihan

      looks weird but well done some of part

    81. Steve J.

      So, if your name is Mark and you drive this, do we call you Mach-E Mark?

    82. Michael Williams

      So they've created a super expensive electric Mustang thanks.

    83. Rick J

      It's a Pon-E car.

    84. SirDerbear

      Curious to see how the doors and door buttons work in the winter, especially like this year.

      1. Plen122

        Won't matter where I live, California

    85. SirDerbear

      I'm just happy they're using amber turn signals lmao

    86. Adventure Junkies

      I still don’t think they should have called this a mustang.

      1. Salman Ahmed

        @Cristhan Bulanadi ikr people needs to understand!! They in business!! and marketing their product our is required

      2. SaiiBoost

        Mustang is now a brand from Ford, not just a model.

      3. Cristhan Bulanadi

        They name it mustang because if they release a electric car by itself no one will give a shit, mustang is famous af thats why

    87. L G

      The front hood opens and closes just like any other car. Why is he being such an idiot about this?

      1. Higher Quality Uploads

        Because it's now for storage, not maintenance like gas cars. Tesla and the Hummer EV have this sorted by having the frunk being automatic, just like the trunk.

    88. Ray Jones

      Doug dresses like my kid's substitute teacher.

    89. jorge marcos martinez

      este hombre deberia aprender a afeitarse y a ser mas mareo

    90. Benjamin Powell

      should i get one though

    91. Armand Disha

      Looks like BMW X6

    92. coleman

      OMG. You are really annoying. Please take a breath.

    93. BartlettRacing

      Looks like a clown shoe

    94. thelegittj

      It just has to be a crossover.

    95. Thecatsmeow Johnson

      I want 😍

    96. hfrank7066

      THAT’S not a mustang and you’re NOT going to save the planet that way so just suck your thumb and drive your little electric thing!

      1. The Amazing CJ

        @hfrank7066 that’s a start.

      2. hfrank7066

        @The Amazing CJ not mad, just think it’s funny that man thinks he can “save the planet” with windmills, solar panels and noiseless electric cars.

      3. The Amazing CJ

        Why so mad?

    97. Nightbird

      Is the glass roof optional? I can't be in the sun 3 minutes without burning so I sure hope it is or that it totally blocks skin burning sun rays.

    98. XD :P


    99. Creative La'Roi

      My 2016 Ford Fusion Energi has the App, & most of those features mention. & that car was built in 2015

    100. Aldo F

      This is bad from the original idea because now that is done you have to call it some kind of Mustang because it looks like one. But even you called a Mustang and it looks like one it doesn’t have the spirit of a Mustang and that is what it makes a Mustang.